9 Best Email Verification Tools in 2024 to Clean Your Email List

Seasoned marketers know that deliverability is important in email marketing. Building an email list is hard work – and you need good engagement. So we can’t send to inactive subscribers and undeliverable email addresses. That’s why marketers use email verification tools to make sure emails hit customers’ inboxes.

Email verification software checks if an email address is deliverable. It helps you avoid sending emails to inactive accounts. Marketers and salespeople use it to avoid bounces and increase campaign performance.

We’ll introduce you to the best email verification tools out there. And we’ll discuss what email verification is.

9 Best Email Verification Tools Overview

Email verification software leaves no room for error. Integrations with email marketing platforms eliminate human error and avoid data loss. 

And manual work is usually more expensive than automation. Manual data transfer takes a massive amount of time. With a simple calculation, you’d find those work hours spent on manual verification costs are more than a verification tool. That’s why marketers, outreach specialists, and salespeople use email verification tools for the task. 

Email Verification ToolFree Plan/TrialPrice for 10K verifications
Bouncer100 free credits$45 (with our discount)
MailerCheck200 free credits$80
Kickbox100 free verifications$80
Mailfloss7-day free trial$20
Alfred250 free credits$80
Emailable250 free credits$50
NeverBounceFree trial$50
ZeroBounce100 free credits$64
Hunter50 free credits$149

What is email verification?

Email verification is the process of verifying if an email address is active. The goal is to keep your email lists healthy, have low bounce rates, and good sender reputation. 

When your emails bounce too often, it hurts your sender score and email reputation. Email service providers (ESPs) won’t be able to deliver (some) emails. By validating emails, you don’t waste time and money on junk leads.

the email deliverability scheme process

The email verification process involves regularly checking if the email addresses in a list are still active. And regular verification is a way to keep email lists fresh and healthy.

Some email addresses will become inactive over time. When people leave their companies, their corporate mail addresses become inactive. To avoid negative consequences, businesses use email verification software. 

What are email verification tools?

An email verification tool is software that removes inactive and invalid emails from an email list. They reduce invalid addresses and spam traps to improve deliverability and campaign performance.

First comes the syntax check. The software identifies the four components of a valid address. User name, address sign (@), (subdomain) and top-level domains. The user name of an email can have 64 characters. And can contain latin letters, numbers, and some special characters. The domain part of an address may consist of 253 characters and must be a valid domain.

Then comes the second step, blacklist check. In this phase, the software checks your list against a list made of bots, known spam traps, and other kinds of fraudulent emails.

Next, verification tools check domains’ MX records to find out if they are legitimate. MX records show the mail servers that accept the domain’s email messages.

The final step is the use of SMTP protocol to ping the mailboxes. Once a mail server receives the ping, they answer by stating if the address is ‘’Ok’’, ‘’Doesn’t exist’’, or ‘’Disabled’’.

The verification process might sound techy, but it’s super easy with an email verification service. After verification, the tools on our list will give you results that are easy to understand.

Bouncer email validation verification result review

For specific contacts’ info, enter a single email in the search box. Or check your databases entirely with bulk email verification.

The top email validation tools integrate with your CRM, email marketing software, marketing automation platforms, and landing page builders. You can quickly transfer and clean data from the tools you already use. 

9 Best Email Verification Tools for a clean email list in 2024

Your email list grows over time. When choosing an email verification tool make sure that it grows with you. You’ll need an email checker that allows bulk data upload. And one that won’t cost a fortune for a big email list.

Another main selection criteria is integration with the tools you use to collect and store emails. Or you won’t be able to transfer data efficiently.

Some email scrubbing tools have free versions or free trials. You can try them out to find out if they have the integration and accuracy you need.

1. Bouncer – Best for coverage and reliability

Bouncer email validation software tool checker verification

Bouncer is an intuitive email verification software with high accuracy. The tool comes with SOC2 and GDPR compliance. When you submit an email, it’s anonymized immediately. Also, they have a zero downtime policy. Overall, you know that Bouncer will function properly and safely.

Its features include domain check, syntax check, catch-all server detection, disposable email detection, and bulk verification. You can bulk upload lists of up to 250,000 emails at once.

