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Whatcounts strives to transform the marketing industry with technologies that include features like integrated social media, video-enhanced email support and custom data fields to track purchasing behaviour. They offer a professional services, helping delivering effective email programs.

Whatcounts history:

WhatCounts, a private Atlanta-based company was founded in 2000. Has a presence on four continents with email being delivered in over 35 languages. Over the last decade, WhatCounts has driven email marketing programs by delivering a lifecycle email marketing platform that can be deployed as a SaaS (software-as-a-service), a Broadcaster (appliance in a remote datacenter), or as a Managed Service (a dedicated system hosted in our datacenters).They serve customers ranging from small businesses to some of the largest Fortune 50 companies. Whatcounts was aquired by the Mansell Group, but remained active under the Whatcounts brand and name.

WhatCounts alternatives

Are you looking for an WhatCounts alternative for your email marketing? We listed some WhatCounts alternatives.

Products and services

A dedicated account model is offered to customers. With campaign production services, the team designs, builds, optimizes, tests, deploys, and monitors targeted email marketing programs, allowing clients to outsource the entire process.

Whatcounts Products and offerings include:
WhatCounts SaaS
Client Hosted Broadcaster
WhatCounts Hosted Broadcaster
Strategic Services
Technical Account Management
Campaign Production
Deliverability Services

General Info and Links

Information and links for WhatCounts

Website: whatcounts.com
Twitter: @whatcounts
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