Mailmodo Review (2024): How does it perform?

Mailmodo is an interactive email marketing platform perfect for small and mid-size companies in both B2B and B2C. 

Since its launch in 2020, Mailmodo has been part of YCombinator and seen impressive growth. A focus on innovation with interactive email means it ships with interesting features that are quite unique.

Mailmodo is a leader in AMP emails and interactive email sending. Is it a good fit for you? Well, read on! In this Mailmodo review, I tested everything: the features, pros & cons, and pricing. Here is a quick summary:

Mailmodo software summary

Mailmodo is a delight for marketers looking to engage through interactive email marketing:

  • Getting started is easy and they have a great free plan.
  • AMP for email to create visually attractive, interactive emails.
  • No-code, easy-to-use, drag and drop editor to create both AMP and HTML emails.
  • 24/7 phone, chat and email support.
  • 3 pricing plans to suit businesses with different needs. Starting at $49/month.

👉 You’ll find Mailmodo easy to navigate. There’s almost no learning curve and the dashboards and reporting are clear. Sign up for an account here to get 10,000 emails/month free.

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Mailmodo’s most important features

Mailmodo most important features

Mailmodo is a relatively new email service, but don’t let that youth fool you. The team is made up of passionate employees with a vision for the future of email marketing. They’ve built an email marketing tool that stands shoulder to shoulder with others in the market. Using Mailmodo, you’ll come across:

  1. Drag and drop editor: The no-code email builder is intuitive and easy to use. Widgets work well and cover most use cases.
  2. Visual automation builder: Trigger email campaigns based on lists, contact data, and integrations like Zapier and Integromat. API and webhook triggers are available too.
  3. AMP and interactive emails: AMP email elements can be included in email templates. This is quite unique. And with HTML fallback, emails look good, even in inboxes that don’t support AMP.
  4. Email templates: 63 email templates across 8 categories and all look modern and up to date.
  5. Interactive widgets inside emails: Add forms, carts, calendar bookings, spin wheels, and more to your emails. Interactive AMP elements make emails more engaging and increase conversions.
  6. AI subject line generator: Get subject line suggestions based on your email content. A really useful feature for getting different subject lines to AB test.

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Mailmodo Review: How does it work?

Mailmodo is a capable email marketing software that supports AMP for email. You’ll find modern email templates, automation features, forms in emails, and analytics. Let’s review how all these features work in detail.

Mailmodo: Sending interactive emails

After you’ve signed up for an account, go to the Campaigns menu. Click on ‘create new campaigns’ to start sending interactive emails. First, choose an email template, then edit it as you want. Finally, select contacts, and review the email before sending it.

The whole process is simple. If you already have the email written, it can be as fast as 10 minutes from start to finish.

Interactive Email Templates in Mailmodo

The first step in sending interactive emails is to select a template. Mailmodo supports AMP for email. It’s an open-source framework created by Google to create engaging, interactive emails. Read about the power of AMP for email here.

There are 3 options for templates: Select a prebuilt template, upload your own, or choose a saved template (handy when you’ve created a few emails).

Uploading templates is useful when you want to use a custom email template created by an agency or a developer on your team. 

For most purposes, you won’t need to code or upload templates because there are a lot of amazing, interactive email templates pre-built in Mailmodo.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review email templates

There are 63 email templates across 8 categories and 20+ layouts including single-column, hybrid, and inverted pyramid designs. 

Need to promote a product? There’s a template for that. Want to recommend products from your Shopify store? You’ll find AMP templates for that too. Need to send a fashion-focused email? Mailmodo’s got you covered.

The best part about these templates is that they’re designed with user experience in mind: Most templates have clear hierarchies, prominent CTAs, and pleasing colors. All templates include interactive features, but you don’t need to send interactive emails. You can send simple HTML emails just as well.

Find out when to use custom email design over prebuilt templates.

Editing interactive AMP emails in Mailmodo

Once you’ve chosen your email template, it’s time to start editing. And Mailmodo doesn’t hold back with its editing features.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review email editor

You’ll find universal settings like fonts, body colors, paddings, and block settings in the right sidebar. The top bar has a life-saving undo/redo function. Also, you’ll find email previews and improvement suggestions there.

You’ll edit your email content directly in the email, and you’ll see it update as you type.

Personalization works just like you would expect. There’s a personalization drop-down in the text editor toolbar. Click on the tag you want and it will appear in the content. When sending, Mailmodo will replace the merge tag with the data for each contact. In Mailmodo, you can just as easily personalize images and buttons with dynamic content.

