MailerLite Pricing 2024: Plans, Features, Comparison, Discount

Mailerlite is an established, easy-to-use email marketing software. And just like their software, the pricing is easy to understand too. 

Mailerlite has 3 fixed pricing plans: Free, Growing Business ($10/mo), and Advanced ($20/mo). Large enterprises can get custom pricing. 

I won’t repeat MailerLite’s pricing page verbatim. Instead, we’ll dive into each pricing plan, how they work, and compare them to other software. If you sign up for MailerLite here, you’ll get a 30% discount.

In a hurry? Check out MailerLite’s main pricing plans in 2024

  • Free plan: This is one of the most heavily stacked free plans you’ll find in an email marketing service. Send 12000 emails a month to 1,000 subscribers.
  • Growing Business: The starting price is $10/month for 500 subscribers, unlimited emails, 3 users, templates, and 24/7 email support.
  • Advanced: All features in Growing Business plus unlimited users, custom HTML editor, popups, more triggers in automation, AI writing assistant, and live chat support starting at $20/month for 500 subscribers. 
  • Enterprise: For businesses with over 100K subscribers. You’ll get a dedicated account manager & IP, landing page & newsletter design.
We’ve struck a sweet deal with Mailerlite, so if you sign up now, you’ll get a free month with all the features included. Or 30% off on the annual plan.

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How much does MailerLite cost?

Mailerlite plans, cost and features

Mailerlite prices can be split into 2 broad choices: free and paid plans. 

The free plan is perfect for anyone who’s venturing into email marketing or has a small monthly email volume. It comes with critical features like landing pages and an email automation builder. 

The paid plans suit growing businesses with higher monthly email volumes. It’s perfect for eCommerce businesses and those looking for email templates, selling digital products, better automation, and websites.

MailerLite pricing

No. of contactsFree plan30-day free trialGrowing BusinessAdvanced

Here’s how the prices compare as your subscriber count keeps increasing:

Mailerlite pricing growing business advanced plans price comparison graph

The advanced plan is a bit more pricey, that’s because you get advanced features, more support and more users. After 50,000 subscribers, you can choose between the Advanced or Enterprise plan.

Here’s how MailerLite Growing Business compares to similar plans from Mailchimp, Brevo, and GetResponse:

ContactsMailerLite Growing BusinessMailchimp StandardBrevo Starter*GetResponse

* For Brevo, the price is based on 4 emails per contact each month.

Find out the details about how these plans compare here.

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MailerLite Growing Business pricing

Mailerlite’s Growing Business Plan starts at $10/month for 500 subscribers and comes with unlimited monthly emails. You can have 3 users and get 24/7 email support.

This plan is perfect for small growing businesses. Quickly test new ideas without worrying about quotas. With this plan, create as many websites, landing pages, forms, and pop-ups as you like. 

Saving time is key for small businesses. The 24/7 email support, newsletter templates, RSS campaigns, and more advanced automation will save you time. 

If you own an eCommerce store, you’ll love the 30+ eCommerce blocks Mailerlite offers. Use them to build product pages, then promote them with forms, emails, and landing pages.

MailerLite Growing Business Plan

What’s includedWhat’s not
Newsletter TemplatesCustom HTML editor
Remove Mailerlite logo from emailsMultiple automation triggers
Unlimited automation sequencesPassword protected pages
Landing page templates24/7 live chat support
A/B testingAI writing assistant
Ecommerce blocks and integrations
Dynamic email content

MailerLite Advanced pricing

The Mailerlite Advanced plan is suited for medium-sized businesses. It’s also perfect for small organizations that have a bigger email list. Along with unlimited emails, add as many users as you like. Plans start at $20/mo for 500 subscribers, and you only need to upgrade as your subscriber count grows.

With the Advanced plan, you can amp up your marketing with promotional pop-ups and Facebook audiences. Sync your MailerLite segments with Facebook. discover look-alike audiences and target people like your email subscribers. And get writing suggestions from the AI writing assistant. If you’ve hit writer’s block, it can suggest ideas to make more engaging content. And help write headlines, product descriptions, and even full newsletters. Or localize content with translations.

Branding is vital to bigger businesses. Send and edit your custom HTML templates with the HTML editor that comes with the Advanced plan.

Get quick responses from the MailerLite support team, as this plan comes with 24/7 live chat support.

