Bouncer Review 2024: We tried this Email Validation Service

Bouncer is an email verification service. Use Bouncer to clean your email lists, validate emails, while protecting your sender reputation.

Bouncer started in 2017, and since then, they have verified over 2 billion emails. Here’s a quick rundown of Bouncer:

Bouncer Email validation software summary

  • Bouncer is a no-fluff email validation software. Easy to use.
  • Bouncer has a free plan, which lets you verify up to 100 emails.
  • Strong validation accuracy. Reportedly 99.5% accurate.
  • Bouncer has one of the cheapest prices across all bulk email verification software.
  • Support is available, the tool is self-service but you can get development and account management support.

👉 If you are looking to increase the health of your email list and make sure the email gets to the inbox, Bouncer is worth a try. Their app is easy to use and it gives accurate results.

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Why would you need an email verification service?

You spent time and resources building your email list. It is one of your most important digital marketing assets. No doubt. Keeping it clean helps you:

email verification results Bouncer review
  1. Reduce spam complaints: for every 5,000 email messages sent out you should receive less than 5 spam complaints.
  2. Remove risky emails: “accept all”, role-based and disposable email address are considered risky. They get lower engagement and bounce more often.
  3. Eliminate hard bounces: emails that no longer exist and fictitious emails are the most common causes of hard bounces.
  4. Avoid blacklists: getting backlisted stops all your email delivery to certain servers.

An email validation service like Bouncer will help you with all the above to keep your list healthy.

Bouncer Review: Email Validation Service

All your email marketing effort is wasted if the emails aren’t delivered right to the inbox. The last thing then you want is for emails to bounce, or even worse, your campaigns ending up in the spam folder!

Bouncer is an email verification tool that makes sure your email list is deliverable. It gives you the tools to validate and verify email addresses and keep your sender reputation.

Let’s go through these features.

What is Bouncer and how does it validate emails?

Bouncer checks if email addresses are deliverable, without actually delivering emails to inboxes. This is done in multiple steps to check for hard bounces:

  1. Syntax check: looks for any invalid emails that contain special characters or spaces that would bounce.
  2. Domain check: makes sure that the email address exist at the host domain. And will tell you if the email is registered and working.
  3. Ping check: establishes a connection with the recipient’s SMTP server to determine its status.

Before you even use the tool. Bouncer can give you a close estimate of the quality of your file. So you can test the quality of your list, without actually verifying it. This is free of charge.

Bouncer uses an algorithm to sample a part of your file and report you back the quality. This is a unique feature that shows you how many emails may bounce back after you send your campaign. 

Bouncer Email checker

To use the Email Checker, just upload or even drag and drop your email list into Bouncer.

Bouncer review email list validation verification upload

Bouncer will run its magic and shows the results as soon as it has analyzed all the email addresses in your list. I ran a small test myself. Here are the results:

Bouncer email validation verification result review

Bouncer breaks down emails in your list by deliverable, risky, undeliverable and unknown. You get a credit back for each email tagged ‘unknown’.

When you have your results, you can break down your list by tags and check bounce rate estimates.

Bouncer email validation safe send bounce estimate download

Get estimates for a complete list, emails marked ‘safe to send’, or emails marked ‘send with caution’. Use custom filters like ‘accept all’ (inbox set to accept all emails), ‘full mailbox’, ‘DNS error’, and more to get a granular picture of your email list health. Download results to get a full picture of your email list.

Bouncer email verification result download email list

Bouncer will show your email status and the reason why an email was marked in that category.

Verify single emails

If you want to do a quick check to see if a single email address is deliverable without checking a big list or have doubts about certain email addresses, check them one by one with Bouncer.

Bouncer single email validation verifiction review

You’ll get information on email status, the reason for status, and other information like accept all settings and mailbox deliverability.

Free email verification

Bouncer free email validation checker review

Bouncer has a free email checker tool. To get a taste of free email validation service. You can get the free validation and detailed information if you sign up for a free account here. When you sign up you get 100 credits (100 email checks) for free.

Free email verification sampling

Test the quality of your email list, without verifying it, for free. 

Bouncer will select a random sample from your email list and tell you if it needs cleaning or if it’s good to go. You’ll save time and costs in maintaining your email list health.

