20 Best White Label SaaS Software Services for Resellers & Agencies

You want to grow your business, and quickly. But how?

White label SaaS software and white label marketing services are a way into new market growth. We have put together an overview of the best white label business opportunities in SaaS tools and services to rebrand and resell.  

What is white label software and how does it work?

White label Saas is software that a company Rebrands, Reprices, and Resells as its own software. The vendor sells unbranded software to an agency or reseller who puts their branding on it and resells it to their clients at a profit.

how does white label saas work

As an agency, you can resell the Saas software as your own. Think of it as if you licence or lease the software. White labeling has become very popular for SaaS and in marketing services. White label business opportunities let you scale your business. Digital products have little to zero overhead to get started – you just have to start selling.

What are white label marketing services?

A white label marketing service is where marketing services are subcontracted. This is when another agency, freelancer or production house does (part of) the work. Yet you offer it as your services.

Say for instance, you are a full-service digital marketing agency – but let a white-lable agency design and code your emails, landing pages, website etc. There are a lot of white label business opportunities to grab!

Advantages of white label marketing tools and services

Reselling white label tools or offering white label services has several advantages. The 3 most important benefits are:

  • Save time and money. One of the biggest advantages of white label marketing is that it saves product development time. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You can go-to-market quicker because you don’t have to develop, hire, train etc, you also save on product development costs.
  • Scale your business. White label SaaS allows you to easily scale your business. You can quickly add new services with minimum investment. This results in new revenue streams, and helps attract new customers.
  • Offer tailored solutions. Every client is different. As such, they have different needs and preferences. White labeling lets you offer solutions to each of your clients, where otherwise you wouldn’t have been able to. 

White label marketing is something you must consider if you’re to remain relevant. And that’s especially true in the competitive business environment we’re living in.

So, what are the best business opportunities in white label marketing services can you add to your business? Let’s take a look at the different categories and products you should consider.

Best white label marketing automation tools

White label Marketing Automation is a great idea if your clients use multiple channels to reach their target audience. Set up automated campaigns and triggered email nurture streams, but under your own brand.

As a marketing automation reseller, easily target prospects and efficiently track campaigns across multiple channels. That’s exactly why you need to add white label marketing automation tools in your agency tool stack. Here are 2 to consider.

1. ActiveCampaign white label marketing automation

Active Campaign marketing automation platform signup page

ActiveCampaign is a household name when it comes to marketing automation. Offering complete marketing automation and CRM suite for businesses. To participate in the white label reseller program, you’ll have to get their Enterprise plan. 

There are many ActiveCampaign resellers that have their own brand, and add extra services to make it an interesting offering. These are called Value Added Resellers or VAR for short. They don’t make it a mystery that it is powered by ActiveCampaign. They just make it a better offer with added analytics, training and service in one price.

With ActiveCampaign, you get to change the branding, pricing and keep the platform’s marketing automation features and capabilities. Resell the platform as your agency’s own CRM and automation tool.

2. Mautic – white label and open source marketing automation

white label marketing automation mautic saas

Mautic is a white label Saas you’re bound to hear about as you shop around. It is an open source marketing automation platform. One of Mautic’s biggest advantages is that you can install on your own server and can change the code as you want. Offer white label marketing automation under your own brand and own price. 

With Mautic, you can:

  • Manage social media marketing campaigns
  • Monitor audience engagement
  • Store and manage contacts
  • Send emails
  • Set up web forms
  • Create and run reports. 

Mautic is a white-label SaaS solution that offers everything you need to automate your marketing. On the business end, it offers you a healthy markup and huge profit potential – but running your own server requires technical skills.

Best white label email marketing services

Email marketing agency services can be white-labeled too. With white label marketing services, you resell marketing services fulfilled by another agency.

Of course, these will be under your own brand. Any good email production house can offer a standard NDA / non-compete – so you won’t have to worry about pitching against yourself. Here are two white label/marketing automation services you should consider:

3. Inbox Army – white label email marketing services for agencies

email white label services email marketing

InboxArmy is a full-service email marketing agency that can be your secret white label weapon.