Now on to the cool part: adding interactivity. Click on the + button to add an interactive widget.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review email editor

These dropdown widgets come with useful functionalities for email marketers: 

  • Use layout widgets to change how your email looks
  • Add basic elements like text, lists, videos, buttons, and more
  • Use the Form block for basic forms, NPS surveys, and webinar sign-ups
  • Add interactive elements such as spin wheels, emoji ratings, quizzes, calendars, calculators and product recommendations

These interactive AMP elements increase engagement and reduce friction. In AMP emails, recipients can take action right inside the email, instead of needing to go to a landing page first.  Every block can be saved and reused in future emails.

You’ll find a Fallback option right above the editing area. Using Fallback, your email will look good even when the recipient’s email client doesn’t support AMP. 

mailmodo fallback feature

In this GIF you’ll see that we’re using an AMP booking form. When you click on Fallback, edit your email to ensure it still functions without that AMP element. In this case, we’ve added a ‘Book now’ button which will redirect the reader to a landing page.

Once you’re satisfied with your email design and content, click on ‘Preview’. This will show how your email looks in AMP and in HTML. You can toggle between mobile and desktop previews. And you can even check previews for different mobile devices.

The Mailmodo email editor autosaves your emails. So you never have to worry about losing any progress.

When you’re ready with the content, add a subject line, pre-header text, sender name, and email. Then it’s on to select the mailing list and schedule your email. Mailmodo has a subject line generator that reads your emails and gives you suggestions for your subject lines. This comes in handy when you’ve hit writer’s block or want more subject lines for AB testing.

Scheduling options include: immediately, at a specific time, or in batches over 7 days. Mailmodo also has send time optimization. It analyzes data from your previous campaigns to get the best time to send emails to each contact.

I found the complete process of creating and sending interactive emails quite pleasant. There were no hiccups and I was able to edit my email exactly as I wanted. Mailmodo also gives you suggestions to increase email performance. These tips include cleaning your list, segmenting your audience, and setting up postmaster.

If you’re curious about AMP in email and want some inspiration on how to use it. Mailmodo has a gallery with 70+ examples.

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Automate AMP email with Mailmodo

Mailmodo calls automation workflows ‘Journeys’. Email marketers use Journeys to:

  1. Send automated emails based on user behavior and data.
  2. Design user journeys with a visual drag-and-drop editor.
  3. Analyze user behavior and optimize email drip sequences & automations.

To create a new journey, select ‘Journeys’ from the menu and click ‘Create New Journey’.

automation journey builder

The drag and drop editor is fairly simple to use. All you have to do is drag and drop an element from the left panel onto your journey map. You’ll add actions, delays, and conditions.

In the image above I’ve created an automation sequence. The automation starts with an email that includes a submission form.

I then split it based on if they submitted the form or not.
After a 1-day delay, they’ll get follow-up emails. The people who’ve opened get a different email from people who’ve submitted a form.

Design your email templates beforehand. Then just assign one of your templates to an email. This is the content your subscribers will receive.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review email template menu

Once an automation is running, the whole thing works in the background without any need for active involvement. 

These automations are used for many goals. A great example is a welcome email sequence for new subscribers or a sales qualification email for someone who’s engaged with your emails. Use Journeys to save time and get more conversions.

You can pause your automations, add more contacts to the sequence, and quickly duplicate if you need to. 

By clicking on an automation, you’ll get summary statistics (opens, clicks, unsubscribes, etc.) and activity logs.

Mailmodo is great for basic automation sequences. If you want more advanced automation and website tracking you’ll need to use their webhooks or API.

Qualifying leads: Forms in Emails

Mailmodo doesn’t offer conventional landing pages or forms. But it has in email forms. You’ll find useful widgets in the drag and drop email editor to get more information from your contacts.

Head over to AMP blocks and open the Forms section.

mailmodo pre made form blocks

Here you’ll find 29 form options to directly add to your email. Easily customize fields, headings buttons, and colors to make them stand out.

To gauge if your leads are interested in your brand, and to qualify them, use various widgets like Zoom webinar registration and NPS ratings.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review widgets options

Invite subscribers to events, and webinars, or ask them to give feedback on your services.

