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Zeta empowers marketers to manage conversations across email, mobile and social channels to acquire, grow and retain customers. Zeta deploys over 25 billion messages each year for Fortune 1000 companies. With expertise in verticals such as Financial Services, Media & Entertainment and Travel. Many brands such as US Airways, Martha Stewart, TIME, Inc., and more rely on the Zeta Mail platform.

Zeta Global History

The acquisition of the Zeta Interactive email business and technology platform in 2012 by Caivis Acquisition Corp. is the latest in a series of partnerships that have made us who we are today. By integrating our diverse, yet related capabilities, we achieved the flexibility and depth to deliver a full-service, results-oriented approach to our clients.Zeta Interactive was formed in 2007 through an acquisition by Zustek Corporation, a provider of email marketing communications solutions, of Adverb Media, an award-winning interactive marketing, technology, and services agency. Zustek Corporation was founded in 2001 to develop and deliver solutions in digital marketing and customer relationship management.

Zeta Global alternatives

Are you looking for an Zeta Global alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Zeta Global alternatives.

Products and services

Zeta Mail is the core of Zeta Interactive’s ZRM integrated digital messaging solution. Powered by a flexible and secure platform, Zeta Mail enables marketers to manage subscriber communications and schedule email, inbound and outbound SMS campaigns, as well as Twitter and Facebook posts from a single interface.

With Zeta Mail 7, marketers can extend their reach to mobile devices more efficiently and effectively than ever before. Zeta offers a Data Warehouse application that enables customers to query and analyze market data generated from Zeta Mail and other client databases. Zeta also offers a flexible Social Media Management tool for managing and analyzing a variety of social media via a single interface.

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Website: zetaglobal.com
Twitter: @zetaglobal
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