9 Best HubSpot Alternatives 2022

best hubspot alternatives Reviewed 2021
Last updated: Nov 2022

Looking for Hubspot alternatives? You’ve come to the right place.

Hubspot is easily one of the most well-known inbound marketing tools available. So it’s understandable that you’d want to compare HubSpot to other similar software.

People choose HubSpot competitors for a number of (good) reasons. Luckily for us, the market is filled with interesting alternative marketing automation and CRM tools to choose from. So by popular request, let’s review 9 of the best HubSpot alternatives and see how they compare.

HubSpot Alternatives
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hubspot vs engagebay sales CRM marketing platform
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* disclaimer: We do our best to update and check the pricing, offers, extra’s etc, each month. But pricing at vendor is final.

What to look for in HubSpot Alternatives?

HubSpot presents itself as an all-in-one platform. It has an overload of features, probably more than you will ever use. HubSpot, for instance, also has a customer service hub, but we won’t be looking into that here. Our first advice is to only look at what you need.

When comparing other software to HubSpot, there is a main list of features you should consider for your marketing campaigns and CRM:

  • Landing pages and lead capture forms
  • Marketing automation and autoresponders
  • Lead nurturing and lead scoring
  • Email Marketing
  • CRM and Sales CRM

If one of the HubSpot competitors has exactly what you need, that means they are a great alternative.

Luckily we also reviewed them all, here is the shortcut.

9 HubSpot Alternatives
1. ActiveCampaign
2. Omnisend
3. Netcore Cloud
4. dotdigital
5. BenchmarkONE
6. SharpSpring
7. GetResponse
8. Act-On
9. EngageBay

Reviews of Hubspot alternatives for Marketing Automation

To give you a better overview of Hubspot competitors. I am going to give a mini-review of each one. All reviews highlight our own findings and the considerations of real users.

1. ActiveCampaign Review – the automation Hubspot alternative

Active Campaign marketing automation signup page

ActiveCampaign is a very popular marketing automation tool built for creating funnels and email drip campaigns. Activecampaign comes with list segmentation options, tagging, reporting, analytics, but also a Deals and CRM functionality – which makes it interesting as a hubspot competitor for B2B as well as B2C.

The visual automation canvas allows you to drag and drop together an automated campaign. There isn’t much training required once you get a bit of the hang for it. For businesses looking for Marketing Automation and CRM on a budget, ActiveCampaign is a smooth start and pretty easy to set-up. Especially if you have your own website already.

ActiveCampaign CRM welcome dashboard

Dashboard on your first login at ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign in short

  • Many options for email marketing, segmentation, personalisation.
  • Easy-to-use marketing automation system, create sales funnels and triggered email.
  • CRM, site chat, SMS and many more channels.
  • Very interesting price compared to HubSpot and enterprise systems.
  • User-friendly, almost no training needed to understand.

ActiveCampaign Pricing

Starting at just $49, the Plus plan shows that ActiveCampaign is great price for a marketing automation solution with functionality that holds up to much higher priced competitors like Hubspot, Keap (InfusionSoft), Marketo, and Eloqua. Full pricing here.

Who is Activecampaign best for?
Activecampaign is a great alternative to Hubspot for more budget-aware, small to medium businesses and consultants that want to do marketing automation. It is best in automation and drip campaigns. It doesn’t include blogging or ad management like Hubspot does.

Free ActiveCampaign trial
ActiveCampaign offers a free trial for 14 days to test out the software. You can start the free trial here.
Free ActiveCampaign trial here >

2. Omnisend Review – a HubSpot alternative for eCommerce and email marketing automation

omnisend HubSpot alternative eCommerce

Omnisend is an interesting alternative to HubSpot. Especially for ecommerce email marketing and automation.Omnisend offers marketing to several channels in their omnichannel marketing tool. We find the email and automation part is very well rounded, allowing you to use multiple channels in all your automated campaigns.

Today, over 50.000 brands are actively using Omnisend.

With a drag-and-drop visual email builder and pre-built templates it is simple to create and customize all your email campaigns.

