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  • How to Optimize the RFP Process, Without Losing Your HeadMany marketers dread the RFP; often, so do the vendors, Does it have to be that bad? There are ways to hate the RFP less, both on the client side and the vendor side. If 2019 is the year you run an RFP, here are some tips to make the process easier—or even bypass it altogether…
  • Your invite to the CSA Summit 2019Is the aim of your daily business to achieve the best possible outcome from sending commercial emails? 10-12 April our friends at the Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) organise the CSA Summit 2019. You can learn from international email marketing experts, and will find that it pays off.
  • More Expensive Doesn’t Mean Better When it Comes to Email Service ProvidersTrying to pin down the right ESP, can be tough. ESPs makes promises and offer their feature sets at varying price points. But does more expensive also means better for you? Turns out, not all the time.
  • How to beat Yes-men during your email marketing RFPChoosing a new email service provider (ESP) is no walk in the park. A well-managed RFP process gives email marketers the very best chance of making the right choice. But a poorly shaped RFP is hardly any better than asking a random email marketer who they “like”. The best selections are based on objective criteria, […]
  • Best-of-Breed or All-in-One marketing software, which serves you better?Do you need a complete all-in-one marketing suite with all your marketing functions on a single dashboard? Or would you be better off with a Best-of-Breed approach, combining several tools? We did research on the differences in satisfaction and what to look for in both. Let’s dig in.
  • Picking the right AI for email marketing personalisationAI is getting a lot of attention in marketing. What the best AI category for email personalisation? Tools and techniques will largely depend on your own email marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll look closer at the three key AI techniques that can help you improve the results from your email marketing program.
  • Customer Data Platforms, the state of European CDPsCustomer Data Platforms are getting a lot of attention amongst data-driven marketers. If you are not familiar with the CDPs, the important points to know is that they ingest customer data from many source systems and combine it into a unified customer database that is open for use and connects to other systems. Originally CDPs […]
  • Building a Consolidated Tech StackThe perils of “too much tech” can be felt through every business that is dealing with the issue right now. Most marketing organizations use 6-10 different tools on a daily basis, and this presents a lot of issues. Email marketers are starting to think more holistically over the past couple of years. But how can […]
  • 75 Best Lead Generation Tools To Grow Your Business in 2019With the right strategy, tactics, and software you can build a lead generation machine that works to expand your reach and grow your business. You know, everyone’s goal. Fortunately, lead generation software is not reserved only for fortune 100 companies. There are plenty of affordable lead generation tools to help you catch those leads and […]
  • 5 Email RFP Resolutions for This YearIf you are thinking of doing an RFP for a new ESP in 2019, you need to make the right New Year’s resolutions. It’s the start of a new year in email marketing. And for many email marketers, the calendar in 2019 includes a date for the contract expiration with their exiting ESP.
  • What is the best WordPress email marketing tool?WordPress is the most popular CMS. Many Email Service Providers (ESP) offer some type of WordPress email integration, but that doesn’t mean they are a good choice for your WordPress + email needs. So lets dig in deeper, what’s the best email service provider for WordPress?
  • How to get more Email Marketing Vendor Satisfaction [research and 6 step plan]Partnering with an email service provider will be one of the biggest decisions you and your company can make. There is so much is riding on your choice. But once marketers make their choices how satisfied are they with those platforms? We did the research, here is how you can use the outcomes to help […]
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