Besides the basic features, Bouncer offers a deliverability kit that verifies your mail server setup and authentication. And it notifies you when service providers blacklist you. On top of that, the tool estimates the bounce rate of your future campaigns.

The software integrates with Moosend, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Convertkit, GetResponse, and many other marketing tools. 


  • Highly accurate verification
  • Pricing is great, and option to pay as you go
  • Data automatically gets deleted after 60 days
  • Development support for advanced email verification


  • Free email verification doesn’t show detailed information

Bouncer offers 100 free credits for the trial with access to the main features. The pay-as-you-go pricing costs $0.008/email if you’re checking 4,000 emails. And quickly gets cheaper per verified email if you check more. The basic monthly package is Apprentice, which offers 10,000 verifications at $50/month.

Bouncer already has one of the best prices out there. We got an additional 25% discount on Bouncer for our readers. Just sign up through this special link here to get the discount.

Try Bouncer for free here
or read full review

2. MailerCheck – Best for email content testing

MailerCheck is another simple email verification tool by the email marketing platform MailerLite. The tool guarantees a 98% accuracy rate with its multi-layer validation process.

Along with single and bulk email checkers, MailerCheck offers real-time verification. As you grow your list, it’ll immediately verify email addresses.

You can use Inbox Insights to check campaign analytics and fix authentication problems. This helpful feature lets you test email content too. It detects spammy words, broken links, missing file attributes, and tags in HTML emails.

Mailercheck simple email verification tool for cleaning your list

The tool has MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, GetResponse, Mailchimp, Make, and Zapier integrations.


  • Content quality checker
  • Real-time verification
  • 200 free verifications
  • Best to use with Mailerlite


  • Only 7 integrations but they have Zapier

You can try MailerCheck with the 200 free credits. Pay-as-you-go pricing starts from $10 for 1000 credits. It becomes cheaper as you buy more credits. The smallest monthly plan includes 1 user, inbox insights, placement, 10 domains, and 64 blocklist monitors, starting at $125/month.

Get started with Mailercheck here

3. Kickbox

Kickbox is an email verification tool with bulk email verification and real-time email cleaning. It cleans your email lists flagging invalid email addresses, accept-alls, role emails, and low-quality emails. Kickbox puts emails into 3 categories: risky, undeliverable, and deliverable emails. You can also use it to verify emails in sign-up forms.

It also has deliverability tools, including blocklist monitoring, inbox placement checker, email testing, and DMARC monitoring. Kickbox is known for fast signup and high verification speed. Users can upload CSV and XLSX files. 

You can connect Kickbox directly to email marketing and marketing automation tools, like MailerLite, iContact, Benchmark Email, AWeber, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, and Constant Contact, and GetResponse. They also have a Zapier integration which lets you connect 5000+ apps.


  • It’s easy-to-use and simple to integrate
  • Getting started and running a verification is quick
  • Great support including articles, email, and a developer Slack
  • GDPR compliant with US and EU servers


  • Pricey compared to other tools on this list

Kickbox gives you 100 free verifications for testing. Prices start at $5 for 500 verifications. They don’t charge for unknown emails.

Try Kickbox for free here

4. Mailfloss – Best for automated daily cleaning

Mailfloss is an email verification service with exceptional automations. Once you connect the software to your ESP, it does daily cleanups.

Daily cleanups remove inactive addresses soon after they enter your database. You’ll just need to decide which failed categories you want to remove automatically. This means you don’t have to worry about list cleaning after the one-time setup. You can tell Mailfloss to fix typos, tag, unsubscribe or remove invalid email addresses.

Mailfloss email verification service with automations

Mailfloss users also receive status reports with suggestions. The analytics module gives insights into channel acquisition statistics.

The tool works with over 30 email service providers, including ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, MailerLite, and AWeber.


  • Quick setup
  • Fully automated workflow      
  • Refund if you cancel in 30 days


  • Automations are locked behind premium

You can try Mailfloss for free for 7 days. Monthly pricing starts with Launch Lite for $17/month with 10K scans. Paying annually, it comes down to $14.17. Plans are only available for supported email service providers. 10K credits cost $20 with pay-as-you-go pricing. Price per email gradually drops, going as low as $0.00052/email for 2,5M verifications.

Sign up to Mailfloss for free

5. Alfred

Alfred is an email validation and email threat detection tool. It checked over 11 billion emails to date and is trusted by companies like Riot Games, GetResponse, and Grant Cardone.