Email list growth is important for all ecommerce marketing, the options are interesting in Omnisend. As an alternative to HubSpot, Omnisend offers solid landing pages, pop-ups, and lead generation forms that you can use to capture leads and build out your email list.

Omnisend email marketing automation comes complete with templates that make complex automation simple to set up. Advanced segmentation allows you to target customers based on profile data, campaign engagement, and shopping behavior.

Quick Omnisend feature overview:

  • Use Email, SMS, Facebook, Web push, WhatsApp – all in one automation workflow.
  • Smooth visual email campaign builder
  • Advanced segmentation for precise targeting
  • Email capture using popups, landing pages, static and gamified sign up forms
  • Live webtracking for behavioral data and A/B testing
  • 24/7 customer service
ecommerce email marketing product selection

eCommerce specific functionality

  • Browse and Cart Abandonment automated workflows
  • Product picker for automatic importation into your campaigns
  • Ecommerce-ready elements like discount codes and customer rewards

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend is free marketing automation for up to 500 emails per month. Like other email marketing automation tools, Omnisend offers its plans based on the number of subscribers you’re sending to. Omnisend’s Standard plan starts out at $16 per month, and costs $65 per month for 60,000 emails.
For those who want to do more with marketing automation, can add modules to customize your plan. The Pro plan starts from $59 per month for unlimited emails.

Omnisend has generously offered an exclusive 20% discount for the first 6 months for email vendor selection readers. Use Omnisend discount code “INFLUENCES206”. You can start and register for a free trial.

Get a free Omnisend trial >

3. Netcore Cloud – Hubspot Alternative for Customer Engagement

Netcore Cloud vs Hubspot

Netcore Cloud is a great HubSpot Marketing automation alternative.

Built on the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Netcore Cloud is a customer engagement and experience platform. They have 20+ years of experience in the industry, serving 5000 plus customers across 18 countries.

It’s a great tool for marketers and product managers in complex, fast-paced environments. Use NetCore cloud to collect all your customer data on a single platform. Connect your marketing channels and simplify your workflows.

Netcore Cloud’s email marketing automation is just as good as Hubspot. You can create automation workflows with Journey Builder to automate email and SMS. Improve targeting with predictive segmentation, and optimize send times/subject lines.

Netcore has a lot more to offer though.

Netcore’s main features:

    • User journey optimization
    • A/B testing
    • Product recommendation system
    • Content personalization
    • Push notifications and more
Netcore Cloud analytics dashboard hubspot alternative

Netcore’s best customer engagement features

    • Journey orchestration
    • Customer data platform
    • Unified customer view
    • Behavior analytics

For those looking for a 360 marketing platform, that offers full-stack functionality, Netcore Cloud is the way to go.

Netcore Cloud pricing versus Hubspot

You’ll need to request a demo to get a price. You’ll get a price plan for what suits your company’s needs.

Get Netcore Cloud demo >

4. Dotdigital Review – powerful Hubspot alternative

dotdigital review hubspot alternative engagementcloud

dotdigital is a customer engagement platform that works for B2B, B2C, and e-commerce marketing.
You can create, test, automate, and send marketing emails with ease. This HubSpot alternative lets you engage your audience across all touchpoints.

Although dotdigital isn’t a CRM, it has strong integrations with CRMs like SalesForce, OroCRM, Pipedrive, and Microsoft Dynamics, often going head to head with ClickDimensions.

The email editor is sophisticated and easy to use. It has building blocks that are dynamic, repeatable, and make for mobile responsive emails. The data handling and analytics are smart.

What we like about dotdigital

When we compare dotdigital to Hubspot, we have some interesting inbound marketing, CRM, and Customer Persona functionalities to highlight.

