Brevo Pricing 2024: Is it really the cheapest email tool?

Brevo is an all-in-one email marketing and CRM platform. It’s a user-friendly tool with competitive pricing and advanced features.

Brevo’s flexible pricing makes it stand out from the competition. It has 4 pricing plans that all come with unlimited contacts. Pricing is based on email sends per month and features like automation, AB testing, and advanced reporting.

It’s affordable, and the Brevo free tier is perfect for getting started. And there’s even more. They have a 10% discount on yearly plans!

We’ll explain all the pricing details to help you find the best plan for your needs.

Don’t have time to read? Here are the main Brevo pricing plans:

  • Free: Stacked free plan with 9000 emails/mo, unlimited contacts, 40+ email templates, personalization, automation, page tracking, segmentation, notifications, and basic reporting features.
  • Starter: Everything in Free, without increased email sending. Starts from 20K monthly emails for $25/month. 
  • Business: All features in Starter, plus the landing page editor, AB testing, unlimited automation, Facebook ads, advanced reporting, chat, and phone support. Starts at $65/month for 20K emails, 1 marketing user, and 1 landing page.
  • Brevo Plus: Enterprise-grade security, multi-user access, advanced integrations, SLA, and a dedicated account manager. Custom pricing, starting at $1000/month.
Brevo offers a 10% discount on annual plans. Sign up for any of these plans via our page to get an additional 10% off on your annual plan.

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How much does Brevo cost?

pricing plans Brevo price Starter Business Plus Free

Brevo prices its plans to give users flexibility. It doesn’t charge per contact, unlike other email marketing software. It charges based on the emails you send.

Brevo lets you send 300 emails a day on its forever-free plan. Grow your list without any restrictions on subscribers. It has 40+ email templates, personalization, automation, page tracking, segmentation, notifications, and basic reporting features. You can even use the sales CRM and build workflows for 2K contacts.

The paid Brevo plans are a good match for online sellers, B2B & affiliate marketers who send over 20K emails monthly. The only difference between the Free and Starter plans is the email-sending limit. Increase the sending limit with Starter to 20-100K per month. Starter prices range from $25-$69/month. 

Business has unlimited automation, landing page builder, AB testing, Facebook ads, advanced reporting, chat, and phone support. Prices range from $65-1811$/month. The monthly email volume for the Business plan can be between 20K-1M.

Brevo pricing

Monthly Email SendsFreeStarterBusiness

*300 emails/day

Here’s how the prices compare as your subscriber count keeps increasing:

Brevo pricing plans starter business comparison graph

The price difference between a plan’s tiers is based on your monthly email volume and features. If you don’t want to limit yourself to 100K emails, you’ll need to sign up for Business or Brevo Plus.

Compare Brevo Starter with plans from MailerLite, Moosend, and GetResponse:

Contact NumberBrevo Starter*MailerLite Growing BusinessMoosend ProGetResponse Email Marketing

* For Brevo, the price is based on 4 emails per contact each month.

Compare these plans with more details here.

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Brevo Starter pricing

Starter is the smallest paid plan starting at $25 a month for 20K emails without a daily sending limit. If you’ve just started growing your email list and want to send over 9K emails monthly, go for Starter. It’s among the most cost-effective ways to send newsletters.

You can segment your audience, personalize your content, and analyze campaigns. So you’ll gain insights into your audience’s behavior as your contact numbers pile up.

A great plan for sending email campaigns on a tight budget. Your emails will have Brevo branding, but you can get the remove branding add-on for $10/month.

Brevo Starter plan

What’s includedWhat’s not
Unlimited contactsFacebook ads
40+ email templatesGeography, device, heat map reporting
Drag & Drop EditorMulti-user access
PersonalizationPhone & chat support
1 shared inboxAdvanced open & click stats
Marketing automation for up to 2K contactsRemove Branding (requires add-on)
Transaction emails
500 push notifications
Signup forms
Email support

The Starter plan has remove branding and dedicated IP add-ons. You can also purchase credits to increase email, SMS, and WhatsApp sends.

