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Here you will find the articles to help select, manage and evaluate your email service provider.

  • Strategy Roadmap for Email Marketing in Travel and HospitalityEmail marketing is one of the best performing channels for the travel and tourism industry. A roadmap to find the right email marketing strategy and software partner that will grow your business.
  • How to choose Web Push Notification Software (+ tips and examples)Web push notifications are a great way to promote your content and products. As more companies are considering it, this article will help get insights into the applications of push messaging and if it is right for you to push forward. With examples, tips and criteria to consider when choosing a web push notification software.
  • Email Marketing for Financial Services and Banks (Selection and strategy Guide)Email marketing for enterprise financial services can be the most effective channel in your arsenal. But you will need to get the strategy right and pick the best tools for automated email marketing. So go on a ride with us with this guide specific to email marketing for financial services.
  • How to get the most out of a new CDP: Top Data Experts Share Their SecretsYou might still think of Customer Data Platforms as emerging, but there is a lot of experience in the market. 7 experts share their secrets on best ways to use the CDP, how to get started and getting the most value out of this part of your Martech stack.
  • These Blind Spots Will Derail Your Email Software Selection (or Worse)Selecting a new email marketing software is hard enough when you know what you should focus on. But without the right outside help, many RFPs will fail because of the blind spots email marketers are unaware they should be looking at.
  • The Complete Guide to eCommerce Email Marketing: Software, Strategy + ExamplesIn this guide, we’d like to show you how to master eCommerce email marketing and automation. We will walk through eCommerce campaign examples that you should not miss in your email marketing strategy. With each, you get details on what you need from your ESP to make them a success.
  • Selecting the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your businessMany businesses would love their customers to stay engaged throughout the customer journey. This calls for automation and a special kind. With email workflows you save significant time. Automated email marketing steps and tasks are more effective. But what is the best Email Workflow Automation tool for your business?
  • 6 Reasons to Choose Open Source Marketing Automation SoftwareThere are many choices for a new email marketing or Automation solution. A few systems are “open source” and these are getting quite popular. Why should you choose (or not) to go for the open-source email marketing and automation? We lay out the questions you might have and what to consider.
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