Services offered include:

  • Full-service campaign management
  • Email template production
  • Email marketing strategy
  • Email coding and design
  • Campaign audits

They are flexible and can work according to your agency’s white label requirements. Do you have specific processes, coding guidelines, project management operations, or delivery schedules? InboxArmy can tailor these campaigns to you and your clients’ needs.

The Headquarters are in the US, serving clients around the world. Pricing is set so there is room for a good mark up. Multi-ESP Platform support and expertise, means they can do email marketing services from Mailchimp to Salesforce and everything in between.

4. Constant Content – marketplace for white label marketing content

white label content services

There is always a need for quality writers and content.  Of course, there are great websites to find freelance content writers and marketers, but white label content marketing allows you to put together and scale a team of expert ghostwriters as your clients’ demand for content evolves.

Constant content is an example of a content marketplace. You can find specialists there to write for SEO, your lead generation campaigns, emails, landing page copy, blogs, whitepapers etc.

Need to quickly add some services to your agency’s offerings, then consider white label content and email marketing services. They can help you scale your business. 

Best white label email marketing tools

The email marketing channel is experiencing a resurgence, almost all brands use email in their marketing campaigns. Email marketing services are popular offerings for agencies. That’s exactly why you need some white label email marketing tools in your repertoire. 

5. Simvoly – white label website builder with email marketing

Simvoly white label email marketing funnel builder

Simvoly is a white-label website and funnel building tool with email marketing. It’s easy to use and has a ton of email marketing and automation tools to help users run successful campaigns. That’s exactly why you need to capitalize on their white-label offer.  

Simvoly’s white-label email platform features:

  • Customize login and sign-up URLs to match your domain
  • Add your agency’s logo, fonts, and colors to the interface
  • Set up your own pricing and start charging customers
  • Create and share templates with your clients
  • Sell globally, Simvoly is available in 33 languages

Easy pricing makes Simvoly an interesting option as a white label email marketing platform. To put it in perspective, white-label plans start at $4.95/month for 500 subscribers. If you sign up as a white label partner, you get 35-77% discount on all plans.

6. Moosend – white label email marketing

Another popular email marketing service that offers white label email marketing is Moosend

moosend email marketing software white label

When it comes to white label email marketing solutions, Moosend is interesting to attract SMB clients. Think of it as a high-powered MailChimp alternative, but with the white-label options. That’s thanks to features such as (among others):

  • Drag-n-drop email campaign editor
  • Administrative panel to manage your clients. 
  • Add your own Markup
  • Advanced personalization functionality
  • Real-time analytics

More details about features in our full Moosend review.

Rebrand and customize how your clients interact with the platform. The best part is that you can manage all sub-accounts (client’s accounts) from the same dashboard. Moosend is a white-label SaaS to consider when adding email marketing to your list of digital marketing services for SMBs. 

7. CakeMail

email marketing newsletter white label

CakeMail is a reseller email marketing tool. The platform gives the freedom and flexibility to rebrand it to your liking. It is a very simple platform, so don’t expect too much marketing automation or advanced features.

Cakemail is a white label Saas platform including:

  • Easy contact management 
  • Multilingual & translatable
  • Reusable campaigns
  • Email segmentation and Personalisation
  • Data and analytics dashboard
  • Mobile app to track campaign statistics on the go

White label email marketing platforms help you run a full-fledged email marketing agency. Or simply allow you to add email marketing as one of your service offerings.

8. Best Email Editor: Beefree and Beefree SDK

Beefree SDK BEE Plugin embed drag and drop builder white label

Beefree is one of the best email editors and nowadays also includes a landing page builder. Users get pre-built free responsive templates. You can create your designs and branding using the built-in content blocks and elements or start from scratch.

Agencies can use Beefree as an editor to offer white-label or custom email designs, templates, and landing pages. Although the Beefree platform itself is not white-labelled, all emails and pages created with Beefree are of course completely white-labelled.

But there is also a white-label edition Beefree SDK, very popular to include in your own SaaS application. The embeddable editor is completely white-labeled in every paid plan.

The application is open and free to use. Beefree plans start at $30 and have added features, like branding, user permissions, unlimited emails, and pages. Beefree SDK also has a free version, paid starts at $250.

Best White Label SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (SEO) is great for generating traffic and getting quality leads. Marketing and SEO agencies have been running website audits, tracking keywords, monitoring backlinks, and researching new keywords for clients. But not all SEO tools and rank tracking software have white-label options. Wouldn’t it be better to have your own branding on your SEO tool and reports?