Brevo Business pricing

The Business plan is the better option if you’re getting serious about email marketing. AB testing, unlimited marketing automation, and landing pages are available. It has 10 pricing tiers based on your monthly email volume. You can send between 20K to 1 million emails with this plan. 

Automate emails and contact management with marketing automation workflows. Trigger welcome emails for users who recently signed up. Or, offer them a birthday discount with an automated birthday email.

Facebook ads and landing pages open new lead-generation channels. The lookalike feature uses your contact lists to find similar prospects on Facebook. And you can also retarget specific contacts.

Brevo Business plan

What’s includedWhat’s not
Everything in Starter +Dedicated IP
Marketing automation workflows for unlimited contactsDedicated account manager
A/B testingSSO & SAML authentication
Send time optimization
1 landing page
1 marketing user
Geography, device, heat map reporting
Advanced open & click stats
Removes Brevo branding
Phone & chat support

The Business plan includes 1 landing page and 1 marketing user. Extra users cost $10/month, and 5 landing pages cost $21/month. You can buy 10K push notifications for $10/month. And increase email, SMS, and WhatsApp credits or buy a dedicated IP.

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Brevo Pay-as-you-go plan pricing

If you need even more flexibility, Brevo has you covered. You can pay as you go if you don’t want a monthly subscription. Or if you want to add credits to your monthly plans.

Purchase WhatsApp, SMS, and email credits that never expire. And even a dedicated IP to protect your sender reputation.

Brevo Pay-as-you-go Email

When you buy email credit, it comes with everything in the Starter plan, and you can remove Brevo branding. So you don’t have a daily sending limit or the Brevo logo on your emails.

1 credit equals an email you’ll send. Pay-as-you-go credits never expire and you can use them to send marketing and transactional emails, too. You can use them anytime. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

Pay-as-you-go email rates
5K emails$40
10K emails $74
20K emails $121
50K emails$201
100K emails$343
500K emails$1,189
1Mn emails$1,995

Brevo Pay-as-you-go SMS & WhatsApp

You can buy credits to send SMS and WhatsApp messages from Brevo. The credits don’t expire. The price depends on how many credits you buy and which country you want to send to. 

If you send SMS to a US or Canadian audience, the rates are:

Pay-as-you-go SMS rates (US/Canada)
100 text messages$1.09
500 text messages$5.45
1K text messages$10.9
5K text messages$54.5
10K text messages$109
50K text messages$545
100K text messages$1,090

Here’s how much 1000 SMS message cost in other countries:

CountryPrice for 1K SMS messages

Calculate SMS prices for different countries on Brevo’s pay-as-you-go pricing page.

Compared to standalone SMS marketing platforms, Brevo’s text message rates are cheaper. Even half the price for some counties.

To send WhatsApp messages, you can buy WhatsApp credits. The first 1K messages are free to any country each month. WhatsApp messages to a US or Canadian audience cost:

Pay-as-you-go WhatsApp rates (US/Canada)
100 WhatsApp messages$1.86
500 WhatsApp messages$9.31
1K WhatsApp messages$18.62
5K WhatsApp messages$93.09
10K WhatsApp messages$186.17
50K WhatsApp messages$930.86
100K WhatsApp messages$1,861.72

Here’s how much 1000 WhatsApp message cost in other countries:

CountryPrice for 1K WhatsApp messages

See full pricing here

Brevo Add-ons & Extras

Customize your Brevo plan with add-ons. You can buy add-ons for the Starter, Business, and Plus plans. 

In Starter, you can buy the remove Brevo branding add-on for $10/month. The Business plan has add-ons to increase landing pages and users. Each user costs $10/month, and 5 landing pages cost $21/month. The max users on the Business plan are 10. And you can have 21 landing pages on the Business plan.

