99+ Best Free Responsive Email Templates for 2024

Looking for a responsive email template that’s free and looks great? You’re in luck. Getting a custom email template design can be pricey. We’ve collected over 99 of the best free email templates for you to choose from.

Whether you’re starting a new business or just looking to update your newsletter design, these free email templates will help you get started. They’re all responsive, so they’ll look great on any device. We’ll also provide tips for designing and coding your own template. So read on for some great resources!

What is an Email Template?

An email template is a pre-made email design that you can use to create and send your email campaigns. Email templates have pre-designed layouts, color schemes, and font combinations you can customize to match your brand. You can add your images, logos, and other branding elements to create a unique design.

Email templates are a great way to save time and create professional-looking email campaigns. There are responsive email templates for all purposes, so you’ll find one that fits your needs.

We collected 99+ free HTML email templates to get you started with professional-looking emails.

Free eCommerce Email Templates

ecommerce email templates free Beefree builder

In ecommerce, email is king. It’s the most personal and immediate way to reach your customers. Email marketing should be a key part of your ecommerce marketing strategy

Email helps increase sales and customer loyalty, but only if done correctly. That’s where our free ecommerce email templates come in. These beautiful, responsive templates can welcome new customers, remind people of abandoned carts, promote special sales or coupons, and much more.

Browse 196 free ecommerce email templates (@ Beefree)

Free eCommerce Welcome Email Templates

simplest free ecommerce email template

One of the simplest free ecommerce email templates you can use to welcome new subscribers and customers. This free HTML email template gives your customer a clear understanding of what to expect in future emails.

Download it here

simple free ecommerce welcome email template

A simple and free HTML email template gives a professional look to your welcome email. After the welcome message in the hero, showcase a row of your best-selling products or popular content.

Download it here

colorful ecommerce email template

This simple and colorful template is very similar to the previous one. The layout and the colors are different. But the goal of the email is the same: welcome your new subscribers with a discount code to encourage a purchase.

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attractive ecommerce welcome email template

A very attractive and powerful email template to offer a welcome discount code for new subscribers. Offering a coupon code to new email signups is a great incentive to get more email subscribers. And it increases orders from new subscribers who only need that final nudge. This fully responsive HTML email template is perfect for online stores that want to grow their list and revenue.

Download it free

great ecommerce welcome email template

Another great ecommerce welcome email template has a box to highlight a coupon code. The fonts, colors, and layout make this a great template for modern ecommerce stores.

Get it free

Free Templates For Promotional emails

All ecommerce businesses need promotional emails to increase sales. Here are some HTML email templates you can use to promote your products.

black friday promotional email template

Is there a better season to promote your products than Black Friday? I don’t think so. This responsive email template helps showcase your best offers and get subscribers to shop.

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responsive promotional email template

This is a great, modern, responsive email template for seasonal discounts. Perfect for promoting your new collection and getting the word out about your new products. The header says fall, but you can easily customize it to work for any season.

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valentine's day promotional email template

Valentine’s Day is a key promotional day for many ecommerce stores. With this responsive HTML email template, you can promote relevant products and increase your sales.

Download it for free

Free Email Templates For Cart abandonment emails

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest issues ecommerce businesses face. 69.8% of people who add a product to a shopping cart don’t commit to a purchase. If you don’t send abandoned cart emails, you’re leaving lots of money on the table. Let’s look at some great cart abandonment email templates.

cart recovery promotional email template

This is a clean cart recovery template with a good layout. Use it to increase sales with discounts on the products subscribers left in their cart. The CTAs have the right contrast, so interested recipients can’t miss them.

Download it for free

cart abandonment promotional email template

This cart abandonment template offers a discount in a different way than the previous template. Instead of showing the products the shopper left in the cart, this offers a coupon for a whole purchase. The design works well for smaller/boutique stores with free-hand style illustrations and typewriter font.

Get it free

elegant promotional email template
Download it for free

This elegant email template works well for any ecommerce store selling bedding. With small changes, it can work as a promotional template for any business.

Do you need more promotional HTML email templates?

Download 13 responsive abandoned cart email templates here

Free SaaS Email Templates

free saas email templates

Email marketers at SaaS companies need customizable email templates for different uses. The layout of the templates will differ a lot, so the consistent use of brand elements is crucial. 

