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Finding the best email marketing software for your business can be a bit daunting. And especially for the first time. Going through email software reviews, create a shortlist and comparing pricing. And then there are well-intentioned vendor sites that don’t tell the whole story…. I know – it’s a jungle out there.

Luckily the team behind email vendor selection has REAL experience in selection AND in running email marketing programs for over 9 years. So if you are currently looking to find your new vendor and have any question, let us know – and we’d be happy to help.


Email Marketing Software for everyone
Sendloop aims to be an easy to use email marketing and marketing automation service for small to medium sized businesses
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emailmarketing software for newsletters
Sendtex email marketing platform offers tools for creating, launching and analyzing email newsletters and email campaigns.
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Transactional email template management
Sendwithus offers an API for transactional email and integrates with existing email service providers including SendGrid, Mandrill, and Mailgun.
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email marketing software with a simple UI for an affordable price.
SendX is an email marketing software built with marketers and business owners in mind. They have a simple UI and features for an affordable price. With SendX you can create automations using one of the simplest UIs.
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Send Newsletters via Amazon SES
Sendy is a self hosted email newsletter application (front-end) that lets you send trackable emails via Amazon Simple Email Service (SES).
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Email marketing and feedback to grow your business
SensorPro is a marketing automation platform that combines email with the insight of surveys.
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Multi channel marketing platform.
Sentori is a web-based email marketing software company from the UK. With a online email tool for building email campaigns and supporting landing pages, managing contacts and reporting.
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SMTP service
SW & Work is a small organisation focusing on providing consulting services and support to small and micro industries.
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email marketing platform
Setrow is a CRM, Email and SMS platform from Turkey with an email based customer follow-up and analytics.
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Simple, Affordable, Powerful Marketing Automation
SharpSpring is a flexible and affordable marketing automation platform with robust features, functionality, and performance.
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Marketing Automation Software - SMS, Fax, Voice, Email Marketing
SimplyCast is a provider of interactive marketing tools and Marketing Automation software to create Customer Flow Communication worldwide.
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Intentionally simple email marketing tool for sending email newsletters
Smaily is a simple email marketing tool for newsletters and marketing automation workflows. Smaily also has a full portfolio of email marketing agency services – including content and design services, integrations and advice.
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Multichannel Behavioral Marketing Platform
SmarterHQ is a multi-channel behavioral marketing platform for B2C marketers to personalize individual customer interactions in real-time based on online and offline behavior.
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Message Cloud Email, Mobile, & Social Marketing
SmartFocus serves large brands to understand and reach today’s connected consumers via personalisation for email, web, mobile and social channels.
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Ecommerce personalized email marketing
SmartrMail is an email marketing app designed to get more sales and make email easier for e-commerce stores.
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SMTP and Reliable Email Relay is an email service provider exclusively focused upon the execution of email delivery for marketing and enterprise applications.
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Reliable & Scalable Email Delivery Service
SMTP2GO is an international SMTP Relay and outgoing email service for sending transactional and marketing emails.
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Email Delivery Solutions
SocketLabs helps companies overcome problems associated with sending bulk transactional or marketing email.
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Sona Systems

Cloud-based Research and Participant Management Software
Sona Systems is a cloud-based research and participant management software for universities.
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Email Delivery and Analytics for Developers and Enterprises
SparkPost is one of the biggest global SMTP email relay and email delivery services.
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Shopify Notification Email platform
Spently provides a solution for increasing revenue from existing consumers, after each purchase - using touch-points such as eReceipts & transactional email messages.
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Full-service email marketing firm
Spike is the first full-service email marketing agency from New Zealand. Working with clients from different sectors to link email marketing to business objectives. Send email with purpose and get results.
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Omnichannel Marketing Platform
Newsletter management for heavy traffic websites with integration of email upstream steps such as works on files, data mining and messaging.
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Easy peasy email campaigns
Squeezymail is an easy peasy email solution for small- to medium-sized businesses.
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Striata eMarketing

Digital Customer Communications Management
Striata is a global eDocuments, eBilling and eMarketing software application developer and services provider.
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Marketing Cloud, automated marketing campaigns
StrongMail’s online marketing solutions for email and social media enable businesses to reach and engage with their target audience.
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Style Campaign

Email creative agency
A creative email marketing campaign company. Style Campaign specializes in email creative that's optimized across desktop, tablet, and mobile.
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Email Marketing software
SubscriberMail is an email marketing service provider, offering tools to develop and deliver email communications.
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Swiftpage ACT!

Fueling small business growth
Swiftpage is an e-mail, sales automation and nurture marketing company. Strong ingration with SAGE Act.
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Email Marketing Automation Solution
With TaguchiMail, a marketer can test multiple creative elements for each campaign, sending the best preforminig.
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Email marketing and internal newsletters
Offers mobile-optimized email marketing and automation, with video-in-email, social integration, and fancy reporting.
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Target Evolved Email Marketing
TargetSend provides email marketing solutions for small to medium sized companies to create, send and follow up emailings.
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Cloud security and software design
Teamware is a private software development firm that also offers internet security consultations to their partners
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Simple email marketing from Spain
Is a spanish online application for the creation and sending of email marketing campaigns and SMS marketing.
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SMTP relay services - Email delivery
Teneo offers an Email marketing platform, deliverability consulting services and Enterprise class SMTP Gateway services.
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Ternair software

