11 Best Freelance Marketing Websites to Hire Top Talent in 2024

Freelance marketers are in demand. Employers love the flexibility and cost savings compared to hiring full-time. In fact, 80% of businesses now say they have hired digital marketers on a freelance basis.

But where do you find talent-for-hire? A good place to start are Freelance recruitment websites. These sites make it easy to identify the right person for the job. 

If you are on the hunt for professional digital marketers, read on. We’ve pinned down the 11 best marketing freelance platforms out there. 

Overview: The 11 Best Freelance Marketing Websites to Hire Digital Marketers

These days, every business is a digital business. And that means you have to know how to market and promote yourself in the digital world.

SEO. Content marketing. Paid search and other forms of online advertising. Social marketing. Marketing automation. Marketing intelligence. Digital marketing know-how can have a huge impact on your brand. But where do you find these specialist skills?

Freelance websites give employers global reach in the search for talent. Perfect in the modern world of remote work. They make finding and hiring the right person quick, convenient and safe. And hiring a freelancer gives you the flexibility to only pay for what you need. 

In putting together this list, I looked at the size of each site’s database and how many digital marketing freelancers they have available. I looked at features and ease of use. What the hiring process looks like, and how it’s kept secure. 

If you’re short on time, here’s a summary of what each site is best for.

Freelancer WebsiteBest for
MarketerHireTalent vetting
MaypleVetted digital Marketing talent minimum 3 months
ContentlyWorking with high-profile journalists, writers and creatives
GrowTalFixed-price, fixed-term projects
PeoplePerHourFast, easy short-term hires
UpworkSheer range of freelance talent across all disciplines
FiverrSmall projects at budget rates
Freelancer.comSearching for freelancers by specific skills
GuruBrowsing freelancer listings without signing up
ClearVoiceManaged content creation
LinkedInGeneral recruitment and networking

11 Best Freelance Marketing Websites in 2024

There’s no one type of freelance marketer website. Some work like digital recruitment agencies. They offer strict talent vetting and actively help employers find the right candidates. Others are more like giant job boards or marketplaces. They leave it up to employers and freelancers to find each other. Many offer a blend of different options.

Here’s the detail of what our top 11 picks offer.

1. MarketerHire

MarketerHire digital marketing marketplace list of clients

MarketerHire has made a big impression in a short space of time. Attracting an impressive list of big-name clients along the way.

Its success may have something to do with how it breaks down what it offers in very simple terms. Everything about MarketerHire is straightforward.

Some digital marketing freelance platforms emphasise the get-to-know-you phase of hiring. MarketerHire prefers to put names in front of clients quickly. It has a pre-approved database of marketing freelancers ready to go. You can expect to be given candidates within 48 hours of applying. If you like the recommendations, you can be up and running with a new team member in a week.

Where MarketerHire does take its time, though, is with its vetting process. It accepts applications from freelancers. But it also has its own dedicated talent scouting team. Like a recruitment agency. They actively search Facebook groups, forums, and LinkedIn for potential candidates. Every candidate goes through an in-depth skills review, a video interview and test projects.

MarketerHire has a simple and transparent pricing structure. There is a choice of 3 contract types. 10 hours, 20 hours and 40 hours a week. What you actually pay depends on who you hire. But it’s easy to budget by contract type.

MarketerHire Pros

  • Speedy hiring process
  • Deep candidate vetting
  • A good option if you are looking for more niche marketing skills
  • Simple contract and pricing structure

MarketerHire Cons

  • There are no messaging platforms or project dashboards. Once you make your hire, you’re left in charge of communication.

Best for: Businesses looking for a quick way to find highly-vetted talent they can trust

2. Mayple

Mayple home page best freelance websites

Mayple is an freelance platform for digital marketing jobs. It focuses exclusively on digital marketing with a strict vetting process for candidates. And uses data to pair freelancers with employers. 

Every professional who signs up is assessed on 141 different criteria. Mayple wears its 1% acceptance rate as a badge of honour. Only the best talent with proven track records make it onto the roster. So clients can trust the quality of every candidate.

Collecting so much data also puts Mayple in a great position to achieve great matches. Clients are also asked to share plenty of details about their business and the roles they need. Mayple then uses 25 matching criteria to suggest candidates.

