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Finding the best email marketing software for your business can be a bit daunting. And especially for the first time. Going through email software reviews, create a shortlist and comparing pricing. And then there are well-intentioned vendor sites that don’t tell the whole story…. I know – it’s a jungle out there.

Luckily the team behind email vendor selection has REAL experience in selection AND in running email marketing programs for over 9 years. So if you are currently looking to find your new vendor and have any question, let us know – and we’d be happy to help.

Informatica Data as a service (StrikeIron)

Data verification and enrichment
StrikeIron serves customers by delivering data quality services, data enrichment services, and mobile services.
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Infusionsoft by Keap

Marketing automation & CRM built for SMB
Infusionsoft is a marketing automation and email marketing platform, delivering CRM and powers a sales and marketing engine for small businesses and entrepreneurs.
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Online agency
Inspirationlabs is a web & software agency, based in Heidelberg, Germany.
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White label email marketing for agencies
Instiller is an email marketing solution dedicated just to agencies.
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Customer Messaging Platform
Intercom is a single platform which shows who is using a product and send personalized email messages to users based on their behaviour.
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Email marketing, autoresponder and CRM in one
Interspire email marketing software is an e-commerce and content management tool that also sends your email.
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Value-Driven email-Marketing
The email marketing solution Inxmail Professional offers email marketing technology and supplementary services for marketeers and agencies.
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Enterprise email marketing platform
iPost is a modern data and omni-channel messaging platform to solve data, email marketing, personalization and automation problems for marketers.
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German SMTP newsletter server
iS-Fun is a German web hosting company that offers internet domain services and e-newsletter distribution.
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Growth Marketing Platform for Cross-Channel Customer Engagement
Iterable empowers growth marketers to create user engagement campaigns throughout the full lifecycle, and across all channels. Marketers segment users, build workflows, automate touchpoints, and test strategies at scale without engineering support.
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Email & Marketing Automation CRM Software
itracMarketer drives digital marketing with Email, Marketing Automation and CRM for business growth. A solution for managing customer journeys with personal touch service.
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Email Service Provider
JangoMail is a email marketing platform that makes email delivery simple and customizable.
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email Marketing & email sending system
Consulting agency for direct digital marketing. Kajomi provides Kajomi MAIL a newsletter software solution.
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Email Marketing Company | Digital Marketing Agency
Kenscio provides digital direct marketing solutions and services customized with clients’ specific requirements.
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Email Address Verification Service
Kickbox provides solutions for only sending emails to real users and helps companies separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts.
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Online marketing and email marketing service agency
Kittelberger media solutions is an online marketing agency and email advertising company. Develop and maintain marketing communication, database marketing, and email adverting agency solutions.
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Email marketing automation for Ecommerce
Klaviyo is email marketing with a speciality for Ecommerce stores, on platforms like Shopify, Bigcommerce and Magento.
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Klick Tipp

German automated email marketing software
Klick Tipp is a German ESP. that offers tagging functionality withing the email tool and contact database.
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Marketing Automation Software is a modern and low cost SaaS Marketing Automation tool designed for use by SME’s.
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KünzlerBachmann Directmarketing

Data, Technology and services
Schober Group supports organizations by delivering information on existing customers, potential customers and the market as a whole.
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Marketing Automation Software Convert Visitors to Leads
LeadBI is marketing automation software that turns anonymous website visitors into leads. Identify, track, nurture and convert with LeadBI.
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Let’sTalk Strategy

Straightforward marketing strategy and outsourcing
Let’s Talk Strategy is an email marketing agency led by Jenna Tiffany. They create tailored email marketing strategies that make you more money.
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Liana Technologies

Software fueling Digital Marketing
Liana Technologies is a European vendor with email, marketing automation, and other digital communication software.
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Email Marketing
Listbox is a e-mail message composer with message click tracking and reporting.
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Marketing cloud for retail
Retail email marketing platform with the solutions, services, and software to optimize the marketing value of email.
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Email and social networking tool
ListRocket is an internet marketing tool for creating messages and distribute it to your internet lists, Email and Social Networks.
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Bulk Email Address Validation Tool
ListWise is a tool that cleans email list, gets rid of duplicates and potential bounces and gives a new list that can be used for email marketing efforts.
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little green plane

Email marketing software and services
little green plane is a full-service email marketing agency offering software, design, training and strategy services.
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Email list software, email marketing software
Lsoft is email list management software, email marketing software and offers email list hosting services.
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Lucini & Lucini Communications