You can verify email lists directly through Alfred’s web application. Or set up integrations with the API and verify email addresses at sign-up.

Getting started and running a validation is very quick. When you upload your email list, Alfred first checks if it needs to be cleaned. After the evaluation, imediately start the validation. The results are easy to understand, like “best deliverability”, “maximum reach”, and “do not send”. If that’s not enough, you can check quality scores. 

Alfred has a free plan with 250 credits. Prices start at $1 for 100 verifications and the cost of a verification decrease the more credits you buy. Alfred doesn’t charge for duplicates and unknowns.

Try Alfred for free here

6. Emailable – Best for usability

Emailable is a bulk email verification service that claims a 99% accuracy rate.

You can upload email lists to Emailable from your computer, or import them from email and marketing platforms. The tool’s design is super simple and user-friendly.

Emailable bulk email verification service

One of the best things about Emailable is its Monitor module. It lets you set how often email lists should be verified. You just customize the settings if you want weekly checks on specific lists in your email and marketing platforms.

The tool offers name and gender detection to enrich your lists. The role detection feature also detects role-based email addresses for company emails. All this information is handy to create targeted campaigns.

You can monitor key deliverability metrics using the inbox reports. Emailable integrates with MailerLite, Pipedrive, MailUp, ActiveCampaign, Brevo, Constant Contact, and over 80 other tools.


  • Automated verification with integrations
  • Highly accurate
  • Intuitive design
  • 250 free email credits


  •  A bit expensive

Sign up to Emailable to get 250 free credits. The pay-as-you-go pricing starts at $30 for 5000 credits. The lowest ends at $0.00135 per email for 2.5M credits. If you subscribe to a monthly plan, 5000 credits come at $25.5/month. You save 15% compared to the pay-as-you-go price with monthly plans.

Get started with Emailable for free here

7. NeverBounce – Best for accuracy

NeverBounce is a trusted bulk email verifier with real-time and automated email verification. It’s a handy tool that provides excellent support over several channels. 

When there’s a list with a high number of unknowns, their team personally reviews it. And they have a refund policy to support that claim. If more than 3% of your emails bounce after using NeverBounce, they refund the difference.

NeverBounce bulk email verifier with real-time and automated email verification

NeverBounce lets you share data across your teams as well. Team members can access each other’s stored lists and account apps. 

NeverBounce has integrations with over 80 tools like Moosend, Pipedrive, Hubspot, Constant Contact, and AWeber.


  • Team accounts and collaboration
  • Great support


  • UI can be confusing sometimes

You’ll pay $0.008 for 10000 credits if you want to pay as you go. And 1M credits will cost $0.003 per email. The smallest monthly plan includes 1,000 credits and costs $10. And you can save 20% for every tier if you subscribe annually. For over 1M credits, you’ll have to contact the team for an offer.

8. ZeroBounce – Best for customer intelligence

ZeroBounce is a cloud-based email verification tool that offers real-time validation. It provides top-level security with GDPR, SOC 2, and PCI compliance.

The ZeroBounce Score feature lets you discover the most active emails too. Which means you can identify and target the highest-quality leads.

zerobounce cloud-based email validation and verification software

One of the outstanding features of the tool is the Email List Enhancement. This will give an email contact’s name, geolocation, and gender. Sometimes, it’ll also discover social media and IP addresses based on an email address. Use this data to send more personalized and segmented email campaigns.

Demographic data will also be helpful in segmenting your audience. And the social media append feature will pave the way for effective cross-channel campaigns. 

ZeroBounce has 45 integrations with platforms like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, Hubspot, Brevo, and Shopify. You can always get in touch with the ZeroBounce team thanks to the 24/7 support.


  • Supersecure
  • Customer intelligence


  • Validation is slow at times

ZeroBounce offers 100 free credits to test the tool. And they don’t charge for unidentifiable email addresses. The pay-as-you-go rates start at $0.008/email for 2000 credits. And the price drops down to $0.003/email for 250,000 emails. The monthly starter package comes with 2000 emails at $15. 

9. Hunter – Best browser extension

Hunter is an email outreach platform with email finder and email verification tools. It checks the format, the domain, and the server response. You can upload a list of emails for bulk verification and add the email verifier API to your site or app. 