Email service providers, including Brevo, usually use shared IP addresses to send their users’ emails. But high-volume senders can buy a dedicated IP for $251/year. Brevo recommends this add-on to companies who send at least 3 campaigns a week to 3000 subscribers. This gives the user more control over their sender reputation.

Brevo Discount

Brevo is already one of the most affordable email marketing services. How about a discount to make it even better?!

Email Vendor Selection readers get a 10% discount on all annual plans! And that’s on top of the regular 10% discount on Brevo annual plans. Sign up here to get the discount.

The company also supports NGOs. They offer a special 15% discount on the Brevo Plus plan fee for non-profit organizations.

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Explaining Brevo pricing

To decide which Brevo plan is the best for you, you need to know 2 things: your monthly email volume and the features you need.

Here’s a breakdown of the factors that influence Brevo’s prices. This will help you choose the plan that best suits your business. Check out our full Brevo review for details about all the features, pros, and cons.

Monthly email volume

Monthly email volume means the number of emails sent each month. Unused emails expire and don’t roll over to the next month. 

Most email marketing software turn expensive as your email list grows. They charge you per the number of contacts in your list. The new contacts automatically add to your cost even if you don’t send them emails.

But Brevo users pay for the number of emails they send. As you generate leads, your costs don’t increase. All Brevo plans have unlimited contacts.

So the most important pricing factor is the number of emails you send. Here’s what your monthly payment would look like under each plan, depending on monthly sending volume:

Number of emails/monthStarterBusiness
20K $25$65
40K $35$75


Like most services, Brevo locks advanced email marketing features behind paid plans. The Starter plan has core email features and limits automated workflows to 2000 contacts.

Business doesn’t have the 2000 contact cap on marketing automation. When contact numbers grow, you’re still able to build automated workflows. Business includes AB testing, Facebook ads, geography and device reporting, and advanced email stats.

The plan you choose is the second most important factor that influences the cost of Brevo. Here’s the price difference between Starter and Business across tiers to help you decide if the extra functionality is worth it: 

Number of emails/monthPrice difference between plans
20 K$40
40 K $40
60 K$40
100 K$46

Landing pages

Another factor influencing your subscription’s price is the number of landing pages. Starter doesn’t have any landing pages. On the Business plan, you get 1 landing page. You can purchase the landing pages add-on to increase this limit. 5 landing pages cost $21/month.

User access

Some businesses rely heavily on email involving both sales and marketing teams. In that case, Starter might fall a little short. It caps user access at 1. Go with Business to add up to 9 users for an extra $10/user.

The 2 most important factors influencing Brevo pricing are the number of emails you send and the plan you need. 

See full pricing here

Is Brevo really free?

Brevo’s free plan is very generous. Send 300 emails/day, store unlimited contact and get:

  • 40+ email templates
  • Drag and drop email editor
  • Automation for 2000 contacts
  • Forms
  • Page tracking
  • Personalization
  • 1 shared inbox
  • Segmentation
  • Push notifications
  • Sales CRM
  • Basic reporting

Most Brevo alternatives have a contact limit around 500-1000 subscribers in the free. Brevo’s free plan wins in contacts. If we add up the 300 emails/day, that’s around 9000 emails/month. GetResponse and Mailerlite are more generous for email sending. GetResponse doesn’t limit email sending in their free plan. And Mailerlite caps email sending at 12K in the free plan. In Mailerlite, you can use the website builder in the free plan and build 10 landing pages. Brevo locks landing pages behind the Business plan. Let’s see how the free plans stack up:

Free email softwareSubscriber limitEmail limit
Mailchimp5002500 per month
AWeber5003.000 per month
MailerLite100012.000 per month
Brevounlimited300 per day (~9000/month)

With all this said, if you’re just starting out with email campaigns for your small business, it’s one of the best zero-cost plans. Once you feel the need to send over 300 emails a day, you can upgrade.

