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  • Selecting the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your businessMany businesses would love their customers to stay engaged throughout the customer journey. This calls for automation and a special kind. With email workflows you save significant time. Automated email marketing steps and tasks are more effective. But what is the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your business? What is Email workflow automation? Email […]
  • 6 Reasons to Choose Open Source Marketing Automation SoftwareThere are many choices for a new email marketing or Automation solution. A few systems are “open source” and these are getting quite popular. Why should you choose (or not) to go for the open-source email marketing and automation? We lay out the questions you might have and what to consider.
  • How changes in ESP landscape affect clients: Acoustic, Epsilon, Yes Marketing (part 2)In late May, I took a look at three of the most recent changes in the enterprise ESP space and how to view them from the perspective of their clients. Change is a constant in the world of email marketing. It’s only a matter of time before the next big change in the ESP vendor […]
  • Compare These Free Email Editors for Designing Responsive Emails – 2019Most email service providers on the market today will have an email editor for creating email campaigns but few offer what an email marketer truly needs. You should pick your email editing tool carefully. A drag and drop email editor is definitely your best option. Here is what you should be looking for when choosing […]
  • Is your MarTech stack getting too high?If you work in a company who invests a lot in martech, chances are you’ve got a towering technology stack. The average enterprise uses 91 cloud services, according to recent study. Each platform is bought to offer a solution. But when does investing in marketing technology (MarTech) become overkill? When is your #martech stack getting […]
  • CRM vs Marketing Automation (What Are The Differences?)If you don’t use customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tools, you’re leaving money on the table. But do you need both? Learn what you can expect from them and what the differences are.
  • How to choose the best triggered email providerA successful triggered email programme might very well be the most engaging tactic in your marketing toolkit. But how to get started and select the best triggered email provider? Let’s look at the pros and cons of different email trigger solutions, and the questions you should ask when choosing a vendor.
  • Do recent changes in the ESP landscape benefit clients? IBM, Epsilon, Yes MarketingThe constant evolution of the landscape represents how key email marketing and ESPs are to the martech world. Changes - from where we sit - aren’t always in the best interests of the end users. Let’s look at three of the most recent changes in the enterprise ESP space from the clients’ perspectives.

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