The templates in Stripo for software companies are a good example. They have different templates with the same color and font theme but different layouts for software companies. You’ll find welcome, survey, onboarding, notification, and promo email templates. All are optimized for mobile devices and compatible with major email service providers.

Get 20+ SaaS Email Templates from Stripo

SaaS Onboarding Email Templates

SaaS onboarding email template

This clean email template works well to onboard new customers with videos. There’s nothing better to show how a product works than video. Add your videos or replace the videos with image blocks and link to help articles or how-to guides.

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free html saas email template

A free HTML email template with a classy blue background to announce your upcoming webinars. Webinars are powerful for retaining your customers. Customize it with your content and send it.

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modern saas email template

This modern, minimalistic responsive HTML email template works well for different SaaS emails. With minor modifications, you can use it as a newsletter, a product update email, or a even a password reset email. With your brand colors and fonts, it’s a perfect addition to any email template library.

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Free Trial Email Templates

Free trials and freemium are common SaaS tactics to attract users. You can convert free users to paid with the right emails at the right time.

Email templates for free trials highlight what the user gets from your product. Emails you send to beginner, free users have to help them discover the product. You should also update about when the trial will end and your sales pitch. Pay attention to email frequency and when you send which kind of email.

simple trial email template

This is a simple SaaS email template that works well for different types of onboarding emails. This template can cover everything from a welcome email to a notification about a trial period or product update. You can even use it for newsletters. The header and the footer give a nice frame, and the text is divided well with emojis and headers.

Get it free

free trial saas email template

Here’s a good-looking email template to announce the end of the free trial period. The first thing I’d change is the background. But the graphics are cute and can lighten the mood a bit. 

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Promotional, Notification, and Survey Email Templates for SaaS

Money makes the world go around and your SaaS alive. You’ll have to sell your product one way or another. And email is among the best marketing channels out there. 

We collected some great, responsive email templates to send offers and updates:

promotional email template for saas

Promoting your annual plans to highly engaged users is an effective way to increase revenue. This responsive HTML email template can be easily customized to fit your brand and products.

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dark mode email template for saas

Dark mode is getting more and more popular. Apps nowadays often have dark mode that’s better in low-light environments. This email template is a great example of how you can announce dark mode in a fun way.

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SaaS survey email template

Ask customers what they want to see in your app to keep them satisfied and with you for longer. Aka increase Lifetime Value. Customize this template with your images, videos, and links. Send it and analyze the results to see what to build next.

Get it free

Do you still need more ideas?

Download 21+ free and fully responsive email templates for SaaS

Free Real Estate Email Templates

Email marketing for real estate is a perfect channel. Real estate agencies and companies can send weekly property digests and notifications about new listings or price changes.

As a real estate business owner or marketer, you can’t send plain text emails. It’s an industry where visuals make or break a deal. You must have a great-looking template with space for images about properties. Below are some of our favorite free HTML email templates for real estate.

real estate email template

This real estate email template has a great layout with clear section breaks. This can work well for different uses. Add a welcome message to the hero for new subscribers. Or highlight your most important update or listing in the hero when you use this template for a weekly newsletter. 

Download it for free

clean real estate email template

This clean real estate email template is perfect for welcome and onboarding emails. Add your welcome message and primary CTA to the hero. Then, you can share some essential information, steps, and resources for new subscribers.

Get it free

top listing real estate email template

This image-heavy real estate email template is perfect for showcasing your top listings and properties. There’s lots of space for pictures and clear dividers between sections. This helps readers get an idea about what a property looks like, and they’ll immediately know where to click to learn more about the listing.

Get it free

modern real estate email template

This modern and elegant email template is perfect for real estate agencies. Share info about your team, your properties, and your contact details.

Download it for free

real estate email template

Real estate companies often send periodic (weekly/monthly) digests of selected properties. This template is a good example of what a real estate property update should look like. The images must be big enough for the readers to see the house or apartment. And they have to know exactly where to click to take action.

Get it free

If you still need more templates, browse and download 1100+ free email templates

Free Transactional Email Templates

Transactional emails are often overlooked. But without them, your contacts will have questions like:

  • How can I verify my email and log in?
  • Did they receive my order?
  • When will I get my package?

You don’t want thoughts and questions like this popping up in your customer’s mind. Send proper transactional emails to eliminate any doubt. Here’s a collection of the best transactional templates.

free tansactional Email template

Many businesses still use double opt-in. If you’re one of them, make sure your verification emails look good and function properly. This is crucial because this is the first email you send to any subscriber. Start your relationship the right way with a clean transactional email template like this.

