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Personalized Email Marketing and Marketing Automation

Dialog Insight provides solutions in email marketing, content marketing, marketing automation, customer insight and eCRM. The Canadian company developed their own platform for optimized eCRM Marketing, called Openfield.

Dialog Insight clients are both high-profile large corporations and smaller businesses, operating in a variety of industries in Canada, the US and Europe. Dialog Insights head office is located in Quebec City, and their other offices are in Montreal and Toronto.

Dialog Insight Company History

Since 1999, Dialog Insight is developing technology solutions to improve electronic communications. Dialog Insight began their operations under the name of REP Solution, which in French means “Relations Électroniques Personnalisées”, in order to improve Customer Relationships using Electronic-Based Customized Communications. In 2013, the company was renamed to Dialog Insight. This new name symbolizes their two major strenghts – customer insight and customized communications.

Dialog Insight alternatives

Are you looking for an Dialog Insight alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Dialog Insight alternatives.

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Website: dialoginsight.com
Twitter: @DialogInsight
Youtube: Youtube
Facebook: FB page
Employees: LinkedIn
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