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e-shot by forfront

e-shot is an established UK email marketing automation platform, delivering emails for over 10 years.

Let’sTalk Strategy

Let’s Talk Strategy is an email marketing agency led by Jenna Tiffany. They create tailored email marketing strategies that make you more money.

MagNews launches new GDPR Consent Tracker solution


Mailjet is a powerful email service provider that ensures maximum insight and deliverability results for marketing and transactional emails.

ESP or sender? You are Invited to the CSA Summit 18 – 20 April Frankfurt


Meet the email industry at the CSA Summit 2018 and get involved in discussions on current trends, deliverability, trends, legal and email innovations.

ACTITO Marketing Automation Winter Release: Datamart & Marketing Actions


ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation and email marketing software and offers tools for creating, managing, and extending your email campaigns and funnels.


Backclick is a e-mail marketing software platform offered in SaaS and on-premise.


MailerQ is an MTA designed for delivering large volume email messages at high speeds.

10 Marketing Experts share the future transformations of MarTech


Digital marketing is constantly evolving in technology, marketing strategies, and tactics. It is a challenge to keep up. To gain insight into the shifts and up-and-coming technologies we asked 10 marketing experts to share their thoughts on the transformation and future innovation in MarTech and marketing.