MailerLite Advanced Plan

What’s includedWhat’s not
Everything in Growing Business plan +Dedicated account manager
Unlimited usersOwn email IP address
Facebook custom audiencesCustomized templates from the MailerLite team
HTML email editor
Password protected pages
AI writing assistant
24/7 live chat support

MailerLite Enterprise pricing

The MailerLite Enterprise plan is for companies with subscriber lists over 100K. It also suits companies who want to outsource some of their email marketing. The Enterprise plan includes features like:

  • Dedicated success manager
  • Dedicated IP address
  • Consultation services for better email deliverability
  • Landing page and email design by Mailerlite

Get started here and contact Mailerlite to get a quote for the Enterprise plan.

MailerLite Discount

Looking for that extra bit of incentive to sign-up for MailerLite? We’ve got you covered.

We spoke with Mailerlite, and if you sign up here today, you get a full month free with all the premium features. These include forms, email templates, landing pages, websites, automations, A/B testing, and more. It’s the perfect way to fully test the software.

And if you sign up for an annual plan, you can get an extra 30% off on each plan. (Yes, MailerLite loves us 😍).

Non-profit organizations also get a 30% discount on MailerLite plans. To qualify, state you’re a non-profit while signing up. Then send supporting documents to MailerLite’s team.

Another nice bonus is that you get 15% off Google Workspace if you go for the Advanced plan.

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Explaining MailerLite pricing: subscribers, plans, users

Every business has different needs, and this is true for email marketing. By understanding which features drive the price, you’ll make a better decision about which plan is for you. Let’s break down MailerLite’s price into each pricing factor. Check our full Mailerlite review for a run-down of all the features, pros, and cons.

A subscriber in Mailerlite is an Active Unique Subscriber. It is an active person on your email list. Other email software companies also call them contacts. By counting Active subscribers, you don’t pay for unsubscribed, inactive, or duplicate contacts.
Within MailerLite, only the number of Unique Subscribers Used who you’ve sent an email to in the past 30 days count towards your plan limit.

Subscribers are the biggest factor in how much you’ll pay, so only counting the active ones used can make a big difference! Here’s how much you’ll pay per month according to the number of Active used subscribers:

Your number of active
used subscribers 
Growing BusinessAdvanced

The pricing plan is the second most influential factor on how much you’ll play. Let’s look at the difference between the prices for Growing Business and Advanced Plan for each tier.

No. of subscribersDifference in price between plans

You’ll notice that the price difference is less for a small number of subscribers. But on average, the price difference between plans increases as you gain subscribers. 

This is because in the Advanced plan, you get powerful features like multiple triggers in automations, Facebook audience syncing, a custom HTML email editor, an AI writing assistant, unlimited users, and live chat support. 

MailerLite Users
A user is any person who has access to your MailerLite account with their own login. This could be a team member, a contractor, or an agency. The amount of users is the third-biggest factor affecting the price of Mailerlite.

Here’s how it works:

  • If it’s just you using your account. You can stick with the free plan.
  • If you want access for 3 users (including you), you’ll have to opt for the Growing Business plan
  • If you want unlimited users for your account, the Advanced plan is the way to go.

Support (Email, Live-chat, Basic, Priority)
Mailerlite offers basic and priority support levels for different price tiers. The free plan comes with basic email support. 

If you want priority email support, go for the Growing Business plan.

For the fastest support, go for the Advanced plan, which offers priority live chat.

Landing pages & Websites
The free plan has limits of 1 website and 10 landing pages. The paid plans have no limits on how many websites and landing pages you can build. As such, these two features don’t affect the pricing much.

Monthly Emails
Except for the free plan, all plans have unlimited monthly emails. So this factor does not affect pricing.

The 2 most important factors determining Mailerlite price are subscriber count and your plan. Secondary pricing factors are support channels and priority and user count.

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Is MailerLite actually free?

Mailerlite has one of the most generous free plans out there. Here’s what you get with the free plan:

  • Subscribers: 1000
  • Monthly emails: 12000
  • Website: 1
  • Landing Pages: 10
  • Pop-ups and forms: Unlimited

This plan is perfect for solopreneurs and small businesses that want to dip their toes in email marketing. You get a healthy limit of lead generation and email features. This means you can experiment with MailerLite, without worrying about any costs. 

Build good-looking emails with the drag-and-drop editor, and A/B test your campaigns to find out what your audience prefers.