    • Pull marketing lists and campaigns into dotdigital Engagement Cloud and record all engagement for teams to view, action and set behavioral email and multichannel campaigns
    • Full website tracking and can score and nurture leads based on contact data stored in your CRM.
dotdigital hubspot lead contact scoring CRM
    • Pre-built RFM segments to increase AOV and scale customer lifetime value for existing customers. They are automatically grouped into personas based on purchase history and automatically sen product recommendations.
    • Customer lifecycle tools, including a pre-set of the important automations you need: from renewal programs to loyalty schemes and more.
dotdigital email campaign trigger B2C hubspot competitor
    • Conversational marketing one of the features of dotdigital cloud is a live chat function, but it also has SMS, Mobile app and push, landing pages, forms and surveys.

dotdigital is the only email tool that is in the Magento eCommerce codebase. That shows it is a strong solution for eCommerce marketing.

dotdigital, when pitched vs HubSpot often comes out as the preferred vendor.

dotdigital has generously offered $500 discount for email vendor selection readers and up to 2 hours of free email automation consultancy for taking the demo and signing up. Please get a free trial or a 3 minute video demo through here and mention Email Vendor Selection when you talk to the sales rep.

5. BenchmarkONE Review – An easy-to-use Hubspot alternative

BenchmarkONE hubspot alternative all-in-one CRM

BenchmarkONE is an all-in-one sales CRM and marketing software. They started in 2012 (formerly called Hatchback) and have grown into a successful, competitive CRM. 

The platform is convenient, offers great value, and has a generous free plan. The great thing about BenchmarkONE is that it covers your whole sales and marketing funnel. They offer landing pages, email marketing, popups, and automation features. 

BenchmarkONE is perfectly suited for small businesses. Their pricing is super competitive. And the range of features included in their plans makes it hard to resist for customers. The best part is they offer a ‘forever free’ plan which will help you get used to the CRM before spending any money. 

Designing content is super easy and quick with BenchmarkONE. They have a drag and drop email editor, along with 59 pre-built email and 26 landing page templates.

BenchmarkONE CRM review Sales DashboardBenchmarkONE’s top features are:

  1. Landing pages and forms are easy to create. You’ll find it easy to grow your leads.
  2. Contact scoring lets you qualify and target different types of leads. Focus your marketing campaigns where they will have the biggest impact.
  3. Deal pipelines make it easier to convert leads into sales. Deals suggest targeted ways to move leads forward in their buying journey.
  4. Email marketing campaigns are simple to build. The user-friendly drag and drop editor means you don’t need any design or coding skills to create high-quality emails.
  5. Marketing automation saves you time on everything from contact management to sending emails.

BenchmarkONE pricing versus HubSpot

The free plan has all contact management tools, including tagging and task creation. Run email campaigns, create automations, forms, and landing pages. You don’t get the more sophisticated CRM features on the free plan, like deal pipelines. And there’s no live dashboard telling you what’s happening in real-time. The free tier has 500 contacts, 1,000 emails a month, and a single user account.

The Core plan starts from $69/month. You get 2 user accounts, 500 contacts, and 2500 emails a month. It also includes deal pipelines, live dashboards, and the mobile web app. The prices increase as your contact list grows. A Core plan with 5000 contacts and 25,000 emails will set you back $139.

The Enterprise plan starts from $179 a month, includes all the features of the Core plan + unlimited users. This plan also has dynamic content, security features, and premium support.

We negotiated a special deal for our readers. Get 50% off your first month if you sign up for a monthly package. Or sign up for a year and get an additional 10% off your annual plan + 1 month for free!

Sign up today for BenchmarkONE here >

6. SharpSpring Review – a cheaper HubSpot alternative

sharpspring hubspot alternative

SharpSpring has been rapidly growing and getting a lot of attention as a cheaper HubSpot alternative since it first entered the market in 2011. They have over 10.000 customers supporting businesses of all sizes.

Dubbed the “marketing automation platform for agencies” SharpSpring has more than 2.000 agency partners.

Because of better pricing, this is an interesting alternative to HubSpot. Sharpspring offers a full set of tools for lead generation, lead nurturing, email marketing, CRM and Sales.

Here is a quick video with SharpSpring clients, explaining what they use SharpSpring for and why they scheduled a SharpSpring demo in the first place.

Sharpspring functionality
With Sharpspring automated workflows, you can build nurture campaigns and segment customers into groups, so they get the right messages. The visual workflow builder lets you set up triggers and actions in campaigns in a simple automation overview.

SharpSpring Features vs hubspot

SharpSpring’s analytics gives insight into what campaigns perform best – including deal stages, which brings it to be also an alternative to HubSpot CRM.