The Hunter Google Sheets add-on verifies email addresses directly in your sheets. It’s a nice touch that other email verification software doesn’t have. Especially for sales and service teams working with contact list tables.

Hunter email verifier checker tool verification validation

Find contacts when you visit a site with the Hunter browser extension. This extension will list all the emails from the Hunter database that have the same domain as the site you’re visiting. It’ll also show if an email is verified or not.

Hunter has only 9 native integrations, including HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Gmail, Outlook, Google Sheets, Zapier and Make. The last 2 let you connect Hunter with 5000+ other apps.


  • Browser extension to find company emails on sites you’re visiting
  • Google Sheets add-on
  • Integrated email finder and outreach


  • Only 9 integrations
  • Expensive compared to other verification tools

Get 50 verifications with Hunter for free. Hunter’s pricing starts at $49/month for 1000 email verifications. Extra credits cost $5 for 100 credits on this Starter plan. The Growth plan costs $149/month for 10K verifications. Hunter is more expensive compared to other email verification services, but it has an email finder and an email outreach tool in all plans.

Best Email Verification Tools: Conclusion

Every online business needs an email verifier. These tools are effective, affordable, and necessary to preserve your sender reputation.

There are options for every budget. Almost all email verification services offer two pricing models, pay-as-you-go and monthly subscriptions. Most of them also have free trials. This means you can try several tools and stick with the one that best works for you.

Email Verification ToolFree Plan/TrialPrice for 10K verifications
Bouncer100 free credits$45 (with our discount)
MailerCheck200 free credits$80
Mailfloss7-day free trial$20
Emailable250 free credits$50
NeverBounceFree trial$50
ZeroBounce100 free credits$64
Hunter50 free credits$149

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What tools do you use to validate the emails?

Marketers and sales agents use email verification software to validate email addresses and keep email lists clean. These tools can save time and improve your sender reputation. The best verification tools are accurate, fast, and reliable. We recommend trying these email validation tools:

What is the best free tool to use to verify emails?

Bouncer, MailerCheck, and ZeroBounce are the best free tools to verify emails. You’ll get 100 or 200 free email verification credits. After you’ve used those, you’ll need to buy more credits or choose a monthly plan.

How do I validate email addresses?

You can validate email addresses with an email validation service. These tools remove inactive and invalid emails from an email list. And reduce invalid addresses and spam traps to improve deliverability and campaign performance. Bouncer, MailerCheck, and ZeroBounce are the best free services to verify emails. You’ll get 100 or 200 free email verification credits for free. After you’ve used those, you’ll need to buy more credits or choose a monthly plan.

What is the cheapest email verifier software?

Bouncer is one of the cheapest email verifier software. Sign up to get 100 free email verifications. After you use up your free credits, you can choose between pay-as-you-go pricing or monthly plans. An email credit costs $0.008 if you’re checking 4,000 emails, and the price per email decreases as you buy more credits.

How can I check if an email address is legitimate?

You can use an email verification service to check if an email address is legitimate. These tools are easy to use and affordable. We recommend these email verification services:

Double opt-in is an option to check emails at sign-up. It keeps your list clean but doesn’t help with existing emails on your list. It can hurt your sign-up rates because people can forget to click the verification links in your double opt-in emails.

Are email checkers safe?

Yes, most popular email checkers are safe. These comply with GDPR, SOC 2, and PCI. Check the website, documentation, and reviews. A safe email checker will have information about their GDPR and SOC 2 compliance on their website and documentation. Lots of customer reviews and awards on sites like Capterra and G2 are also a sign that an email checker is safe. Some safe email checkers are:
  • Bouncer
  • MailerCheck
  • ZeroBounce
  • How can I verify bulk email addresses for free?

    You can verify bulk email addresses for free with MailerCheck. Get started with MailerCheck for free and verify 200 emails. You can upload contacts or integrate MailerCheck with your email service provider. After the verification, you’ll see how many valid and invalid emails a list contains. And what the causes are for invalid addresses: typos, disposables, catch-alls, or full inboxes.

    You can also send an email from your email marketing tool to see how many emails bounce. This isn’t recommended. It will hurt your sender reputation and can even get you banned if you’re list has many invalid emails.

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