Mayple is about more than making the match and then moving on. It sells service packages across different disciplines. Want to boost your business with an email marketing campaign? Or want to increase visibility on social or search? You chooseoutcomes, and Mayple recommends a freelancer to deliver. It tracks performance against your goals. You pay for the combined package.

Mayple Pros

  • In-depth talent vetting
  • AI-powered matches
  • Performance tracking to guarantee best value
  • Offering all digital marketing disciplines

Mayple Cons

  • Although packages adjust with the size of your budget, they still start at around $1,800 a month. This isn’t a solution for tiny brands.

Best for: Larger businesses seeking marketing talent for guaranteed results.

3. Contently

Contently home page best websites for freelance marketers

Contently provides a three-part digital marketing content service. It helps businesses build tailored content strategies based on expert insights. It then also offers a complete content marketing management platform. And finally, it includes a marketplace for hiring content creators.

It’s the last of these that is of interest to us in this article. Contently’s Creative Marketplace works on two levels. First, freelancers can create a portfolio for free. This gives writers a handy place to showcase their work.

Next, freelancers can apply to join Contently’s Premium Creative Network. This is vetted and paid for. As a resource for hiring teams, it means Contently offers something different. Its roster is filled with writers, journalists, designers, videographers, editors, and illustrators. Many of them with a high professional profile. Contently is very much about putting the creative into content creation.

An algorithm suggests a ‘content team’ of matches to choose from. Contently handles contracts, payment, invoicing and all other administrative aspects of hiring.

Contently Pros

  • World-class fully vetted creative marketplace
  • Free portfolios for freelancers
  • Freelancer hires linked directly to content strategy
  • Data-powered recommendations

Contently Cons

  • Although Contently uses quote-based pricing, it would be good to have a rough guide published on its website.

Best for: Mid to large businesses and digital marketing agencies seeking to hire proven creative talent

4. GrowTal

GrowTal home page best freelance websites

GrowTal follows the established playbook for professional freelancer match-making. It puts in the work of vetting all marketers who apply to join its network. That way, hiring clients can trust in the quality of the people recommended to them.

The hiring process is quick and easy. Clients complete a two-minute questionnaire detailing who and what they are looking for. From that, GrowTal identifies the best matches from its database. The list of digital marketing roles it caters for includes SEO consultants, email marketers and content marketers. Plus brand consultants, social media marketing specialists, advertising experts and more.

GrowTal sets up video calls with every freelancer it shortlists. Whoever you choose to hire, there is a risk-free trial period.

GrowTal marketing freelance platform accelerator packages

GrowTal also offers what it calls Accelerator Packages. These are a menu of fixed-term, fixed-price jobs. They range from marketing strategy consultations starting at $499. To CRM platform rollouts for $4999. In all cases, GrowTal has professionals ready to go. It speeds up the process so you can get started faster.

Clients looking to hire on a project basis can also submit requests for proposals (RFP). GrowTal’s creative database is fully vetted. There is a similar ‘on-demand’ service for agencies.

GrowTal Pros

  • Fully vetted freelancer database
  • Risk-free trial period
  • Pre-packaged ‘Accelerator Packages’
  • RFP process for creatives and agencies

GrowTal Cons

  • Pricing is set by the freelancer, so you have to go a long way through the process to work out your costs.

Best for: Knowing exactly what you will get for a fixed price.

5. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour home page best websites for freelance marketing

PeoplePerHour is one of the ‘big four’ freelancer websites. It has a database of more than 2 million freelancers. Plus more than 1 million business clients.

It’s more of a digitised job board than a recruitment agency in website form. There’s no in-depth vetting process here. Freelancers post the skills they have to offer and their rates. Hirers post work opportunities. PeoplePerHour uses AI algorithms to help them connect. Freelancers submit proposals for projects they are paired with. Or else interesting ones they find themselves. 

One of PeoplePerHour’s biggest strengths is the huge range of skills on offer. It’s much broader than the standard definition of ‘marketing talent’. Here you can find programmers and designers for web development. Translators and video producers. Photographers and music producers. And a crowd of content, SEO, social and email marketers.

PeoplePerHour also offers a very slick and user-friendly interface. Everything from registering to posting projects to talking to freelancers is very easy. The same goes for pricing. You agree on prices either by the hour or on a full project basis. You pay a deposit on accepting a freelancer’s application. PayPerHour uses this to pay them initially. And based on a trial period, you pay the balance later if you are happy with the work.

