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Rezora is an email marketing and client insight tool for real-estate. It is designed to provide multi-tiered delivery and reporting for large sales and marketing teams.

It facilitates collaborative, cross-channel marketing for large sales and marketing organizations. Rezora’s marketing software platform serves as a central hub for the creation and delivery of marketing campaigns across multiple digital marketing channels. Rezora focuses on campaigns for email, mobile, social & web, display ads, print and QR codes.

Rezora lets marketing organizations decide which of their sales agents have access to what materials by dividing agents and marketing materials into groups and campaigns and applying proper restrictions to either or both.

Rezora Company History

Rezora is founded by Paul Reinarz and Hugh Morgan in 2007. With 10 employees, the email marketing company is headquartered in Boulder Colorado, USA.

Rezora alternatives

Are you looking for an Rezora alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Rezora alternatives.

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