Data safety

Bouncer is GDPR compliant. They have secure data centers in the EU. When emails are sent for verification to their servers, they are anonymized as part of their system. The best part is you can delete your verification results if you ask them. Otherwise, they do it automatically after 60 days.

Other important features

  • Disposable checker: Bouncer marks all emails with inactive or invalid domains.
  • Catch-all: Bouncer identifies domains that accept all incoming emails even if the address isn’t registered on that domain. In fact, Bouncer claims they are the only ones who check G Suite and Office 365 emails that are catch_all.
  • Global adaptability: Bouncer is able to verify emails from any part of the world.
  • Customizable download options: Filter through verified results to download only selected emails.
  • Role Email Detection: Roles emails start with info@ or support@. They don’t belong to one person but to an organization. Bouncer checks if that’s true for an email.
  • Syntax validation: Bouncer checks the syntax of the email address to verify if there is a point at all to continue verification.
  • Domain validation: Bouncer checks if the domain is valid and which ESP is responsible for managing emails.
  • MX record detection: Bouncer checks mail exchange records to find out which mail server handles a domain’s email.

Start Using Bouncer Today


You’ve seen how powerful Bouncer is. It offers top-level validation. But none of it means a thing if you’re not using these verified lists for sending emails. The best way to do that is to integrate with email marketing software you’re already using.

Bouncer directly Integrates with the most popular tools, like:

  • Lemlist
  • ConvertKit
  • Woodpecker
  • Hubspot
  • Klaviyo
  • and more…

It’s very easy to integrate. For some (like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Aweber) you connect by logging into your account. For the others, generate an API key and save it in Bouncer. You’ll find articles on their website to guide you through the integration process if you face any problems.

The Bouncer Email Verification API

Email Verification API Bouncer Review Validation

The Bouncer Email Verification API is a powerful way to integrate email verification into your website or SaaS sign-up forms. Use Bouncer’s validation and email verification service to boost email marketing performance.

Bouncer flaunts its real-time email verification API ability. Use it to verify single emails in real-time. This is super-useful when someone signs up through a form on your website. Check what type of email they input (organizational, disposable, free) and if the email is valid at all.

Using real-time verification API, Bouncer will return the best possible results gathered within 10 seconds. This way is useful when the speed of verification is important.

The Bouncer API also doubles up as a powerful bulk email verification service. Add up to 500,000 emails for batch verification at a time. Bouncer is capable of bulk email verification of up to 100,000 per hour.

To generate an API key, open your Bouncer dashboard and head over to the API section.

Bouncer email verification API keys set up

Click on ‘Generate API key’ and your key will be ready. If you need more support, you can find an API docs section in the app to help you get started.

Here are some ways to use Bouncer email verification API in tandem with your ESP:

  • Email verification on registration forms to prevent typos
  • Email validation to stop disposable email addresses from signing up
  • Email verification to stop free email addresses from signing up
  • Email verification before you send out bulk emails

Get started with Bouncer for free

Bouncer Customer Support

Bouncer is user-friendly in the way they approach customers. It is a self-service tool. But from their pricing to their support, everything is to make you feel at ease. You get a dedicated support person, available over chat, email, and even video call to help you get set up.

If you have advanced API needs, Bouncer offers development support for integration. They also have an extensive API docs section, a document that explains Bouncer terminology, an FAQ, and videos to help you get started.

Bouncer pricing and discount

Bouncer monthly pricing plans email validation review

Bouncer offers a pay-as-you-go option. Purchase credits, and each credit lets you verify one email. Currently, their rates are:

Number of emailsBouncer Price/emailNeverbounce Zerobounce
1,000 – 4,000$0.008$0.008$0.008
5,000 – 9,000$0.007$0.008$0.0078
10,000 – 49,000$0.006$0.005$0.0065
50,000 – 99,000$0.005$0.005$0.0065
100,000 – 249,000$0.004$0.004$0.0039
250,000 – 499,000$0.003$0.003$0.003
500,000 – 999,000$0.0025$0.003$0.003
1,000,000 – 2,499,000$0.002Custom$0.00225

Bouncer also has monthly pricing plans. You have

  • Apprentice ($50/month) for 10,000 email verifications
  • Adept ($200-625/month) for 50,000-250,000 email verification credits
  • Master ($1000/month) for 500,000 email verification credits
Bouncer already has one of the best pricings out there. We got an additional 20% off discount on Bouncer for our readers. Just sign up through this special link here to get the discount.

