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Dialogue1 Amity

About Dialogue1 Amity

Dialogue1 is a German software solution provider and the creators of the Amity marketing automation platform.

The features of Amity include: Email marketing and newsletter sending, Event Management, Online Surveys, Lead Management, Retargeting, Response Management and Document Publishing / support.

CSA Membership and certificate

dialogue1 GmbH is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
You can view the certificate here.

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Products and services

Amity is a convenient platform for marketing automation.

Newsletter sending: customize newsletter with a few clicks, send and evaluate and automate email series.

Event Management: Automate invitations and registrations for your event.

Online Surveys: measure customer satisfaction, Personalized or anonymously.

Lead Management: capture, welcome and initiate appropriate processes potential new customers.

Response Management: Let email recipients respond with just one click - for example, to request promotional materials.

Document Publishing / support send prepared emails with download links or attachment ad hoc to contacts - automatically - or manually.

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Twitter: @dialogue1_de