Lead Generation & Delivery Service
L&L is a large aggregate from the e-mail profiles world and can contact any type of audience.
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Mad Mimi

Email Marketing: Create, Send, And Track HTML Email Newsletters
Mad Mimi is aider that offers a simple email marketing utility offering a simple way to create branded newsletters and emailings.
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Multi-Channel Digital Marketing solution
MagNews is a platform for managing direct marketing multichannel campaigns (e-mail, sms, fax) made by Diennea.
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Mail Dog

Email Marketing Tools
Mail Dog’s toolkit puts many do-it-yourself e-marketing wizards and email marketing tools at your fingertips.
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Mail on the Mark

Custom branded e-newsletters for email marketing
Mail on the Mark offers custom-branded e-newsletters for email marketing.
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Newsletter software
Mail2many is newsletter Software especially for companies with local distribution partners.
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HTML Email Template Coding Services
MailBakery is one of the form email campaign companies specialized in email template design and campaign coding. A true email creative agency.
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The Email Marketing Platform that writes emails for you
Mailberry is a simple email marketing platform that writes the emails for you. You don’t have to use clunky editors, worry about open rates, and struggle with copy ideas. The platform that makes sending email ridiculously simple. Mailberry Company History Mailberry was founded by Alec Beglarian. It's his second email service provider, after ...
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Email Validation API
MailboxValidator helps to clean up your email list by connecting to the mail server and checking whether the mailbox exists or not.
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Marketing Platform for Small Businesses
MailChimp is email service provider with an ape. They are well known for their freemium pricing model.
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email Marketing Newsletter Software
Maileon provides flexible, scalable email marketing solutions to help businesses grow their revenue.
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High performance Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)
MailerQ is an MTA designed for delivering large volume email messages at high speeds.
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Advanced transactional emails and smtp relay
MailerSend is a transactional email service designed for collaboration across different teams.Built by deliverability experts to ensure your emails get delivered. Real-time analytics help you learn and optimize.
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Simple newsletter software
Mailflatrate is a German ESP and newsletter system. Marketers can create compelling newsletters by themselves.
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Fully automated email checker and verifier
mailfloss automatically removes and fixes invalid email addresses before they become a problem. That means more emails land in the inbox of real people rather than the junk folder.
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Mailgun is an SMTP relay service to send marketing and transactional emails. Developper focussed, they offer API email sending and managed email delievrability services.
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Email Marketing Software
Mailigen is a web-based easy to use integrated marketing software offering email, social & mobile marketing for any size business.
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UK Based Email Marketing For Small Businesses
Mailingmanager is an email service provider offering lead management, building, sending and analyzing email campaigns and marketing automation.
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Software & Service for email Marketing
Mailwork is a software platform for the implementation of cross-media e-mail, letter, post card, SMS and fax marketing campaigns.
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Powerful Emailing Service and Effective Email Solution
Mailjet is a powerful email service provider that ensures maximum insight and deliverability results for marketing and transactional emails.
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Premium automated email platform
Mailkit is a data-oriented marketing automation platform with dynamic content, intelligent targeting, high deliverability and marketer friendly reporting for both transactional and marketing campaigns.
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Email marketing platform to create and send app-like, interactive emails
A complete email marketing platform to create and send app-like, interactive emails powered by AMP for Email.
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Email marketing in Asia
MailPanda offers an email marketing tool for email newsletters and has a focus on small business in Asia.
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Mailplus (now Spotler)

email marketing software
MailPlus is a self-service email marketing provider. The platform lets you to manage newsletters, surveys and multi-channel marketing campaigns.
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Email marketing platform
Mailrelay is a proprietary email marketing platform, created by the spanish firm consultorpc
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Email Marketing Software
The MailUp email and SMS delivery platform combines email marketing and automation tools with SMTP relay for transactional emails and plugins for e-commerce, CRM, and CMS systems.
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Newsletter Software and eMail Marketing Tool
MailXpert is an email marketing software company from Zurich, Switzerland that also offers email marketing services.
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Makesbridge BridgeMail System

Marketing Automation software
BridgeMail (by Makesbridge) is a full funnel sales and marketing automation platform ranked #1 on the Salesforce App Exchange for customer support & satisfaction.
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Mapp Digital