See full pricing here

Pros and Cons

featured image: Bouncer review email validation software verification tool checker

What we really liked

  • Lots of support in docs, FAQs and videos
  • Data automatically gets deleted after 60 days
  • Pricing is great with option to choose pay as you go
  • Highly accurate bulk email verification
  • Development support for advanced email validation and email verification use cases

What could be better

  • Free email verification only shows basic information

Get started with Bouncer for free here

Bouncer as a NeverBounce alternative

NeverBounce is a bulk email scrubbing tool with 125.000 customers. They offer real-time verification, bulk email list cleaning, and real-time API support.

What sets them apart is their automatic list-cleaning feature. Sync it with your email software and get up-to-date cleaning around the clock.

Neverbounce only offers a pay-as-you-go pricing option. They’re more expensive than Bouncer. For example, 5000 email verifications will set you back $40 compared to $35 for Bouncer.

Both services are GDPR compliant. Bouncer beats them on accuracy, offering 99.5% to NeverBounce’s 97%. NeverBounce also has Zapier integration. Potentially connecting with more apps than Bouncer.

Check out our lists of the best email list cleaning services and best email verification tools for more Bouncer alternatives.

Bouncer review verdict: Is it the best email validation service for you?

In this Bouncer review, we covered its core features. Email list validation, email list verification, and email list API integrations.

Bouncer offers reliable validation with accuracy up to 99.5%. What I like is how you can download verified lists in many ways to hone and prevent problematic emails.

The software is easy to use. Their support documents and staff are available to help you. And the best part is, Bouncer is cheaper than most competitors out there. A great deal for the amount of accuracy they offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I verify bulk email addresses for free?

You can verify bulk emails for free using verification software like Bouncer. Just drag and drop your list into the app and it’ll do the rest. 

Get information on valid email addresses, ones that are problematic and ones that are not deliverable. With Bouncer’s free plan, check up to 100 email addresses for free.

 Try Bouncer for free

How do you test if an email will bounce?

To test if an email will bounce or not, you can use an email validation service. Just enter the email address and the software will tell you if the email will bounce or not.

If you want to test just a single email address and are looking for accurate results, you can use this tool by Bouncer. They have an extensive email verification process and reportedly 99.5% accuracy rate. You can test one email at a time.

How do I check if an email is valid?

To test if an email address is valid or not, you can send an email to it. Or use email validation services, like Bouncer, ZeroBounce, or Mailercheck. Just enter your email address, and the software will tell you if the email is valid. Good email checkers will give you information on deliverability, mailbox status, disposability, and email roles. If you want to test just a single email address and are looking for accurate results, I’d suggest using Bouncer. They verify email addresses and have 99.5% accuracy rates and you can test one email at a time.

How do I validate my email list?

Use email validation software to validate your email list. Just enter your email lists and the software will tell you if the email is valid. Good email validation software will give you information on deliverability, mailbox status, disposability, and email roles. If you looking for accurate results, I suggest using Bouncer. They have 99.5% accuracy rates and you can test one email at a time. Other email list validation services you can try are Zerobounce, Mailercheck, and Mailfloss.

What is Bouncer email?

Bouncer is a secure email validation service. It checks your email list health and tells you the potential for bounces. Get information on email deliverability, invalid email addresses, and email statuses.

 Try Bouncer for free today

What are email validation services?

Email validation and verification services scan your email lists to check their health. They tell you if the addresses on your list will bounce. They give you information on the deliverability statuses of your emails, invalid email addresses, and whether there are problems. Bouncer, Zerobounce, Mailercheck, and Mailfloss are some of the best email validation services.

What is the best email validation service?

Bouncer is one of the best email validation and email verification service out there. We like it because of the validation accuracy and its affordable prices. You get 99.5% accuracy when you validate your lists with Bouncer. Their support is super helpful, and they’ll help you set up Bouncer to your exact needs.

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