Mailerlite’s free plan trumps popular email software like Mailchimp, Brevo, AWeber, and GetResponse. Let’s see how the free plans compare:

Free email softwareSubscriber limitEmail limit
Mailchimp5002500 per month
Brevounlimited300 per day (~9000/month)
AWeber5003.000 per month
MailerLite100012.000 per month

MailerLite’s free-trial is also loaded with features. Use live chat, email templates, email automation features, and more. And if you sign up with our link, you get 30% off yearly plans, plus the first month free!

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Mailerlite Price Comparison

We know that MailerLite’s free plan is one of the best. But what about its paid plans? Does it deliver value to other popular email marketing tools? Let’s compare.

Mailchimp vs. MailerLite price comparison

Mailchimp is one of the best-known email marketing platforms. It offers 3 pricing plans in comparison to MailerLite’s two. For 1500 subscribers, they cost:

  • $23 for the Essentials plan
  • $59 for the Standard plan
  • $299/mo for the Premium plan

Here’s how the starter plans for the two brands compare:

Mailerlite pricing growing business Mailchimp standard plans price comparison graph

MailerLite is way cheaper than Mailchimp. And it doesn’t have a maximum number of emails for paid plans, unlike Mailchimp.

No. of contactsMailerLite Growing BusinessMailchimp StandardPrice Difference

MailerLite only counts active subscribers. This doesn’t include any unsubscribed or bounced contacts. In MailChimp, unsubscribed and non-subscribed contacts are counted, too. Non-subscribed contacts have interacted with you but haven’t opted in to receive email marketing campaigns. Compare Mailerlite and other Mailchimp alternatives here.

Brevo vs. MailerLite price comparison

Brevo offers 2 paid pricing plans, just like MailerLite. But Brevo’s pricing starts at quite a premium. The two plans are:

  • Starter from $25/mo
  • Premium starting at $65/mo

Brevo charges per monthly email volume. Email support is available with all plans. Phone and live chat customer support are available on Business plans.

No. of contactsMailerLite Growing BusinessBrevo Starter *

* For Brevo, the price is based on 4 emails per contact each month.

MailerLite is a better option for small businesses with fewer contacts. It’s better for marketers looking for an email marketing tool that’s easier to learn and set up. Get started with Mailerlite for a specialist email marketing platform with a good automation builder and content editors. 

Brevo is a smart choice for businesses with bigger email lists. They offer unlimited contacts in all plans with limited email sending. You’ll pay more if you send more emails. Also, in the Starter plan, marketing automation is limited to 2000 contacts. Unlike Mailerlite, Brevo also has SMS and WhatsApp campaigns, push notifications, CRM, and live chat. Sign up to Brevo for a platform to manage many contacts and run campaigns on more channels. Read our full Brevo review to learn more about email marketing, marketing automation, and lead generation features.

Mailerlite doesn’t have any add-ons. In Brevo, there are add-ons to remove branding, get a dedicated IP, and live chat. And you’ll have to buy credits to send SMS and WhatsApp Campaigns. 1000 WhatsApp credits cost $18.62 for US/Canada, and 1000 SMS messages cost $10.9 for the US. Brevo prices are attractive to get started but can easily add up with these extras.

GetResponse vs. MailerLite price comparison

GetResponse offers three pricing plans. For 1000 subscribers, they are:

  • Email Marketing for $19/mo
  • Marketing Automation for $59/mo
  • Ecommerce Marketing for $119/mo

If you compare the cheapest plans for both the software, here’s how it looks:

No. of contactsMailerLite Growing BusinessGetResponse Email MarketingPrice Difference

You’ll notice that GetResponse Email Marketing is more expensive on some contact limit than MailerLite Growing Business. For that extra money, you’ll get lead funnels, paid ad management, live chat for your website, and 24/7 chat support. Automation is more limited in the GetResponse Email Marketing plan. You only get welcome, thank-you and birthday automations. And you can’t build automations from scratch. Get started with Mailerlite for better automation features at a more affordable price. Or sign up to GetResponse for lead funnels, paid ads, and live chat. Read our full GetResponse review for more information about the advanced automation and segmentation features.

Compare the prices of more email tools in our email marketing pricing guide.

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So, which MailerLite pricing plan should you pick?

If you’re a solopreneur or someone who’s starting with email marketing, go for the free plan. This plan offers a healthy monthly email limit, and you can add 1000 subscribers.

The Growing Business plan will suit you well if you’re a small business or an entrepreneur with a small team. Starting at $10/mo, it comes with 3 users and has no cap for monthly emails. You can also design and host unlimited websites and landing pages.