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List Management in Mailmodo

List management is straightforward with Mailmodo. You’ll find 4 options to upload contacts:

  • Import CSV
  • Add manually
  • Import from apps
  • Add with API

Creating segments is easy. Choose a list to segment, give your segment a name and decide whether you want a dynamic or static segment. 

A dynamic segment adds users when they match a condition for that segment. A static segment takes a snapshot of subscribers and doesn’t update it in the future.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review segment creation wizard

When making a segment, filter using contact information or campaign activity. A user property includes all contact profiles and preference information. Campaign activity is when someone opens, clicks, or submits a form in your email (or the inverse of these actions). Using these conditions to create precise segments that are personalized and targeted.

Reporting and Analytics

To measure and improve your email marketing campaigns, you need to see the results. Mailmodo shows you standard email stats like open rates, click rates, and unsubscribe rates.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review analytics dashboard

When you click on a campaign, drill down into useful stats like form submissions, bounces, and delivery status. Mailmodo offers a visual graph that gives a timeline of a campaign’s performance.

Mailmodo email marketing platform email campaign graphs dashboard
Mailmodo campaign statistics

You’ll be able to see on which date people clicked, opened, and submitted forms (only for AMP emails). Break down this graph by AMP or HTML to isolate and compare performance for both versions. You can also analyze your overall email performance. On the analytics dashboard, you can see open, click-to-open, bounce, and unsubscribe rates. And you can also check this data on the top 10 best or worst-performing campaigns in a time frame.

The Summary shows you a preview of your campaign and details like the campaign name and sender details. User Data, Submissions, and Insights show data for each contact on your list. Check if a person opened an email, filled out a form, and what they submitted.

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Mailmodo offers direct integrations with some of the most popular software platforms. Integrate directly with Shopify, Salesforce, Hubspot, Calendly, Zoom, and others.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review shopify integrations

The great thing is that you’re not limited to direct integrations. Use Zapier to connect with 4000+ apps. Use these integrations to import contacts, export form submissions, or trigger campaigns. 

I was really impressed that I could bring integrations into AMP widgets. Adding a Calendly booking or a Zoom webinar registration right into emails was a breeze.

Mailmodo Customer Support

Reach out to Mailmodo’s customer reps through live chat, email, or a 24/7 phone.

Besides email, chat, and phone, book an email consultation to discuss your needs. They also give dedicated IP, SMTP, and whitelisting help for AMP emails.

Mailmodo provides email consultation to help you with email deliverability. They have a useful email deliverability checklist that covers the essentials of ensuring your email always lands in an inbox. The page also covers tips for AMP in email to make sure your interactive email delivers and renders properly.

If you want to learn on your own, they have a help center, email examples, case studies, guides, and a lot of other helpful content. 

Mailmodo pricing and plans

Mailmodo has 3 pricing plans. Silver ($49/month), Gold ($199/month), and Platinum ($499/month). Start for free today and upgrade to a paid plan when you feel ready.

Mailmodo email marketing platform review pricing plans

Send 10,000 emails a month for free. The free plan comes with AMP emails, templates, most automation features, and contact management.

The paid plans are mainly based on the number of email contacts in your database and team members. For any plan, you get a certain amount of contacts and emails. When you want to send more, you can purchase email sending credits. Depending on your plan, $20 can get you from 20000 to 50000 emails.

Wondering if you’re getting a good deal? Here’s how Mailmodo compares to some of the most popular email marketing software:


* For MailerLite and Moosend, price based on 4 emails per contact each month.

One thing is clear from this table: Mailmodo is similar and often even a bit cheaper than other software across most paid plans.

See full pricing here

Mailmodo Pros and Cons

featured image: mailmodo review email marketing software amp interactive emails automation

What we liked the most

  • Amazing templates
  • Phenomenal free plan
  • AMP emails look great and are easy to create
  • Integrations work with interactive elements
  • Easy to use dashboard and interface

What can be improved

  • No forms or landing pages to generate leads
  • No automation templates

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Mailmodo Interactive Email Marketing: Is it the right AMP email software for you?

Mailmodo is a great tool for small businesses growing rapidly and marketers looking for professional, interactive emails. It’s an easy tool to learn and use, although it could use with more features like landing pages. Here’s how we score Mailmodo:

Ease of Use: 5 / 5
Value for Money: 4.5 / 5
Email editor and templates: 4.5 / 5
Functionalities: 3.5 / 5
Email Automation: 4 / 5
Customer service: 4 / 5

Total score: 4.3 / 5

We gave Mailmodo a 4.3 on its strength of email templates and its value for money. The email templates are great-looking and all are editable with interactive elements. The value for money is obvious when you compare Mailmodo’s monthly sending volume prices with other software: it’s quite cheap.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Mailmodo used for?