Cloud-based digital marketing provider
Mapp Digital provides a customer engagement platform and services for your email, social, mobile and web marketing to optimize customer journeys.
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Marketing Automation Software
Marketo positions itself as a revenue performance management company. The Marketing automation tool aims at improving the revenue cycle for marketing and sales teams.
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Email Marketing Software - Solutions & Services
MarketTraq Email is an email marketing organization; we’ve been doing email since 1999 and support our own MarketTraq package.
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Powerful, Affordable Email Marketing Software & Services
MarketVolt providers email marketing software for creating, delivering and tracking mass email communications.
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The Unified Mrketing Platform for Growth
Maropost is an on-demand email marketing provider specializing in optimizing 1-to-1 communication and performance
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German Enterprise Marketing Platform
Martrexo is an enterprise marketing solution for personalized e-mail newsletters, direct messaging and social media.
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open source Marketing automation
Mautic is open source marketing automation software, with lead management, campaigns, dripflow, landing pagesa and funnels.
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email and Omnichannel Marketing
Mayoris is full service in in sustainable email based marketing and able to create your campaign from scratch if needed.
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Email & SMS Marketing Platform with Automation and Landing Pages
MDirector is a complete email marketing platform. You can easily manage your email and SMS campaigns, create automation flows, connect with your target audience, and optimize your results to increase your sales.
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Measuremail (now tripolis)

Emailexperts email marketing automation software
Measuremail believes in the possibilities of e-mail marketing. A dutch email service provider founded in 2000.
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Data-driven marketing agency
Merkle is a data-driven customer relationship marketing (CRM) firm and the biggest email marketing companies/agencies in the US. With a range of marketing, technical, analytical, and creative disciplines. They offer database marketing for large corporations and email marketing service design, execute and connected CRM programs.
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Message Business

Emailing, SMS, data and marketing automation
Message Business is a hosted French email marketing software platform, providing SMS, Forms and Surveys for Email Marketing.
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Message Systems

Message Systems and Momentum email delivery
Message Systems is a provider of email infrastructure solutions like PMTA, Sparkpost and Momentum for companies with large volumes of email.
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Hybrid Email Marketing for Enterprise Organizations
MessageGears is an email marketing service that combines the power and security of on-premise software with the efficiency and scalability of cloud delivery. The architecture provides a combination of data integration, data security, cost-savings and marketer empowerment.
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Mister Mail

Email Marketing Solutions
Mister Mail is an ESP that helps a variety of organizations communicate via our proprietary email marketing software and services.
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Mobile Marketing and Email Marketing
MobileStorm provides a turnkey, hosted mobile and email marketing platform including also SMS, voice, fax and video.
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Powerful Marketing Platform from Australia
MyGuestlist is an all-in-one marketing software tool for both marketing and operations in the Entertainment & Hospitality industry. The online tool is specifically designed for Nightclubs, Bars, Promoters, Restaurants, Pubs & Event Organizers and manages your guestlists and events, even from a tablet, allows you to grow your database in over 10 ...
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Email marketing made simple.
This Belgian ESP server both Dutch and French speaking customers on their inhouse developed platform.
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Simple email marketing tool for sending newsletters is a simple email marketing tool with a drag & drop email editor, list management, A/B Testing, analytics, template management.
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Email Marketing and Email Newsletters
MyNwesletterBuider provides email marketing, email newsletter, and content creation services.
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Global SMTP service provides a cloud based SMTP sending system over dedicated and shared IPs.
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Internet agency
NCM is an internet communications support company specialized in tourism marketing founded and is headquartered in Salzburg.
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Net Atlantic

Email Marketing Solutions & Services
Net Atlantic, Inc. is a global Email Service Provider offering email marketing solutions and dedicated managed email servers
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Top-Rated Marketing Automation Software
Net-Results platform is a B2B marketing platform to automate marketing, generate quality leads and report on ROI. Best suited for mid-market and up businesses with a marketing team of at least 3 people.
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Netcore Cloud

Multichannel marketing automation for B2C brands
Netcore is marketing automation and email marketing software for B2C brands with a range of products that help in acquisition, engagement, and retention.
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Email verification and cleaning
NeverBounce is a real-time email verification service that identifies invalid emails and is able to clean your email list.
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Newsletter promotion

Email Marketing and newsletter sending is a German email service provider founded in 2002
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Email Marketing Software for Business
Newsletter2Go is an email software provider specifically tailored to (online-) retailers, agencies, associations and your typical mid-sized company.
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Email marketing service - Email marketing campaings
NewsmanApp is an Email Service Provider that helps customers create, send and track emails with a technical approach.
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Newsweaver (now Poppulo)

Email software powering communication
Newsweaver is a European email newsletter software provider, offering the tools for the creation of email newsletters.
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Trackable Email Marketing Automation
Newzapp, based in the UK, is an email marketing tool helps you create, send and track email marketing campaigns.
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Commercial information and Marketing services
Commercial information and marketing services like Email Marketing, Segmentation and Big Data analytics.
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NP6 Mailperformance