If you’re an agency or a medium-sized business, go for the Advanced plan. This plan has no limits on how many people can use 1 account, so it’s perfect for teams. Spice up your email marketing with Facebook audience sync and a custom HTML newsletter builder.

When choosing a plan, pay attention to:

  • How many subscribers you have
  • How many people will use your account
  • Whether you need templates, HTML editor, multiple triggers in automations
  • How often (and how quickly) you’ll need access to support

When you can answer these questions, you’ll have a clear idea of which MailerLite pricing plan to pick. 

MailerLite Pricing FAQ

Is MailerLite free forever?

Yes, MailerLite is free forever. MailerLite has a free plan with 12,000 monthly emails and 1000 subscribers. The free version also has landing pages, forms, pop-ups, and A/B testing. MailerLite has one of the best free plans in email marketing.

Sign up to Mailerlite for free here

What counts as a subscriber in MailerLite?

Any unique email address you’ve sent an email to within the last 30 days counts as a subscriber in MailerLite. This also includes people who’ve bounced or unsubscribed after you’ve sent an email.

How many landing pages can I have with MailerLite?

With MailerLite’s free plan, you can have 10 landing pages. With the paid plans, you can build and host as many landing pages as you like. Plus, with the paid plans, you can access landing page templates.

Does MailerLite have templates?

Yes, MailerLite has templates for emails, forms, pop-ups, and landing pages. The templates are only available with the paid plans. But they’re worth the investment as they save you a lot of time compared to building content from scratch.

Does Shopify integrate with MailerLite?

Yes, Shopify integrates with MailerLite. To connect MailerLite with Shopify:

  1. Open the Shopify app store from your admin panel
  2. Search for MailerLite and click add app.
  3. Click on connect account and log in with your MailerLite details to sync Shopify and MailerLite

Does MailerLite have a pay-as-you-go plan?

No, MailerLite does not offer a pay-as-you-go plan. They have free and 2 monthly pricing plans. Monthly plans start from $10 with 3 users and unlimited emails. You can also design and host unlimited websites and landing pages.

Is MailerLite better than Mailchimp?

MailerLite is better than Mailchimp when we compare pricing. MailerLite’s free plan offers 12000 emails/mo compared to Mailchimp’s 2500. MailerLite has a subscriber limit of 1000 compared to Mailchimp’s 500. Comparing Mailerlite Growing Business and Mailchimp Essentials, you’ll see how much cheaper Mailerlite is. For 2500 subscribers, you’ll save $14.5 per month if you go for Mailerlite. That saving goes up to $61/month at 50,000 subscribers. Both plans have 3 users, email templates, landing pages, AB testing, and automation. Mailchimp has chat support in Essentials but limits email sending to 10 times your contact count. Mailerlite only has email support in Growing Business but doesn’t limit email sending.

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Can I cancel my MailerLite account at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your MailerLite account at any time. You will keep your current plan until it expires but won’t be charged for the next period. 

Does MailerLite have add-ons and extras?

No, MailerLite doesn’t offer add-ons and extras. MailerLite used to offer add-ons when they had two pricing plans only. These add-ons included SitesPro, Dedicated IP and MailerPro. As of now, these are part of the plans. See full Mailerlite pricing here.

Are there any discounts for non-profits in Mailerlite?

Yes, as a non-profit organization, you can get a 30% discount. To qualify, state you’re a non-profit when you sign up to Mailerlite. Then send supporting documents to MailerLite’s team.

What’s a dedicated IP? Can I get one for free with MailerLite?

A dedicated IP in email marketing is an IP address you use for sending emails, which isn’t shared with others. Only high-volume senders that sent over 50,000 emails weekly are advised to invest in a dedicated IP to improve  sender’s reputation and gives more control over email deliverability. MailerLite offers shared IPs for their smaller plans. See full Mailerlite pricing and plans here.

What is a mailer?

A mailer is someone who delivers a package by post. In the digital world, a mailer is a program or email marketing software that sends emails. Marketers and salespeople mainly use mailers, aka email marketing software, to create, send, and automate email campaigns, design landing pages, and manage contacts. MailerLite is a popular email marketing tool.

What is MailerLight or Mailer Light?

MailerLight or Mailer Light are misspellings for the email marketing software MailerLite. MailerLite is an easy-to-use and affordable email marketing tool. It has a great free plan and offers a landing page editor, website builder, forms, pop-ups, A/B testing, and more. When people hear about Mailerlite on a call or in real life and haven’t seen it written down, they often search for these misspelled words MailerLight or Mailer Light. The right spelling is MailerLite.

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