PeoplePerHour Pros

  • Huge range of freelancer talent
  • AI-powered matching process
  • Slick and user-friendly interface
  • Only pay the full balance when you are satisfied

PeoplePerHour Cons

  • Less rigorous vetting process than other platforms

Best for: Anyone looking to hire a freelancer on a short-term basis, fast.

6. Upwork

Upwork home page best websites for freelance marketing

Upwork is huge. It has a database of 18 million freelancers and 5 million clients worldwide. Making it a major player in the so-called ‘gig economy’.

It’s more than just a freelance site for marketing talent. Upwork covers sectors such as finance, HR, IT and law, too. But there’s no shortage of digital marketing and creative talent available.

One of the things that makes Upwork so popular is its flexible hiring options. Its Talent Marketplace works much like other job board-type sites. Hiring teams post details of the jobs or projects they have available. Upwork’s AI scours the database to find a freelancer to match. Clients can view freelancers’ profiles and read ratings and reviews before hiring.

Another option is the Project Catalog. This is a library of fixed-term, fixed-objective jobs offered by freelancers for a fixed price. The projects available lean heavily towards digital marketing and branding. And tend to be quick, low cost and have short lead times. You can have someone start working within a matter of hours. 

Upwork project catalog best marketing freelance platforms

A final option is to find an industry expert for a one-to-one consultation. Again, you share project details and Upwork matches you with a suitable specialist. You then book a private Zoom meeting through Upwork. And pay the consultant by the hour. This is a great way to firm up project plans in areas outside your own expertise.

Upwork Pros

  • The world’s biggest database of freelance talent
  • Huge range of skills for different sectors
  • Low-cost, transparent pricing on fixed-term contracts
  • Option to book one-to-one consultations with experts

Upworks Cons

  • Upwork’s fees put some people off. They charge an initial hiring fee and take a percentage of all payments.

Best for: Flexible hiring options with the biggest range of freelance talent.

7. Fiverr

Fiverr job categories best freelancing websites

Fiverr made its name as the job board where freelancers sold tasks for $5 a go. It’s moved on a lot since those days. But it sticks to the strengths that made it one of the world’s biggest job sites. Simple project-based pricing. A huge range of skills. An easy and direct hiring process.

Fiverr’s talent mix covers digital marketing, the creative industries and tech. That includes just about every digital marketing discipline you can think of. It’s also popular for graphics designers, translators and photographers. Plus web developers, software programmers and data analysts.

On Fiverr, hirers don’t post details of projects. It’s on you to search the database for suitable talent. The search feature has a good set of filters to help you. You can filter by skill, price range, location, and experience.

Fiverr business best freelancing websites

This self-service approach will suit some businesses. But others might like the talent-matching services other freelance platforms offer. Fiverr has that covered, too. Fiverr Business is an enhanced service that recommends freelancers based on project criteria. All freelancers available for hire through Fiverr Business are fully vetted. It’s free to join, but commission charges are higher. 

Fiverr Pros

  • Huge database of digital marketing, creative and tech talent
  • Simple per-project pricing
  • Great search tools for finding the right freelancer
  • Fiverr Business service with vetted freelancers and talent matching

Fiverr Cons

  • Fiverr prohibits contact between freelancers and clients outside the platform. It will deactivate accounts for breaching this rule.

Best for: Making low-cost hires on a short-term basis.

8. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com home page best freelancing websites

Freelancer.com is one of the very first freelancer marketplaces. In many ways, it set the format that other freelancer sites have followed.

Freelancers create profiles detailing their skill sets and experience. Hiring teams post projects they need to hire for. There isn’t any match-making. But freelancers can search for jobs, and businesses can search for freelancers. You can search by skill, by language and by location.

Freelancer.com job categories best freelance website

The list of freelancer skill sets catered for is excellent. Freelancer.com can’t quite match the enormous talent database Upwork offers. But the range of sectors and skill types it covers is second to none. It reaches well beyond digital marketing. In total, Freelancer.com claims it covers more than 1800 different skill sets.

Freelancer.com provides a Live Chat tool. You can use this to sound out candidates before you make a hire. And keep in touch for the duration of a project. 

You can pay per project or hire freelancers by the hour. Either way, payments are managed by Freelancer’s Milestone Payment system. This lets businesses split payments into parts. To be released when certain milestones on a project are completed.