Cross-channel customer experience Marketing
MailPerformance now offer their services and email broadcasting platform in France and the UK.
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Octeth Oempro

Email Marketing and Auto Responder Software
On-premise email marketing and list management software for all sized businesses.
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Marketing platform with email marketing, marketing automation & subscription management
Omeda is a marketing platform with email marketing; marketing automation; data, consent and subscription management.
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Omnichannel marketing automation platform for ecommerce
Omnisend is an email marketing tool for ecommerce shops with seamless integration with ecommerce platforms.
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Omnistar E-Direct

Email List Builder Software
Omnistar Interactive provide web based solutions to businesses worldwide. The Omnistar Mailer software is our flagship product.
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Omnivery is an email delivery service
Omnivery is an email delivery service with enhanced security and proactive deliverability support
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Platform for email and Performance Marketers
Ongage is the first email marketing front-end platform that connects to multiple Email providers, ESPs and SMTP relays to increase deliverability and ROI
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CRM and Marketing Automation Software
Ontraport provides a business and marketing automation platform for entrepreneurs and small businesses.
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Email suppression list management
OPTIZMO is a web-based application, providing advertisers and mailers an automated system to manage their email suppression lists and email marketing campaigns.
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Oracle + Bronto

Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce
Bronto Software provides a cloud-based marketing platform for retailers to drive revenue through their email, mobile and social campaigns
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Oracle Eloqua

Marketing Automation Campaigns for Business Marketers
Oracle Eloqua is a provider of modern marketing automation and part of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Best fit for B2B Enterprise Marketing, it provides business insight to inform marketing and sales decisions.
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Oracle Responsys

Cross-Channel & Email Marketing for Consumer Marketers
Responsys helps companies execute marketing campaigns across key interactive channels — email, mobile, social, and the web.
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Marketing Automation for Small Businesses
OutboundEngine focuses on fully automated email marketing, content marketing and social media marketing for small business.
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Opt-In Email Marketing for Enterprises and Agencies
Pinpointe's on-demand email marketing system lets B2B marketers target and personalize their communications.
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Media+science - Customer Experience Company
Pinuts is a full-service Internet system house and multimedia agency located in Berlin, Germany.
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Pitney Bowes

Commerce cloud
Pitney Bowes is a global technology company providing email campaign software named pbSmart Connections.
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Port25 PowerMTA

MTA and SMTP Server Provider
Port25 is a provider of email infrastructure software that helps enterprises and ESPs with their delivery and customer communications.
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Email API for transactional emails
PostageApp is an email management service that let's you design, deliver and manage emails from web apps.
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Transactional Email Service, Email Delivery
Postmark enables web applications to deliver and track transactional email, with short setup time and zero maintenance.
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Email infrastructure, deliverability & monitoring
Postmastery provides ‘best in class' tools & services for email infrastructure, email delivery optimization and email monitoring. Deliverability tools and services created for and by email deliverability experts.
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email service provider for publishers
PostUp is an email, mobile and social platform created to build lasting relationships between brands and their customers in the digital world.
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Bulk Email Marketing Service, is an Email Marketing Solution that enables you to deliver the email campaigns you want.
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GDPR Compliance Software, Tools & Services
PrivIQ provides tools to become and stay GDPR compliant. It manages the processes, governance, education documents and record-keeping to ensure ongoing compliance and peace of mind.
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E-marketing competence set up business as an e-mail marketing agency in Germany. Offering e-marketing & online research.
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Email Marketing & Sms Solutions
Pulseem offers solutions focusing on the ability to deliver large amounts of marketing emails and SMS messages.
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Email Marketing Software | eCommerce Personalisation Platform
Email marketing company Pure360 provides email marketing and sms campaigns based on their platform PureResponse.
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Email Service Provider
Puresend is an Email Service Provider focused on medium to large email deployments. They offer custom sending environments, deliverability expertise, and short term CPM pricing.
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Quentn is a marketing communication tool which enables “big data” analysis for small and medium businesses. The tool offers solutions for publishing, data analysis, marketing and sales.
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Online newsletter software
Rapidmail is a software that creates & sends newsletters. You can manage recipients and analyze the statistics.
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SMS, Email and business messaging platform
rdcom is an Italian mobile messaging, SMS and email Marketing provider.
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easy to use email marketing platform
ReachMail Media Services offers B2B lead generation through Content Syndication, CPL, List Rental, Data Purchase and Append services.
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Red Circle Digital