SharpSpring CRM
Yep – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is what you need for more effective Sales. The SharpSpring CRM tracks every interaction with your prospects and customers.

The unknown secret is that SharpSpring does offer a free CRM like HubSpot, and it is included in all their plans.

sharpspring free hubspot crm alternatives

Did you prospect open an email? Visited your website? Downloaded a guide? All touchpoints from marketing and your sales reps go in the CRM. SharpSpring presents it in a snappy timeline, called “life of a lead”. Because everything is tracked, we can do some lead scoring. Know which leads are hot and ready to buy!

SharpSpring landing pages, funnels and forms

SharpSpring has a built-in dynamic form and landing page builder. You can quickly build and customize your forms. You can add your own fields and order and edit with drag and drop. It uses CSS to make forms look and feel like your site.

Great is the autofill feature that pre-fills your forms with known info for returning visitors.

SharpSpring offers pre-designed funnel templates in seven popular categories. Use these funnels to turn prospects into leads and customers. You can directly see and edit the pages to optimize conversions and, for instance, test different Call to Actions.

In HubSpot vs SharpSpring, HubSpot is more elaborate and user-friendly with their page builder, but it is OK if you don’t need a million forms or have a SharpSpring marketing agency to help.

SharpSpring Integrations

The SharpSpring automation platform is flexible in its integrations. There are native integrations with platforms like SalesForce and Google ads you can access in the SharpSpring App Marketplace. With the combination of Piesync and Zapier and an open API means you can basically connect with the tools you have.

Who is SharpSpring best for?

SharpSpring is the best alternative to Hubspot for:

    1. Companies that have a website or e-commerce platform and want to add marketing automation,
    2. Want to start or build them out lead generation, lead scoring and nurturing programs with a full-featured marketing automation platform.
    3. Marketing agencies looking to support their clients in marketing automation and lead management.

In SharpSpring vs HubSpot, SharpSpring stands out as a cheaper Hubspot alternative for Inbound Marketing, Marketing Automation, Sales and CRM. And specifically attractive for Marketing Agencies.

SharpSpring Pricing and discount

SharpSpring offers great value for money and has been growing quickly in the small to midsize business segment. You can start with SharpSpring from $399 per month for 1000 contacts to $1299 for 20000 contacts per month. Special agency pricing and volume discounts are available, SharpSpring only reveals those for you in a product demo.

Take a look at Sharpspring >

7. GetResponse Review – Hubspot alternative

getresponse marketing automation compettitor hubspot

GetResponse has some different features that make it stand out from HubSpot and the others on this list. GetResponse’s main offering is their email marketing, but marketing automation, CRM, and lead capture features are all there. So it is the best alternative to Hubspot for small and medium-sized businesses. I suggest if you looking for email newsletter sending only, check out our review of affordable email marketing or email marketing solution like MailChimp.

You can set up email automation workflows based on preset triggers and segmentation.
The workflow covers the bases from landing pages to sales team notifications. You can use simple lead scoring to track automation events over time (e.g. cart abandonment, newsletter subscription, message open).

GetResponse Autofunnels and Webinars

Where GetResponse stands out from other Hubspot alternatives their included webinar software and autofunnels.

Webinars are a very effective way to generate leads or promote your products or services. The Getresponse webinar tool is unique as a feature that other marketing automation platforms just don’t offer.

With GetResponse you can run webinars from within the marketing automation platform to create complete funnels. There is no need for a third-party webinar platform.

Getresponse email editor vs Hubspot review 2022

Autofunnels are pre-built funnel templates. So you can quickly put together your own sales and marketing funnels. Brands can use these marketing funnels to sell anything: Digital or physical products, because it includes all the steps of your funnels: landing pages, forms, emails, webinars, even payments through payment processors like Stripe, PayPal, Square, etc.

Quick overview

    • Send newsletters and autoresponders
    • Web forms and surveys
    • Marketing automation workflows
    • Premade Marketing Funnel templates
    • Facebook and social ads creator
    • Reporting

GetResponse Pricing

What does GetResponse cost? Sign up for a free plan if you want to check out the software. The free plan offers unlimited emails and even offers a website builder. This plan is limited to 500 subscribers. The basic plan starts at $15/mo, which is very cheap compared to HubSpot and the features you get to use. Higher-end plans include autofunnels, e-commerce, sales CRM, and many more features. Full GetRepsonse pricing overview here.