Freelancer.com Pros

  • Huge range of freelancer skills available
  • Post jobs available and search for talent directly
  • Live chat to connect to candidates
  • Secure payment platform lets you break down by milestone

Freelancer.com Cons

  • No talent vetting

Best for: Searching for freelancers with specific skills.

9. Guru

Guru Freelancer listings search best websites for qualified Freelancers

Guru is a large global freelancer marketplace. It has more than 1.5m freelancers on its books, covering a wide range of industries. This includes more than 100,000 freelance digital marketers.

A great feature of Guru is that you don’t have to sign up to browse its talent database. Freelancer listings include portfolios of previous work. Plus stats on how many projects they have completed. You can filter searches by how many invoices hirers paid and how many employers a freelancer has had. This gives you a good indication of experience.

You have to sign up to start contacting freelancers and request quotes. This is completely free to do and takes a matter of minutes. Hiring teams can also post jobs and projects and have freelancers submit bids to them.

Guru’s WorkRooms is a collaboration space for managing relationships with freelancers. It’s particularly useful if you hire multiple freelancers on a single project. You can assign and track tasks and keep on top of all documentation. WorkRooms also tracks progress and clocks work by the hour.

Like most similar platforms, Guru holds payments until you are satisfied with the work completed. There are multiple payment options, including an AutoPay feature. This automatically completes the transaction when an invoice is outstanding. 

Guru Pros

  • You can browse the freelancer catalogue without signing up
  • See details of previous job experience and client feedback
  • Project management tools included
  • Flexible payments

Guru Cons

  • Doesn’t vet its freelancers independently

Best for: Browsing for talent with no signup.

10. ClearVoice

ClearVoice content writing home page

ClearVoice is owned by Fiverr. But the 2 are very different platforms. Fiverr is very much a job marketplace for all kinds of freelancers. ClearVoice is a managed content creation service.

So if you’re looking for a freelance writer to work with, ClearView ticks that box. But it isn’t a place to simply post available projects and search for people to fill roles. The experience is a little more involved than that. 

When you engage with ClearVoice, you don’t just get a freelance writer completing tasks for you. You get a whole team, a mix of ClearVoice staffers and freelancers. ClearVoice positions itself as delivering full editorial teams to deliver complete content strategies. 

It’s a different riff on the freelance hiring website concept. But one that is great if outsourcing your entire content creation process appeals to you. ClearVoice specializes in content production, SEO and amplification. It doesn’t have the huge database of freelancers other services offer. But its network is highly vetted to offer only proven, experienced professionals.

ClearVoice Pros

  • Complete managed content creation service
  • Get access to experienced professional content writers and editors, handpicked to suit your needs
  • Content production platform
  • Useful for a digital marketing agency looking to source writers for multiple clients

ClearVoice Cons

  • More expensive than hiring a freelancer directly yourself

Best for: Businesses looking for a complete managed content creation service.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn talent solutions

LinkedIn needs no introduction. With 900m+ active members worldwide, it’s by far and away the biggest platform on this list. It’s also not purely a freelancer marketplace or a jobs message board. Although it does cover both.

As anyone who has ever used it will know, LinkedIn bills itself as a professional social network. So just as you use social media to connect to friends and family, LinkedIn makes professional connections. 

Job search and hiring talent is a big part of that. LinkedIn isn’t focused just on digital marketing and adjacent industries. It’s not even a freelancer-focused site. But what you do get is high-quality recruitment tools. 

LinkedIn’s native hiring tools fall under its Talent Solutions banner. Options include:

  • Jobs: A straightforward jobs board.
  • Recruiter and Recruiter Lite: Platforms for sourcing, contacting and hiring candidates at speed. Differentiated by hiring volume.
  • Talent Insights: Data analytics platform for tracking workforce and recruitment intelligence.
  • Talent Hub: An applicant tracking system (ATS) for recruiters.

LinkedIn also has inspired a whole industry of third-party recruitment and talent management plug-ins. And you can’t underestimate the value of good old-fashioned networking and recommendations. Both of which LinkedIn aids. 

LinkedIn Pros

  • World’s biggest talent network
  • Huge range of recruitment and talent acquisition tools
  • Scalable solutions for businesses of all sizes
  • Find talent for free via network building

LinkedIn Cons

  • LinkedIn’s size is a strength and weakness. Finding your way around to identify talent can be complex and time-consuming. And the tools that help navigate recruitment easier get expensive quickly.