Powerful marketing automation 
Ternair Software supplies enterprise marketing automation and database marketing software for the Dutch market.
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Email marketing and newsletter software
Powerful and simple Email, SMS and transactional communications on a single platform. Email provider TotalSend offers competitive pricing and a free trial option for new clients.
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Email Intelligence, Email Validation, Email Append
TowerData works with professionals to improve their contact databases by validating email addresses for better deliverability,
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Traction Digital

Marketing Automation Technology
Traction Digital builds 1 to 1 consumer acquisition and engagement by streamlining the execution of your cross-channel campaigns, including lifecycle email and trade promotions.
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Tripolis solutions

email & Marketing Technology Hub
Tripolis Solutions develops technical solutions in the area of email marketing software and delivery via a network of industry reseller partners.
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Suppression List Management Software
UnsubCentral serves as a central repository for all opt-out and customer email data for brands so their trusted third party partners can easily scrub lists prior to launching email campaigns.
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Upland Adestra

Customer Driven Email Marketing Software
Adestra is one of the first UK based international email providers. The ESP combines email technology and marketing expertise to deliver results for their clients.
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Customer Lifecycle Platform automated marketing
Venntive, is a cloud-based platform with the most wanted and necessary tools for sales and marketing.
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Email address validation and list cleaning
Verifalia is a web-based email validation service which allows to upload and validate lists of email addresses.
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Event driven email platform for customer-focused teams
Track your customers’ real-time actions and improve your email marketing conversions with Vero.
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Email Marketing Services & Tools for Business
Provider of self-service email marketing, online surveys and direct mail service. Manage and analyze your own direct marketing campaigns.
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People-based email marketing
VerveMail offers email marketing solutions for building and executing personalized and timely email marketing campaigns. VerveMail mainly works for non-profits and organizations in the political advocacy space.
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Vidi Emi

Digital Marketing Simplified
Vidi Emi conducts full service email deployments and e-mailmarketing programs since 2001.
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Email Marketing software and Social Marketing
Vision6 is an Austrailian ESP offering SMS & Email Marketing and Database Management solutions.
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Newsletter service campaign
The Italian VOXmail is a platform for creating and sending newsletters, originated from the community management system Elysia.
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Data Quality Solutions Provider
Webbula is a data quality platform, providing email hygiene, verification, data enhancement, and ad serving audience solutions.
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International email marketing, marketing automation
Webpower is an international player in smart email marketing and marketing automation solutions.
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WeKloud Kloudymail

Software for newsletter and DEM. email marketing platform
Kloudymail is a newsletter platform with SMS and simple triggered email automations.
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Email Marketing Software & Agency Services
WhatCounts, a private Seattle-based company founded in 2000, is a permission-based email service provider (ESP).
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Digital creative Marketing agency
Whereoware is a digital agency with over 16 years of experience creating award-winning emails, personalized websites, mobile apps, and getting results as a database marketing agency.
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White Image

Loyalty and email marketing solution
White Image is a provider of loyalty and email marketing solutions, dedicated to the development of their software platform.
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Wilken AG

ERP, CRM and email marketing solutions for medium to large companies in Germany
Wilken offers CRM and email marketing solutions for medium to enterprise companies. With Automation, Reporting and industry focus.
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Wix ShoutOut

Email Marketing Services, Send Beautiful Newsletters
Wix ShoutOut is a simple email marketing software solution created by It is designed for small businesses, allowing anyone to easily create, send and share emails in just a few clicks.
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XL Technologies

Digital Advertising Campaigns for Real Estate
XL Technologies is a developer of web-based software applications for the real estate industry with their eCampaignPro platform, founded in 2001.
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Email Verification and List Cleaning Service
Xverify offers instant email verification to help marketers eliminate hard bounces, reduce spam complaints and minimize fraud to improve inbox deliverability.
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Multichannel marketing solutions and services
Yesmail is a provider of online emarketing solutions with a wide portfolio of emarketing solutions and tools.
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Digital, B2C & B2B email marketing agency
Yourzine is an online marketing agency based in the Netherlands and China. Email marketing outsourcing and Database marketing for large corporations. Serving international brands as an online and email marketing agency.
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Email Checker and Verifier
ZeroBounce is an online email validation system, for list cleaning and scrubbing.
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Zeta Global

Data-Driven Marketing Hub
Zeta Interactive provides a full range of email marketing services with their platform Zeta mail.
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Email Marketing Consultant
Zettasphere specializes in providing email marketing services and strategy it is 100% focused on email marketing. All parts of the email marketing stack are covered from top-level strategy, list growth, creative, segmentation, and deliverability.
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ZOHO Campaigns

Email Marketing Software and Campaigns
Zoho Campaigns is an email marketing tool with automations from the makers of the popular ZOHO CRM suite.
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Email marketing software provider for enterprises
Zrinity provides email marketing server, software and appliances to large businesses and advertising agencies.
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About this directory of email marketing companies

Selecting the best Email marketing company isn’t easy. May it be email marketing software, Marketing Automation tools, email marketing services or one of the email marketing agencies you are looking for, it is still quite a hefty process. One of the tasks is to first go through all the possible Email Providers and tools to compile a shortlist with the best ESP for your needs. I hope this directory of email service providers will help email marketers to quickly go through the longlist opportunities in the landscape.

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