Mailmodo is an email marketing tool used for sending interactive emails, automating sequences, and managing contact lists. It also offers forms in emails and reporting features.Mailmodo has a lot of interactive elements and it stands out for its AMP emails. Use it to add interactive elements like carousels, accordions, and confirmation boxes

Does Mailmodo create/send only AMP emails?

No, it does more. Mailmodo is great for creating and sending AMP emails, but you can send regular HTML emails, too. Create, send and automate AMP and HTML email marketing campaigns without any coding skills.Import your own HTML code, or use Mailmodo’s fallback to ensure that emails still look great in client that doesn’t support AMP.

Can I send transactional emails with Mailmodo?

Yes, you can send transactional emails with Mailmodo’s API for transactional emails. Use the REST API to set up transactional email campaigns without needing to code. Configure Mailmodo SMTP for your domain and authenticate your domain as safe and verified. 

What is AMP for email?

AMP for email is a technology that makes emails interactive. With AMP for email, you can add interactive elements like a quiz, carousels, a countdown timer, accordions, and confirmation boxes. AMP emails are built-in HTML but sometimes use Javascript too.

What is an interactive email?

An interactive email includes dynamic content that a reader can interact with. These emails include elements like surveys, forms, carousels, and other AMP components. Interactive emails boost engagement and can increase conversion rates by 225%. Interactive emails are also great for email personalization and better click rates.

How do I make an interactive email?

To write an AMP email, get an email tool that supports AMP for email, like Mailmodo. You won’t need to code anything. Use Mailmodo to add interactive elements like carousels, surveys, and polls to make an easy, great-looking AMP email.

To write an AMP email with Mailmodo:

1. Sign up
2. Go to ‘Create a campaign’
3. Select an AMP email template of choice
4. Design your email and add content
5. Review and publish your email.

How do you write an AMP email?

To write an AMP email, get an email tool that supports AMP for email, like Mailmodo. You won’t need to code anything. Use Mailmodo to add interactive elements like carousels, surveys, and polls to make an easy, great-looking AMP email.

To write an AMP email with Mailmodo:

1. Sign up
2. Go to ‘Create a campaign’
3. Select an AMP email template of choice
4. Design your email and add content
5. Review and publish your email.

Does Gmail support interactive emails?

Yes, Gmail supports interactive emails. In fact, AMP is an open-source framework designed by Google itself. Google calls them ‘dynamic emails’.

Mailmodo Alternatives

Mailmodo vs. Brevo

Brevo is an email marketing tool that is very affordable. It comes in six languages and has advanced automation options and a built-in CRM. Its best features are email marketing automation and free CRM.

Compared to Mailmodo, Brevo is slightly expensive. The Starter plan starts from $25 a month while the Premium plan starts at $65/per month. You can also use Brevo to create landing pages. While Brevo doesn’t focus on interactive or AMP emails.

Mailmodo vs. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing software, no wonder there are many Mailchimp alternatives. They’ve been in business for more than 20 years and have built an email software used by my starting marketers. With Mailchimp, you can create newsletters, welcome emails, automations, forms, landing pages, and ads.

Expect to pay a steeper price for Mailchimp when compared to Mailmodo. For 10,000 contacts, the Essential plan starts at $87 per month. The Premium plan will set you back $299 a month for 10000 contacts. Mailchimp doesn’t send any interactive or AMP emails.

Mailmodo vs. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is an email marketing software suited for eCommerce stores. The app easily integrates with your Shopify store and comes with great features like modern templates, SMS marketing, automation sequences, abandoned cart emails, and more. .

Comparing prices, expect to pay $150 per month for 10,000 contacts with Klaviyo. This plan includes 100,000 emails per month, and comes with email and chat support. Klaviyo is really only for eCommerce and doesn’t send any interactive or AMP emails.

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Rukham is a data-driven marketing enthusiast, and technology researcher with over 5 years of experience. With a background working at Saas provider, he is know for insightful articles about marketing and researched and reviewed marketing and business software. He has a love for email marketing tools, marketing automation platforms, SMTP providers, CRMs, SMS marketing platforms, landing page builders, SEO platforms, email validation software, online course tools, and eBook creators. Trust should be the basis for all marketing communication.

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