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Here you will find the articles to help select, manage and evaluate your email service provider.

  • How to know if data in your marketing automation software is secure.There is a growing concern about data security. Your business needs to keep a close grip on data security now more than ever. In this article, we explain one of the best ways of making sure that happens.
  • 5 Signs Your ESP Is no Longer Your Valentine…and 1 Thing You Can Do About ItAs an email marketer, one of the most important relationships you’ll have is the one you have with your email service provider, or ESP. This is becoming even more true as ESPs evolve into sophisticated marketing platforms, or become integrated with other platforms for omnichannel marketing.
  • Big Tiny MarTech Trends 2020; Experts share the tips to beat them.Everybody is talking about the Major trends in MarTech, but most marketers would be helped with a more practical approach with some tips to give direction to new trends and developments. That is why we started this year with our first Big Tiny MarTech Trends expert overview.
  • 5 Email RFP Resolutions for 2020If you are doing an RFP for a new ESP email marketing software in 2020, you need to use the right process. Here are the (New Year’s) resolution to get you through a smooth email software selection in 2020.
  • How many Email Software Companies (ESPs) should be on your short list?How many Email Service Providers (ESPs) should we put on our shortlist? If a marketer is selecting a new email marketing company sooner or later this question will pop up. No matter if you are looking for an Email service provider or the best Marketing Automation software you don’t want the selection to take unnecessarily long, at the same time you want to be able to compare and evaluate multiple options.
  • 75 Best Lead Generation Tools To Grow Your Business in 2020With the right strategy, tactics, and software you can build a lead generation machine that works to expand your reach and grow your business. You know, everyone’s goal. Fortunately, lead generation software is not reserved only for fortune 100 companies. There are plenty of affordable lead generation tools to help you catch those leads and […]
  • The Complete Guide to Restaurant Email Marketing: Software, Strategy + ExamplesIn this guide, we’d like to show you how to master Restaurant email marketing and automation. We will walk through delicious and inspiring restaurant campaign examples. Get the strategy right and pick the best tools for automated email marketing. So go on a ride with us with this guide specific to email marketing for restaurants and bars.
  • CRM vs Marketing Automation: Differences & Which One Is Right for YouIf you don’t use customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation tools, you’re leaving money on the table. But do you need both? Learn what you can expect from them and what the differences are.
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