9. SE Ranking

SE ranking whitelabel seo tool

SE Ranking is an SEO platform that offers white label SEO tools. It has SEO monitoring, SEO research, content marketing, local marketing tools. They also have an agency toolbox with scheduled SEO reports, lead generation, and a white-label offer.

The SE Ranking white label SEO tools have:

  • Use your own domain
  • Choose your color scheme and add your logo to fit your brand
  • Add and manage user permissions for individual tools
  • Send email reports from your company email (or use your own SMTP)
  • Lead generator widget for your website

White label is part of the agency pack. You can buy this pack if you get the Pro or Business plans for a year. Pro pricing starts at €71.2/mo if you pay for a year. And the agency pack costs €50/mo. 

Best white label social media monitoring tools

There’s no denying it. Social media is powerful but time-consuming. It’s great for generating leads and building relationships with your customers. For years, agencies have been using 3rd party tools to run social media marketing campaigns for their clients. But wouldn’t it be better to have your own branded social media monitoring tools?

Here are a couple of white label social media monitoring tools you can use to do just that:

10. SocialPilot

SaaS social media agency socialpilot

SocialPilot is a popular white label social media management tool. The platform is flexible when it comes to customization. You can remove all Social Pilot branding and colors to suit your own branding. Other key features of Social Pilot include:

Social media scheduling and posting

  • Bulk scheduling
  • Social media calendar
  • Single, integrated social inbox
  • API integration
  • Secure interface with access controls
  • Email integration and personalization

Social Pilot has an included analytics dashboard. This gives you insight into your campaign’s performance. You can get a 14-day trial, pricing for the white label Saas version is available on request / demo.

11. Mention

saas white lable Agencies mention social

Need to know how people are responding to your social media campaigns? Think of Mention.

You can get the white label social media monitoring tool and package it with your branding. The Mention “edge” is that you can connect multiple social media accounts and can monitor them all from a single dashboard. Other notable features include:

  • Real-time social media monitoring
  • Precise monitoring using Boolean alerts
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Automatic reports that can be emailed
  • Campaign tracking & Competitive analysis
  • Crisis and reputation management
  • Social media scheduling and publishing

To get a feel of the effectiveness of the tool they offer a free plan. If you like it, you can upgrade to the paid plans (starting at $29/month).

White label landing page builders

Running an online business is virtually impossible without the use of landing pages. Landing pages are the doorway for offers and new leads. That’s why you must have an easy-to-use landing page builder in your tool stack. This will help you help your clients generate valuable leads. Two white label landing page builders you can use to create optimized landing pages are:

12. Landingi white label landing page builder

landingi agency reseller landing pages white label

Landingi is a landing page builder designed for digital agencies. Being a white-label SaaS platform, you can personalize Landingi to your heart’s desire. This includes personalizing it with your domains, creating a custom login page, as well as sending branded emails. Other things you can do to create a personalized experience with Landingi include:

  • Create sub-accounts
  • Assign team roles
  • Create template and image libraries
  • Unlimited landing pages

With Landingi, your customers won’t know the landing page builder isn’t your own. Pricing for 10 sub-accounts starts at $149/month, making it easy to put your markup on top.

13. Convrrt

white label landing page builder saas

Convrrt white label landing page builder has gained a lot of popularity over the years with Saas providers. So much so that it is used by brands like Keap, SharpSpring, Brevo, and a host of others. Here are some of the qualities that have made it a winner:

  • Easy-to-use drag and drop landing page builder
  • Highly customizable
  • SEO optimized pages
  • Built-in e-commerce (turn landing pages into checkout pages)
  • Ultra-fast load times 

Convrrt is a white label landing page builder specifically for integrations with your own Saas software / offering. The platform will play nice with the rest of the tools your Saas offers.

For more options check out our full review of the best landing page builders here.

White label reporting tools

Reporting tools are an essential part of any business’ operations. Report snapshots or in-depth views of your business KPIs. Keep an eye on your business’ health metrics and find out how to take your business to the next level.