Who is GetResponse best for?

GetResponse is a better alternative to Hubspot for anyone looking to get started or build out their strategy with email or marketing automation. And SMBs that want to do more marketing automation. This also includes businesses that want to set up their funnels and are using webinars. Compared to HubSpot, their pricing is way more attractive. Hubspot does have blogging functions, where GetResponse sticks to Landing Pages.

GetReponse offers all Email Vendor Selection readers a 10% additional discount. that is on top of the discount you’d get for paying yearly plan. Start a free trial here.

Try GetResponse for free or read our full GetResponse Review

8. Act-On review, a B2B Hubspot Alternative

acton b2b marketing automation hubspot

Founded in 2008, Act-On is a cloud based marketing automation platform for midsize businesses in B2B. Over 2.000 businesses use Act-On now. You can compare Act-On vs Hubspot on their marketing automation service.

Act-On doesn’t have a full CRM, but there is integration with popular CRM tools like Salesforce, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics.

Act-on offers the functionality you’d expect in a marketing automation platform: lead management, triggered messaging, email marketing, social media management and reporting.

Account Based Marketing (ABM)
Act-On has functionality for Account Based Marketing. ABM is a strategy for mostly B2B that directs marketing to engage a specific target account (for instance a big company) and lets you work campaigns that involve multiple contacts.

Inbound marketing with Act-On
An inbound marketing module like in Act-On helps bring prospects and generate new leads. Features include:

    • Create and optimize forms and landing pages
    • Website tracking of visitors and characteristics (how often site visited, type of company, search keywords, etc.) with Website Prospector tool
    • Social media marketing, such as social publish and social listening
    • SEO Audit tool

Unique and interesting Features:

    • Attribution modeling
    • Competitor analysis
    • Data studio
    • Lead nurturing, lead scoring & prioritization
    • Event marketing

Act-On Pricing

Act-On comes in two price tiers which are comparable to HubSpot. It starts at $900.

There are some Cons to Act-On though

    • Some users indicated they weren’t happy with the reporting
    • The Act-On interface feels outdated
    • They are still contact list based. We are all waiting until they move to one central database view for your contacts
    • Unlike other Lead Management or Marketing automation systems there are no integrations / plug-in marketplace

Act-On is for B2B

Act-On provides capabilities required by midsize businesses mostly in B2B over all industries. It focuses mostly on financial services, manufacturing and SaaS / Tech industries. Where they have playbooks and pre-made campaigns available.

9. EngageBay Review – An All-in-One Hubspot Alternative

Engagebay Hubspot alternative CRM platform

EngageBay is a super affordable alternative to Hubspot. It comes with marketing, sales, LiveChat, and helpdesk features. You can get all these features together or get them separately in what EngageBay calls ‘Bays’.

EngageBay launched in 2017 and since then they’ve grown to serve over 29,000 customers. The software is made for CMOs, marketing managers, sales managers, small-business owners, and SMBs.

The sales bay comes with features that’ll let you create and manage complete sales pipelines. You can create, edit and manage deals, tasks, and scheduling. Use the sales automation feature to automate follow-ups, prospect tagging, and deal owners.

The marketing bay comes loaded with forms, landing pages, and email marketing. Create and send broadcasts by choosing from 70+ templates. A/B test your emails, create drip campaigns and automations. Automations come with conditions and actions to create precise workflows.

Engagebay Hubspot alternative sales dashboard

Quick EngageBay feature overview:

  • Nurture leads and close deals with the Sales Bay
  • Acquire leads with the Marketing Bay
  • The Service Bay with live chat lets you manage and improve customer interactions
  • Drag and drop editing for landing pages and emails
  • Customer service is available over email, live chat, and phone
  • Social suite: stay on top of social media marketing by monitoring all your accounts
  • Call and SMS logs: Keep track of phone communication, measure call length and effectiveness. 

