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Ongage is the most advanced front end in the market. A vendor-agnostic email marketing platform that easily connects you to more than 40 of the world’s leading email delivery providers and On-Premise email solutions to optimize email deliverability and maximize ROI.

We transform SMTP relays and On-Premise solutions into fully functional Email Service Providers, with campaign management functionality and a fast-evolving feature set, including: List management, Personalized and Dynamic Content, Multi-View In-Depth Analytics, Triggered Emails & Drip Automation, A/B/C/D/E Testing Tools, Email Designer, Advanced Segmentation Tools and much more.


Ongage company History

Ongage was founded in 2010. The team is made up of a group of professionals that have been working, researching, developing and doing email marketing for a better part of the last decade, and are committed to being and staying at the forefront of email marketing technologies.

Ongage management is made up of entrepreneurial, result-oriented individuals from the world of interactive media in general and email marketing in particular.

Ongage alternatives

Are you looking for an Ongage alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Ongage alternatives.

Products and services

Top Features of the Ongage platform include:

Plug-and-Play Connectivity to Email Delivery Providers
Quick and easy connectivity to cloud and on-premise email delivery providers. Start working within minutes! Connects to, Dyn, PowerMTA, SendGrid and more.

Segment Manager
Get better results from your email campaigns when you segment your recipient list. Studies show that response rates rise by up to 355% with emails that are relevant and timely. Create segments based on your subscribers’ needs so that you can send your subscribers content that is truly of interest. Segmentation can be based on profile info, geolocation, website activity, purchase history, and more.


Personalized & Dynamic Content
Ongage offers email content personalization using dynamic fields such as demographics and areas of interest to help you create a personal and tailored experience for your users.

We also support a variety of feeds, such as HTML, RSS and XML feeds, for populating emails with dynamic content directly from the web. You can create up-to-the-minute emails on today’s latest travel deals, jobs, news, and weather updates.

Multi-View In-Depth Analytics
The analytics engine provides performance and delivery analysis through a variety of analytic views; by campaign, by individual member activity, by email delivery vendor and by recipient ISP domain, and more. Also, enabling post click conversion analysis such as sign-ups, shopping cart activity, purchases per email campaign.


Triggered Emails
Automatically become your subscribers’ favorite sender with relevant time-based or action-based messages. Generate automated messages to welcome new users, wish them a happy birthday, send a post-sale follow-up, inform them on new content that matches their purchase history, and more. Set up the triggers and let Ongage do the work.

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