Email data and email list verification providers

A list with the Data and email list verification providers that matter

Looking for a way to verifiy email lists? Or a email data vendor to support your marketing campaigns and CRM? We have made a hand curated list of the email list verification and data vendors to help you with list hygiene, data enrichment, and lead generation.


Data collection for market research and customer engagement
Bilendi offers technologies to collect and manage data across web traffic, point of sale, reviews, etc. They collect and manage data for customer engagement, loyalty, and market research.
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Email Verification & Email List Cleaning Service
Emailable is an accurate and secure email verification platform. They help businesses validate their email lists and keep them clean.
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Email validation and data enrichment
EmailOversight offers real-time email verification, list cleaning, email hygiene and data append services.
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Exact Data

Email Lists and Leads
Exact Data is a multi-channel data marketing agency. The provides data products for marketing purposes such as postal lists and email marketing lists.
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Email Address Experts
FreshAddress, helps companies and nonprofits build, clean, and update their email address lists.
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Email Address Verification Service
Kickbox provides solutions for only sending emails to real users and helps companies separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts.
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KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing

Data, Technology and services
Schober Group supports organizations by delivering information on existing customers, potential customers and the market as a whole.
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Fully automated email checker and verifier
mailfloss automatically removes and fixes invalid email addresses before they become a problem. That means more emails land in the inbox of real people rather than the junk folder.
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GDPR Compliance Software, Tools & Services
PrivIQ provides tools to become and stay GDPR compliant. It manages the processes, governance, education documents and record-keeping to ensure ongoing compliance and peace of mind.
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Ternair software

Powerful marketing automation 
Ternair Software supplies enterprise marketing automation and database marketing software for the Dutch market.
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Email Intelligence, Email Validation, Email Append
TowerData works with professionals to improve their contact databases by validating email addresses for better deliverability,
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Data Quality Solutions Provider
Webbula is a data quality platform, providing email hygiene, verification, data enhancement, and ad serving audience solutions.
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Email Checker and Verifier
ZeroBounce is an online email validation system, for list cleaning and scrubbing.
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About this directory of Email data and lead generation providers
Data is the lifeblood of email marketing and marketing automation. The search for an email data provider that offers the right data hygiene, generate leads and grow your email marketing list is not always easy. We created this list of data vendors and hope it will aid you in finding the best provider for you.

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