Every company needs data from reporting and analytics tools. That’s why white label reporting tools are a good addition to your service offerings. Here are two to consider:

14. AgencyAnalytics

best white-label analytics software agency analytics

AgencyAnalytics is a completely white-labeled reporting platform you can pitch as your own. Monitor and report on all of your clients’ marketing campaigns from a single dashboard. Notable features of this white label reporting tool are:

  • Fully customizable
  • Automated reports
  • Integrates with most digital marketing channels
  • SEO tools
  • White label offering

With AgencyAnalytics, generating and creating reports for your clients’ businesses becomes easy. 

15. Klipfolio

klipfolio brand white label saas software

Need a reporting tool where your clients interact 100% with your brand and not a third party?
Klipfolio could be a white label reporting tool for your agency.

Klipfolio generates easy-to-understand custom reports on important key performance indicators and statistics. Other features include:

  • Automated reporting
  • Over 300 integrations
  • Regular data refreshing
  • Full customization

As data has become fundamental to marketing, clear reporting is an agency must have. Klipfolio is white label reporting software done well and affordable white label SaaS solution (starting at $49/month).

White label CRM Software

Great businesses are not built on products. They’re built on good relationships – specifically with your customers. That’s why every business needs good CRM software. And as a marketing agency, this is a product you can add to your services. All you need is a good white label CRM software and you’re good to go. 

16. GreenRope

white label crm saas

GreenRope is a CRM that allows resellers to repackage the software and use or sell it as their own product. In GreenRope, you’ll find advanced marketing, sales, and customer service features not in other off-the-shelf CRMs. Notable features of GreenRope include:

  • Marketing automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Live chat
  • Social marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Website management
  • Project management functions

GreenRope is an all-in-one CRM platform that is built to help you and your clients enjoy healthy growth and maximum efficiency. An initial $5,000 one-time fee is required, giving you access to a branded portal, system training, and a complimentary CRM for your own use. 

As an agency, making a profit from this platform is easy once sold, thanks to agency wholesale pricing. Starting at $149/month, this is a white label CRM for resellers, you make 50% off all GreenRope sales you make. 

For more options, check out our full review of the best project management software here.

17. AllClients

white label crm allclients agencies

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly white label CRM, AllClients is it. Designed and built for small businesses, this white-label SaaS platform gives you loads of tools you need to help your clients run profitable businesses. Here’s what you can expect from AllClients:

  • Workflows
  • Funnels
  • Opt-In Email
  • Responsive Templates
  • Landing Pages
  • Autoresponders
  • Pipeline Deals

AllClients has 2 price plans. The first is the In-A-Box plan that goes for $99/month (plus a $299 setup fee). The second one is the $25/month Enterprise plan which comes with a $5,500 build fee. The CRM features for both plans are the same. The main differences lie in service, commissions, and customization options.

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White label eCommerce Development

As a digital marketing agency, eCommerce development is a revenue avenue you have to tap into. 

It’s no secret. Developing and supporting a full-featured e-commerce platform is a mammoth task. That’s because it requires a significant amount of time and resources.

Thankfully, there are white label SaaS solutions to help you quickly develop and deploy e-commerce stores for your clients. Here are a couple:

18. Magento Community and Commerce

white lable magento ecommerce shop

Magento is a powerhouse in e-commerce and has a solid community and ecosystem. Trusted by brands like Ford and Nike. Magento is popular and Magento is open source, so you can offer it as you want.

Note that the real white label and reseller opportunity here is in the additions of Magento – not the platform itself. Think about:

  • white label magento hosting, 
  • white label magento plugins, 
  • white label magento reporting, 
  • white label website development services. 
  • An extensive network of white label partners (for shipping, payment processing, etc)

By using the Magento eCommerce platform as a jump board for white label software and service, you’ll be offering your clients one of the best eCommerce development platforms on the market.

19. Ecwid

white label ecommerce reseller software

Ecwid is a white-label e-commerce platform. Ecwid’s white label reseller program allows you to quickly get your eCommerce store to market, selling digital downloads, products and more.

What do you get with Ecwid’s e-commerce development platform?

  • Installs in minutes
  • Set up shop on almost any digital platform
  • Mobile responsive
  • Inventory management
  • Marketing and promotional tools
  • Supports selling on multiple sites

Ecwid is an easy solution to get an e-commerce store online fast. This makes it a great choice for agencies who want to help their clients start turning a profit. You can take the platform for a spin with a free trial. Paid plans start at $15/month.

