Email validation and data enrichment

EmailOversight offers real-time email verification along with email hygiene to remove unsafe and undeliverable emails from your marketing databases.

They also offer appended data to assist with missing fields of information, activity level, and other helpful information to better segment and target your marketing lists.

The founders have over 16 years of experience in the email marketing and reputation management space before deciding to develop the technology that is now EmailOversight. Founded in 2014, EmailOversight is now driven by 3 partners and a team of developers and salespeople striving to make it the best in solution and service.

EmailOversight alternatives

Are you looking for an EmailOversight alternative for your email marketing? We listed some EmailOversight alternatives.

Products and services

Email validation service
EmailOversight’s email validation service is predicated on a multi-method process that includes both real-time email verification and email hygiene.

This combination level validation provides the removal of Hard Bounces, Mal Formatted emails, Spam Traps, Bots, Disposable emails, Dormant Accounts, Complainers, Litigators, Monitoring Seeds, and other malicious email addresses.

Email validation is done via a real-time scan where each recipient is first checked through a threat assessment operation designed to flag/remove all nefarious emails that will cause your sending reputation, IP/domain reputation, and overall delivery to suffer severe damage.

Once an email passes the hygiene portion of the scan, it moves into the verification portion. Again, through a real-time check, the system will ping each recipient’s MTA in order to receive a proper response code back determining the validity of each email address within your DB.

Based upon that response code they can determine if the user will deliver or not, thus removing your hard bounces prior to your sends. Using a duel effort in hygiene and verification ensures a more robust validation process and thus a better and more accurate result.

Email append features
EmailOversight also offers a suite of append features designed to help fill in missing bits of information and other data insights about your marketing contacts or customers.

Appending data like age, date of birth, and gender can help better segment your lists for targeting campaigns specifically to those demographics. By focusing campaigns on specific data segmentation it increases the relevance of your message and thus increases the chance of higher engagement.

EmailOversight can also append and match activity based on email and web traffic in the last 30, 60, and 90 days. When targeting recently engaged emails it allows for higher propensity of activity within your own campaigns and provides insight to potentially re-engaging in older customers and contacts.

Key features

  • Real Time Email Verification
  • Email Hygiene w/ Threat Assessment
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Real time API
  • 2 billion unique data points
  • Activty Data Feeds
  • PGP Encryption and Security
  • Global ISP Analysis
  • High Speed File Processing
  • Automated FTP and SFTP Solutions
  • CCPA and GDPR Compliant
  • Professional Support
  • Easy Integrations with Database management solutions

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