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Campayn is one of the fastest-growing online email marketing applications. Campayn provides software for creating, sharing and tracking newsletters and marketing emails. The ‘Free for Life’ plan includes sending 20,000 emails to 2,000 contacts.

With the Multi-User Team Plans, Campayn is also becoming an email solution fit for franchises worldwide that are looking to empower and support local franchisee marketing efforts.

Campayn Company History

Campayn was founded in 2011 by Alek Mirkovich and Nick Zinger. The email company is based in Toronto, Canada. Companies using Campayn’s email software include NEC, Clickbank and Tyco. Since launching in 2011, Campayn has helped simplify the way thousands of companies design and distribute newsletters and emails. Campayn focusses on the technical details of email marketing so your marketing team can concentrate on more important elements like branding, messaging and audience. They provide one central location to store approved images, logos, brand assets, articles and email templates.

Campayn alternatives

Are you looking for an Campayn alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Campayn alternatives.

Products and services

Campayn offers a full suite of marketing features designed to help large corporations maximize their email marketing campaigns including:
• API integration
• Customizable follow up emails (autoresponders)
• Contact management
• Email segmentation
• Mobile-friendly email templates
• Multiple-user accounts
• Sign-up forms for new subscribers
• Campayn app that gives employees smartphone access to preview emails and add new contacts while on-the-go

Campayn offers pre-designed templates or software for building a template. Campayn's email software includes autoresponder emails that go out when a contact is added to a list. Every email can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

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Twitter: @campayn
Facebook: FB page
Employees: LinkedIn
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