The total number of email service providers

In many articles about Email Service Providers and how to select email tools, the gigantic number of international ESPs is mentioned. Most often just to give an indication of the size of choice and number of email suppliers in the market.

Some say over a hundred, some say more than 200. Some just pick a number, any number, because who is going to check? Well those days are over now.

Knowing the true number of Email Service Providers

The only true way to know is to make a list with all ESPs and count each and every one of them. Find all those companies, check if they really have a focus on email marketing services and what they really do. Just by the numbers a daunting task.

But that didn’t stop us. So without further ado, we give you the actual current number of ESPs. (It is updated every half hour.) Because the number of ESPs fluctuates, you might say it is just like the stock market.  New ESPs are started each day and others merge or go out of business  just as fast.
The total number of ESPs per November 2023: 390

All the ESPs counted are listed in our total list of ESPs, so take a look there! Currently we have 22 email service providers on our “to be reviewed” list, they aren’t yet included in the number of Email marketing tools and suppliers above.

About Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant and Analyst. He is the Founder of Email Vendor Selection and specializes in smart email marketing, optimisation and RFP / vendor selection. Named one of "50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch " by Entrepreneur magazine.

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