Download it for free

free transactional email template

Resetting a password is already a bit frustrating for users. They just want to log in. You can relieve users of this frustration. All you need is a timely email that has a contrasting CTA and support options. This modern password reset template is a perfect example. The CTA button is visible from a mile away, and the “Real people. Here to help.” header makes people feel safe.

Download it for free

free ecommerce transactional email template

One of the most crucial transactional emails every ecommerce store sends is the order confirmation email. This confirmation email template is great because the big header immediately tells the shopper what the email is about. Below that, the customers can check what they ordered.

Get it free

If you still need more ideas for your transactional email, here you can find and download 37 free email templates.

Free Gmail Email Templates

With more than 1.8 billion active users, Gmail is the most popular email client in the world. Sometimes Gmail users want to send a good-looking email for special occasions, like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day. But Gmail’s built-in editor is limited and it’s impossible to create a nice email without coding.

That’s where HTML email templates and email template builders come in. You can customize the design with a drag-and-drop template editor, import it, and send your HTML email with Gmail. Let’s look at some of the best free Gmail templates.

free gmail email template

A sure way to wow your mom on Mother’s day is to send a lovely, colorful email. This pink and flowery template is a perfect start. Keep the design and change to copy to say something personal.

Get it free

Earth day free email template

This green-themed Gmail email template works well because the visuals reinforce the message. The leaves in the background perfectly match words like earth and green, making it a good choice for Earth Day email campaigns.

Download it for free

dark email gmail template

This dark email template perfectly matches the movie theme. It makes readers feel like they are in the movie theater or home cinema. The image blocks are designed for movie posters. All you need to do is to add your logo, posters, and short plot summaries. 

Get it free

If you still need more Gmail template ideas, here you can find 1200+ free email templates.

What is the best software to edit email templates?

You need a good drag-and-drop editor to create fully responsive email templates. There’s just no going around that. Unless you are a pro coder who knows advanced email HTML inside and out.

For those that don’t know (or want to) code, we collected the best free email template editors. Here’s a shortlist of the best standalone editors.

1. Beefree

Beefree free drag drop email editor builder html templates

Beefree is one of the best email editors on the market. It has a drag-and-drop interface and over 1200 fully responsive email templates.

Beefree doesn’t require coding skills, and it’s perfect for businesses to create any email or newsletter template. The app also has a landing page builder.

You can work with multiple users and give in-email feedback while collaborating – the paid plan allows you to assign roles and permissions and has unlimited assets.

  • Free Plan: Yes, and a free trial of paid plans is also available
  • Starting Price: $30/month 

Try Beefree for free here.

2. Stripo

Stripo drag-and-drop design platform

Stripo is an easy-to-use drag-and-drop email editor that lets you create responsive email templates for free. 

They have 1100+ free HTML email templates and integrations with all major email service providers. It has email testing to make sure your emails will correctly display in all email clients. 

  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Starting Price: $15/month

Get started with Stripo for free here.

3. Unlayer 

Unlayer email template builder signup page

Unlayer is another standalone email template builder. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor similar to the Beefree and Stripo.

There are 1000+ email templates to choose from and integrations with popular email marketing software, like ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, Aweber, Moosend, and Benchmark Email.

  • Free Plan: Yes
  • Starting Price: $15/month

Sign up to Unlayer for free here.

Free Email Templates Wrap Up

Email templates are valuable for businesses because they can save time and energy. Creating and sending branded email marketing campaigns becomes much easier with a good email template. Find a good, versatile template from our list above.


How do I make an email template?

Creating email templates requires either HTML coding or you can use drag and drop email editors to create emails from scratch or based on email templates.

Where can I find email templates?

You can find email templates above and on these websites:

Beefree and Stripo are drag-and-drop email editors. You can edit all the templates in your browser to make them your own.

How do I make a fancy email?

To make a fancy email, you’ll need a drag-and-drop email editor. We recommend Beefree or Stripo, both have free plans, many templates, and integrations.

How do I make my email look pretty?

You’ll need a drag-and-drop email editor to make your emails look pretty. Go for one with lots of templates because that can save you time. We recommend Beefree or Stripo, both have free plans, many templates, and integrations.

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