Smarter email marketing software
Providers of email marketing technology and support, enabling businesses to send targeted and dynamic emails to their customers.
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Email marketing software
RedCappi is an email marketing company offering email marketing services for creating, sending and tracking email newsletters.
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Marketing Automation Technology & CDP
RedEye is an AI-driven Marketing Automation Platform and Customer Data Platform. This gives brands the capability to use data to drive more revenue.
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Email marketing software and services for retail
Rejoiner offers email marketing software, tools, and hands-on consulting to increase conversion rates and crush revenue goals.
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eCommerce Marketing Automation Simplified
Remarkety is email marketing software for data-driven ecommerce . The email marketing platform sends automated emails based on customer behavior and purchase history.
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Email Marketing Services
ResultsMail allows you to design email newsletters, promotions, advertisements, press releases, and other mass email messages.
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Cloud-based Managed Services for Email
Retarus is an information technology company that provides communication solutions, and related consulting and training.
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Revenue Automation

Marketing Automation Agency & IBM Partner
Revenue Automation specializes in B2C marketing automation. Email marketing outsourcing with them means email acquisition, engagement, and retention of your customer base.
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Real Estate Marketing Software
Rezora is a collaborative, cross-channel marketing platform for large sales and marketing organizations.
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Marketing Automation and digital newsletters
RuleMailer is the e-mailplatform of the Swedish company Rule Communications.
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Multi-niche media and publishing
Russmedia IT is an international media company with roots in print media, while also using modern technology.
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Marketing Automation | Acquire, Grow, and Retain
Sailthru is a Software as a Service community management provider for publishers, advertisers, e- tailors and marketers.
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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Email Marketing Software Customized Solutions
Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a global provider of on-demand email marketing and interactive marketing solutions.
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Salesforce Pardot

B2B Marketing Automation by Salesforce
Pardot is a B2B Marketing Automation provider that sets out to increase revenue and efficiency for companies with multi-touch sales cycles.
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Marketing Automation & email Marketing
SALESmanago offers a suite of marketing automation products including website visitor ID, e-mail marketing, dynamic website content and personalization for ad networks and direct sales channels.
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email marketing - automated campaigns
SARE is on of Poland's biggest Email service providers, SARE includes newsletter and bulletin mailings, text messaging and database functions.
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SC-Networks Evalanche

Email Marketing Automation Software
SC-Networks / Evalanche is an email software solution developed for agencies and major corporations with international operations .
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Selligent Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud and automation
Selligent offers conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions.
Read more.. Demo Price CSA

Send Effect

Email Marketing with send effect
The German ESP Send Effect is a business unit of WEBanizer AG founded in 2014.
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Email Marketing Service offers an online platform for email marketing and an email marketing service for managing an entire email marketing program.
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Bulk email software - mass email software
SendBlaster is developed and promoted by eDisplay srl, an Italy based software company providing solutions and tools for web marketing.
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Email marketing services - Optimizing marketing and newsletters
SendCastle is a dutch company providing software for email campaigns and newsletters
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Email Marketing Software provides Email Marketing Services with built-in transactional and automation email tools. is created to help marketers run result-driven email marketing campaigns for a low price.
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Email deliverability monitoring solution
SendForensics is a global provider of unique pre-emptive deliverability and network management solutions for email marketers, agencies, ESPs and enterprise-level high-volume senders.
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Email Delivery Service
SendGrid helps marketers focus on their business without the cost and complexity of owning and maintaining an email infrastructure to ensure deliverability. SendGrid can manage all of the technical details, from scaling the infrastructure, ISP outreach, reputation monitoring, whitelisting services and real time analytics.
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Simply send beautiful emails
Sendicate offers their "app for email marketing". The email marketing firm sports the common features you might expect.
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Email Marketing & Autoresponder Software
SendinBlue’s platform enables SMB businesses to manage the sending and tracking of marketing & transactional emails and SMS.
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Email Marketing Software for everyone
Sendloop aims to be an easy to use email marketing and marketing automation service for small to medium sized businesses
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About this directory of email marketing companies

Selecting the best Email marketing company isn’t easy. May it be email marketing software, Marketing Automation tools, email marketing services or one of the email marketing agencies you are looking for, it is still quite a hefty process. One of the tasks is to first go through all the possible Email Providers and tools to compile a shortlist with the best ESP for your needs. I hope this directory of email service providers will help email marketers to quickly go through the longlist opportunities in the landscape.

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