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Bouncer is an email verification and validation provider, created to help other organizations to keep their email communication undisturbed by unhealthy email lists.

Bouncer protects your sender’s reputation, decreases bounce rate, and improves your deliverability, by not allowing a single undeliverable, risky or unknown email address to sneak into your email list.

They provide their services to companies like ActivePipe, Woodpecker, BigMailer.

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Products and services

You might clean your email lists with Bouncer’s email verification and list cleaning tool in 3 simple steps. A user-friendly email verification app helps you enhance communication and reach out to a real person with ease and promptness.

Fast and easy-to-integrate email verification API gives your company possibilities to validate emails. Verify your emails in real-time, or use bulk email verification to clean whole batches at once. Bouncer is easy to integrate and affordable.

Free email verification sampling
allows you to test the quality of your list, completely free of charge! Based on a randomly selected sample of your list, Bouncer will tell you if your list needs cleaning. Saves both, time and cost!

Bounce estimate
helps you make an informative decision on which emails to keep in your list! By using their algorithm and analysing your whole list, Bouncer will calculate how many addresses may bounce back.

Bouncer provides email verification in a variety of forms, so you can adapt the most efficient method for your needs.

Email Verification API, allows you to validate email addresses and verify its deliverability, in the way you want:
– Real-time email verification API – allows you to verify emails in the time of entry, and by that reduces the number of mistyped and fake sign ups significantly.
– Batch API verification – use it to verify multiple email addresses in bulk. Clean your lists from undeliverable emails.

Email verification App is a simple platform, where you can easily verify:
– Single email – to check if the address is valid on spot.
– a whole list – by uploading your list to their platform, you will be able to quickly find out which emails are deliverable or not.

Teams – this feature lets you manage users, share credits, history, and Integrations within multiple teams that you can create under one account.

Integrations – Bouncer also provides smooth integrations with over 10 top marketing and cold mailing tools (like Moosend, Lemlist, Mailchimp), so you can verify your subscribers even quicker and smoother.

Key features

  • Catch all detection
  • MX record detection
  • Syntax and Domain validation
  • Disposable email Checker
  • Role email detection
  • Free domain detection
  • Customizable Download Options
  • Multi-user (Teams feature)
  • Email Verification Sampling
  • Bounce Estimate
  • GDPR compliance
  • Responsive support

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