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Brevo pricing vs Mailerlite, Moosend, GetResponse

Let’s see how the pricing of the most popular Brevo alternatives stack up. Most email marketing tools price based on contacts on your email list. Brevo’s prices are based on the number of emails sent monthly. To make the comparison, the prices for Brevo are based on 4 emails per contact each month.

Brevo vs. MailerLite price comparison

Both tools have 2 main paid plans. MailerLite’s paid plans start cheaper than Brevo plans:

  • Growing Business plan for 500 subscribers at $10/month
  • Advanced plan for 500 subscribers at $20/month.

Here’s how Brevo Starter and Mailerlite Growing Business plans compare:

Unlike Brevo, MailerLite charges based on the number of subscribers in your list. And doesn’t set a limit on monthly sending volume. With Growing Business, you can create unlimited websites, landing pages, forms, and pop-ups. 

Number of contacts Brevo Starter *MailerLite Growing Business

* For Brevo, the price is based on 4 emails per contact each month.

Brevo suits companies with large email lists better. All its plans allow you to grow your lists as much as you want. But it doesn’t have landing pages in the free and Starter plans. Brevo is better for multichannel campaigns with SMS and WhatsApp messages, push notifications, and sales CRM. 

MailerLite is the better option if you’ve just started building your lists. It has landing pages and a website builder on the free and Growing Business plans. It’s easy to set up and use. With Mailerlite Advanced, you can use multiple triggers in automations, Facebook audience syncing, and a custom HTML editor. If you need to share your account with team members, Advanced has no user limit. Plus, you get live chat support. Read our detailed MailerLite review or our MailerLite pricing guide to learn more about features, pros, cons, and pricing.

Brevo vs Moosend price comparison

Moosend has the simplest pricing of this bunch. There’s just one paid plan with every feature. Like Brevo’s other alternatives, Moosend charges per the number of contacts in your list.

Number of contacts Brevo Starter *Moosend Pro

* For Brevo, the price is based on 4 emails per contact each month.

Moosend’s plans start much cheaper than Brevo’s. The lowest monthly price is $9/month for 500 contacts with all features. This comes down to $7/month billed yearly. And in this plan, you get AB testing and marketing automation. Neither is available in Brevo Starter. Try Moosend if you’re looking for a full email marketing automation platform at a low price. For businesses with fewer contact numbers, Moosend offers the best value for money. Or read more about these features in our full Moosend review.

If you have many contacts and want a simple email marketing tool to send newsletters, go for Brevo. It has SMS, WhatsApp, and push notifications, so it’s better for multi-channel campaigns. Also, the free sales CRM is pro for B2B companies with a sales team.

Brevo vs GetResponse

GetResponse has 3 pricing plans. All its pricing plans are tiered based on the number of contacts you have.

For 1K contacts, the prices are:

  • Email Marketing for $19/month
  • Marketing Automation for $59/month
  • Ecommerce Marketing for $119/month
Number of contacts Brevo Starter *GetResponse Email Marketing

* For Brevo, the price is based on 4 emails per contact each month.

GetResponse Email Marketing is more expensive than Brevo over 2500 contacts. And the difference is more than $100/month for 25K contacts. This extra gets you unlimited email sends, AB testing, automation, websites, unlimited landing pages, ecommerce tools, chat support, and no GetResponse branding. Check out our full GetResponse review for more info on features, pros, and cons. Or read our detailed analysis of GetResponse pricing. If you’re looking for a more advanced email marketing tool, go for GetResponse.

The feature set of Brevo is limited compared to GetReponse, even on the Business plan. Brevo is cheaper for sending simple newsletters and growing your email list without any limits. If this is your cup of tea, sign up for Brevo.

Compare the prices of more email tools in our email marketing pricing guide.

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So which Brevo pricing plan should you pick?