Best for: General recruitment and networking beyond marketing.

How much does it cost to hire a freelance marketer?

The cost of hiring a freelance digital marketer varies. Lots of different factors affect the cost:

  • The type of marketing skills you are looking for
  • The experience and expertise of the freelancer
  • The size of the project or length of the contract
  • The freelancer website’s fees and commission
  • The pricing structure

What you pay is often shaped by the freelancer website you choose. At one end of the scale, sites like Fiverr and Upwork specialize in short-term, fixed tasks that start at a few dollars a time. Mayple and GrowTal offer project-based bundles ranging from $500 to $5000. Contently and ClearVoice can charge even higher rates for managed content services.

Another factor is that digital marketing relies on access to software. When you hire a marketing freelancer, you’re often hiring them to use a particular platform. You have to pay for the app subscription on top of the freelancer’s fees. Examples include:

Freelance Marketing Websites: Which is right for you?

If you’ve not already decided which freelancer marketing website is the best for you, here are my final tips. 

If you’re a small business looking for quick and easy access to marketing skills, check out the ‘job board’ type sites. They’re great for short-term hires at low prices.

If you’re a larger business, you probably want guaranteed results on a longer-term basis. Try a specialist marketing site that offers advanced candidate vetting and match-making.

Best freelancing sites for quick, low-cost, short-term hires:

  • Fiverr: Best for small projects at budget rates
  • Upwork: Best for the number of freelancers to choose from

Best freelancing sites for finding the very best candidates:

FAQs about The Best Freelance Marketing Websites

How do I find a marketing freelancer?

The best way to find freelance marketers is to use a freelance marketing website. These are recruitment sites that hold databases of freelance digital marketers available for hire. Some specialize in digital marketing professionals only. Others have listings for all types of freelancers, marketing included.

Most freelance marketing sites let you search their talent pool for suitable people. Many also let you post job opportunities. And then match you to candidates. You usually pay rates set by the freelancer. Some sites offer fixed-price packages for defined jobs. Most sites also help you manage projects, performance and payments securely.

The best sites to hire digital marketing freelancers are Mayple, Contently, MarketerHire, Fiverr, and Upwork.

What does a freelance marketer do?

A freelance marketer provides marketing services on a contract basis. Hiring a freelancer is more flexible than employing someone. A freelance marketer will complete short-term projects and one-off tasks. Or work on demand, as and when you need them.

You can find freelance marketers specializing in all digital marketing services. SEO, advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing. Hiring a freelancer is also a good way of finding more niche skills for your business. The best sites to hire freelance marketers are Mayple, Contently, MarketerHire, Fiverr, and Upwork.

How much does a freelance marketer charge?

Freelance digital marketers charge between $50-$5000. It depends on their level of expertise and experience, and what they specialize in. Plus the nature of the job or project you are hiring for. For example, hiring someone to write a couple of blogs a month might cost $50-$100. Hiring someone to devise and run a long-term content or email marketing strategy costs more like $500-$5000.

How do I find a good freelance marketer?

Freelance websites will help you find a good freelance digital marketer. Sites like Mayple and MarketerHire vet freelancers when they apply to join their network. This gives you a high level of confidence that anyone you hire is a proven professional. A lot of services also match freelancer skills to what you need. So again, you can trust you are getting the right fit.

Sites like Fiverr and Freelancer.com are more like giant job boards. There’s no vetting and no skills matching. But even then, you can take steps to make sure you hire the best person available. Look for positive client reviews and feedback on profiles. Guru lets you browse profiles without even signing up.

Which website is best for hiring professional digital marketers?

Mayple is one of the best sites for hiring a freelance digital marketer. It has a strict vetting process so only the very best professionals join its network. It comes with a great suite of performance management tools. And you can speed up the hiring process by picking fixed-price projects.

GrowTal and MarketerHire are good alternatives to Mayple. Both specialize in digital marketing talent and have strong vetting processes.

Which website is best for freelancing?

The best job sites for freelancers are those that have the biggest reach. The more employers use a site, the more chance you have of getting seen and hired. Freelancer.com has 60 million registered users across freelancers and employers. Upwork has 5 million clients registered to hire freelancers. Fiverr has 4 million active buyers.

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