EngageBay pricing

EngageBay starts for free. You can get the whole all-in-one stack, or you can opt for Marketing or CRM & Sales Bay if you don’t need both. The helpdesk and live chat Service Bay is always free. The cheapest paid plan starts at $12.99 and the most expensive one will cost you $99.99 / seat.

EngageBay has generously offered a 20% discount for Email Vendor Selection readers. You can start here to get a free trial and the discount.

Who is EngageBay for?

EngageBay is a strong alternative for anyone looking for a cheaper alternative to Hubspot. It’s super affordable, all-in-one CRM software. If you’re looking for sales, marketing, live chat, and helpdesk features in a single suite, EngageBay is the way to go. 

This Hubspot alternative is great for CEOs, CMOs, marketing managers, sales managers, and small business owners. That may seem like a wide audience, but it fits due to the number of features on offer and attractive pricing.

Try EngageBay todayor read our full Engagebay Review

So which Hubspot alternative is the best for you?

A lot of businesses want Marketing Automation software to help them with marketing, sales and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We listed the services like Hubspot, for those looking to find their matching inbound marketing software. But what is the best Hubspot alternative for you? That is mostly up to what kind of marketing and sales program you are running.

HubSpot Alternatives
Exclusive Extras via Email Vendor Selection
Free trial
hubspot vs activecampaign email marketing automation software
Free trial with Instant set up
25% discount with yearly account (standard)
$500 OFF onboarding
Goodie for taking the demo or trial
dotdigital vs hubspot logo
$500 discount
2 hours of free email automation consultancy.
BenchmarkONE hubspot alternative all-in-one CRM
50% off your first month
Additional 10% off yearly plans + 1 month free
sharpspring vs hubspot logo
$500 discount on onboarding
Free surprise goodie with your demo.
hubspot vs getresponse funnels automatio
Extra 10% discount
Free email marketing certification
hubspot vs engagebay sales CRM marketing platform
Extra 20% discount

* disclaimer: We do our best to update and check the pricing, offers, extra’s etc, each month. But pricing at vendor is final.

This Hubspot software comparison wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t review the details of the HubSpot offering, so let’s get it done…

HubSpot Review

HubSpot marketing review

HubSpot is known for its excellent inbound marketing. Every marketer has probably attended a webinar or downloaded a HubSpot ebook at one point.

Their blog is insightful, they create solid original research and their inbound marketing training is cool. No wonder you have heard about HubSpot, they practice what they preach and offer great inbound marketing content.

But their own marketing isn’t the only reason why HubSpot is so popular. In reality, HubSpot offers independent products for inbound Marketing, Sales and CRM that help companies to attract and nurture leads and turn them into customers and increased sales.

hubspot marketing hub sales hub free CRM

So yes – HubSpot has a powerful CRM, but its’ success also depends on the inbound marketing toolset with Marketing Hub and Sales Hub.

Now you are thinking… wait. Was it HubSpot what I am looking for? Or…

am I better off with one of the Hubspot competitors? OR behind door number 3…

Combine HubSpot CRM with our HubSpot alternatives is a better choice?

To give an answer, we are going to review the three enterprise software functions by HubSpot in detail:

HubSpot CRM – Review

Bringing in new customers isn’t a walk in the park. Sales needs to find prospects, make calls, set meetings and make sure deals are moving forward. A sales team will use spreadsheets, send a lot of emails, and their agenda to plan follow-ups. A lot to keep track of!

So the sales team needs a tool to keep organized without losing their mind (or interesting deals). The free HubSpot CRM is a great starter solution for this. You can view the state of your sales funnel. From incoming sales leads, to Offers to close and deals made. Hubspot CRM has all the sales activities for the team. Tasks can be assigned – improving your planning.

HubSpot free CRM – Pricing

HubSpot is a free CRM tool. So if you ask, what does HubSpot CRM cost? It is free. With the free HubSpot CRM version, you can store a million contacts, no limit on users, no limit on time.

What can you do with the Free HubSpot CRM?

  • Store company info associated with your contacts
  • Track and store sales deals
  • Integrate with Gmail or Outlook
  • A few sales productivity tools (like email sending and meeting scheduling)
  • Add lead capture forms for your site
  • Live chat and chatbot to put on your website

These are great to get started with inbound marketing or have a first look at the HubSpot marketing system.