The Brevo free plan is great if you’re just starting with email marketing. Having unlimited contacts doesn’t limit your lead generation, and you can send 300 emails per day. It has 40+ email templates, a drag-and-drop editor, automation, forms, page tracking, a sales CRM, segmentation, and push notifications.

For small businesses with a 1-5K email list, the Starter plan with 20K emails/month is a good option. It has the same features as the free plan with increased email sending. It still has Brevo branding on the emails. You can remove that for $10/month.

For companies with larger lists that want email automation, there’s the Business plan. This includes AB testing, landing pages, unlimited automation, and Facebook Ads. You can send between 20K to 1 million emails per month with this plan.

When choosing a plan, consider:

  • How many email you want to send each month
  • If you need AB testing, landing pages, and automation
  • If you mind Brevo branding at the bottom of your emails

Brevo Pricing FAQ

How many emails can you send with Brevo?

You can send between 9K to 1M emails a month with Brevo. You can even send over 1M emails if you sign up for the Brevo Plus.

300 emails/day are free. 20K emails cost $25/month for Starter and $65/month for Business. 100K emails cost $69/month for Starter and $129/month for Business.

Get started with Brevo for free here or see full pricing here

Is Brevo free forever?

Yes, Brevo has a forever-free plan. It’s one of the most stacked free email marketing services on the market. It lets you send 300 emails daily, build automations for 2K contacts, and personalize your content. It also has a free sales CRM, 40+ email templates, a drag-and-drop email editor, 1 shared inbox, and segmentation.

Try Brevo for free here

Do I need to give my credit card details to sign up?

No, you don’t need to give your credit card details to sign up for Brevo

The free plan comes with 300 daily emails, automation, 40+ email templates, a sales CRM, a drag-and-drop email editor, 1 shared inbox, and segmentation. When you need more emails, you’ll need to sign up to a paid plan and give your credit card details. 

Get started with Brevo for free

Are there any hidden fees in Brevo?

No, there aren’t any hidden fees in Brevo. The pricing is transparent. You can see your upcoming bill anytime from your plan page. You can also cancel, upgrade or downgrade your plan.

See full Brevo pricing here

How much does Brevo cost?

Brevo costs between $25-$1818. It costs $25 for 20K emails per month on the Starter plan. It costs $1818 for the Business plan with 10 users, 21 landing pages, 1M emails, and 1M push notifications per month. You can find a suitable plan for your needs on the Brevo pricing page.

For an enterprise with even higher limits, dedicated IP address, account manager, and subaccount management, the cost can be even higher.

Is Brevo cheaper than Mailchimp?

Yes, Brevo is cheaper than Mailchimp. Brevo’s pricing is based on the number of emails you send monthly. It’s hard to beat Brevo’s prices and how packed its free plan is. 

For 10K contacts, Brevo Starter costs $35/month if you send 4 emails to a contact. Mailchimp Essential costs $100/month for 10K contacts.

Check out our review of the best Mailchimp alternatives

What happens if I go over my monthly sending limit?

You can’t go over your monthly plan limit. Brevo offers 2 options when you need to surpass your limit. You can either buy extra credits or upgrade your plan.

You can always find your upcoming bill under the ‘My Plan’ page. There won’t be any hidden fees or extra charges for exceeding your limit.

Is there a maximum number of contacts I can have in Brevo?

No, there isn’t a maximum number of contacts you can have in Brevo. You can add contacts to your list without any limits. Brevo doesn’t charge you per contact number. You pay for the number of emails they send.This means you can grow your lists indefinitely without extra costs. Even the free plan doesn’t limit your contacts, which is perfect for growing your list.

Do I still have access to my account if I cancel Brevo?

Yes, you still have access to your Brevo account if you cancel your plan. You may use your existing credits, review sent email campaigns, and export data.

But when you cancel your monthly plan, they won’t downgrade you to the free version. You’ll need to sign up again for a new plan or buy pre-paid credits.

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