Growth Marketing Platform for Cross-Channel Customer Engagement

Iterable empowers growth marketers to create user engagement campaigns throughout the lifecycle, and across channels. Marketers segment users, build workflows, automate touchpoints, and test strategies without engineering support.

Using Iterable, marketers can quickly build their campaigns. Examples include welcome series that engage new users, abandoned shopping cart campaigns that convert customers, or win-back series that reactivate lapsed users.

Campaigns can include transactional, triggered, and blast emails, as well as mobile push notifications and SMS text messages. Iterable provides marketers with a 360° view of their users via a flexible data model that accepts any data point and can segment users and trigger workflows based on any behavior, event or criteria.

The Iterable software platform contains built-in features such as instant subscriber segmentation, A/B testing, a drag-and-drop drip campaign builder, deliverability management and much more.

Iterable Company history

Justin Zhu, previously at Twitter, and Andrew Boni, previously at Google founded Iterable in 2013.

At Twitter they built some of the initial systems that powered Twitter’s growth to hundreds of millions of users. With Iterable we are bringing these same tools, that enable sophisticated marketing at massive scale, to all businesses.

Iterable alternatives

Are you looking for an Iterable alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Iterable alternatives.

Products and services

The Iterable Growth Marketing Platform is different from marketing automation products because it is:

  1. Marketer friendly – Marketers do not require engineering support and can build any type of campaign in minutes with an intuitive, modern UI.
  2. Seamlessly multi-channel – Seamlessly supports all channels within/across all campaigns.
  3. Flexible, with 360° profiles – Can ingest any user criteria or event, has a flexible data model, gives marketers a full view of the user and integrates with many other platforms/services, letting you easily get data in/out.
  4. Scalable and real-time – Handles hundreds of millions of users without sacrificing high performance or security. Segmentation and reporting happen in real time.
  5. Easy to optimize – Everything can be a/b tested and optimized, enabling non-technical marketers to improve their campaigns.

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