There aren’t many companies that choose to stay with only the free version for very long, and either switch to one of the HubSpot competitors or moving to the paid version. Because HubSpot free CRM has limited sales and marketing functionality (and you’ll probably want that as well, once you see what is possible).
For instance, you only get 5 email templates and 5 document templates to use. And you have a meeting scheduler, but one link per company in an overall agenda – not per person. Which brings us to…

HubSpot Sales Hub review

The saying goes: Selling is 90% transpiration, 10% luck :D. But you can increase your luck and keep your shirts dry with some sales automation help. With HubSpot sales, you can be assured that every sales rep takes the steps for the prospects to complete the sales funnel.

HubSpot offers email templates for the salespersons. This saves a lot of time, from snippets and intro emails to the follow-ups. And it tracks the emails, and follow-ups, etc.
Your Sales can see companies that visit your websites and the pages they were looking at. The meeting scheduler is very handy and again saves a lot of time and back and forths. It is synced with your own agenda if you use Google Calendar, HubSpot CRM or Microsoft Office 365.

Phone calls can be a big part of sales, the HubSpot Sales tool can queue and log calls in the CRM directly.

HubSpot Sales Pricing

HubSpot Sales is a lot cheaper than the marketing tool. It starts at $45 a month for two users, the professional version is $450 for 5 users but also has more functionality and refinement you need when doing sales in a team.

HubSpot sales comes with a free version, you can sign up here.

HubSpot Marketing Hub Review

With HubSpot Marketing hub you can give your website traffic a boost, and nurture, automate and grow to convert more leads into clients. Woot! (but you can also do that with all of the HubSpot Alternatives here, oh yeah.)

The Marketing Hub software allows you to do marketing automation, create landing pages, blogs, and website hosting, personalize your email templates and your website and lead management and marketing analytics.

HubSpot monitors social mentions and such and tracks customer engagements, schedules social media posts.

The difference is here – that HubSpot marketing tools also have all that CMS and SEO functionality, so it caters to a lot of your inbound marketing software needs. But if your website runs WordPress for instance, you don’t need those and the marketing hub, it is quite expensive! If you only use HubSpot Marketing, you can integrate with other HubSpot CRM alternatives like Salesforce.

HubSpot Marketing hub Pricing

Marketing Hub Starter comes in at just $45 per month. The rest of Hubspot Marketing software comes with an impressive price tag. The professional package starts at $800 per month and $3200 for the enterprise plan. With all the extra functionality tagged on, it becomes a hefty sum, fast. Then again, this is relative to what you are looking for, many big companies wouldn’t blink an eye and can see the benefits at scale.

The biggest drawback of HubSpot

HubSpot has over 21,000 customers and 3500 agency partners, who love to work with their inbound marketing, Sales and CRM tools. But why do so many opt to use one of the Hubspot competitors?
There is a lot to be loved about HubSpot. The biggest drawback is that the pricing is quite steep. Not if you compare it to the big enterprise marketing software, like Marketo, Eloqua or Adobe, but certainly when compared to the inbound marketing tools we reviewed here.

Many mid-sized and small businesses can’t afford the price point and wouldn’t be using many of the features on such a large scale. They would go for Hubspot alternatives that are cheaper and take care of their needs from the start.

HubSpot Alternatives
Exclusive Extras via Email Vendor Selection
Free trial
hubspot vs activecampaign email marketing automation software
Free trial with Instant set up
25% discount with yearly account (standard)
$500 OFF onboarding
Goodie for taking the demo or trial
dotdigital vs hubspot logo
$500 discount
2 hours of free email automation consultancy.
BenchmarkONE hubspot alternative all-in-one CRM
50% off your first month
Additional 10% off yearly plans + 1 month free
sharpspring vs hubspot logo
$500 discount on onboarding
Free surprise goodie with your demo.
hubspot vs getresponse funnels automatio
Extra 10% discount
Free email marketing certification
hubspot vs engagebay sales CRM marketing platform
Extra 20% discount

* disclaimer: We do our best to update and check the pricing, offers, extra’s etc, each month. But pricing at vendor is final.

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