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Technology and database marketing firm

Bower House Digital is an email marketing agency with over 12 years of email experience. They specialise in mobile responsive email design, production, deployment and strategy and they work with some of Australia’s leading brands including Target, AMF, Ram, Mamamia and Australia Tourism.

Bower House Digital Company History

The company was founded in 2011 on the northern beaches of Sydney, and has a team of 11 including designers, developers, solutions architects and operations. The entire team has an email heritage and have worked with amazing clients such as PlayStation, AirAsia, Expedia, Dell and Tesco.

Bower House Digital alternatives

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Products and services

Providing clients with dedicated email production resources, obsessively ensuring client content is accurate and renders across all email clients.

Assisting in the comprehensive RFP process of ESP’s

Lovingly creating content specifically for the email channel with designs that naturally lend themselves to mobile responsive design.

Providing training customised to a clients business, production process and email marketing software.

Deploying complex campaigns to millions of customers everyday.

Combining product data, customer behaviour it is possible to engage your customers 1-1.

Develop a comprehensive email strategy based on data-driven analysis and industry knowledge.

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