White label Website builders and content management systems (CMS)

They say content is king. After all, it is content that attracts leads and converts them to customers, isn’t it? But content without a good platform to host and display it on is useless. As an agency, building websites is bread and butter. But the returning revenue might be in white label Content Management Systems.

They are another great avenue for generating revenue. Some white label CMS platforms and website builders you can consider include:

20. WordPress – Open Source CMS

WordPress is one of the biggest content management systems (CMS) on the planet. It powers over 33.5% of all websites. Apart from being free and open-source, WordPress is a jumpboard for white label website development.

  • Vibrant community
  • Loads of themes and plugins
  • Highly customizable
  • SEO-friendly
  • Reliable platform

Building amazing websites for your clients on WordPress can be very profitable. WordPress development services can be whitelabled as well as many plugins, themes and wordpress hosting. But it might be quite competitive and so many free options / plugins, and easy for the client to find out it is wordpress.  

21. Weblium

white label website builder

Website builders are a dime a dozen. But finding one that you can whitelabel is a different story. That’s where Weblium comes in.

Weblium is a cost-effective white label SaaS software that helps you get your clients’ websites live fast. It has the advantages:

  • Fully customizable
  • Ease of use (for both you and your clients)
  • Allows for collaboration
  • Determine your own markup

With its website supervisor funtion, Weblium takes care of many of the mundane and repetitive tasks involved in building websites. This allows you to build websites faster, resulting in your bottom line growing fast too.

22. Simvoly

Simvoly white label builder websites funnels email marketing

Looking for a white label website builder that gives you discounts up to 60%? Meet Simvoly.

One thing white label providers will like about Simvoly is the way you can fully customize the website builder. Make it look and feel like you want it to by changing every single element. Some other features you’ll get with Simvoly include:

  • Amazon hosting (for fast loading web pages)
  • Build your own responsive templates
  • Set your own pricing plans for reselling
  • No coding knowledge required

With Simvoly, you can monetize by building websites for your clients as well as reselling the website builder. This makes it a good option if you’re looking for a white label website builder.

Picking the right white label SaaS platform

You’ve seen the various white-label business opportunities. It is clear you could be reselling to your clients. Now let’s look at how to pick the right white label SaaS platform.

best white label saas platforms overview

#1 Get a grip on your Situation and the business opportunity

The first tip to help you pick the best white label SaaS platform is to consider your situation. Conduct an audit on your service offerings and the tools you have to offer those services. 

  • What services are your clients demanding that you’re not offering? 
  • What services can you offer that they are sourcing from elsewhere? 

The answers to these questions will help you zero in on the right white label SaaS platforms. Platforms you’d do well to add to your current toolset.

#2 White-Label vendor’s track record

Don’t just jump for the white-label platform that promises you the best returns. Instead, make sure to check their track record first. Find out how long they’ve been in business and the results they helped other agencies achieve.

And if they sell to your market, check how they avoid conflict of interest. Checking a vendor’s track record is crucial to knowing how viable it will be in the future.

#3 How will the SaaS platform help you in Marketing and Sales

How will your white-label SaaS platform help you market your products/services? What impact will it have on their lead generation and sales?

Think along these lines as you shop for a white label software to add to your tool stack and service offerings. The main reason clients come to you is that you can help them market their brands and sell their products. That’s why answering these questions should inform your choice.

#4 How flexible is the platform and skill level required

Flexibility is an important feature of every good white-label platform. A flexible platform will allow you to customize it. Such personalization opportunities are invaluable. Consider the skill level required to use the platform. The best are the ones that have a short learning curve and don’t need any special skill to use.

#5 Integrations

Integration is another important factor when looking for a white-label SaaS platform. A platform that doesn’t integrate well with other apps and software is bound to cause you a lot of headaches. Worse, it could lead to you losing some clients.

#6 All The Other Stuff

The 5 tips above are enough to help you settle on a good white label marketing platform. But they certainly aren’t everything. Here are a couple more things to consider:

  • Budget and Pricing – This will not only determine how much you pay for the platform but how much profit you can make from it as well.
  • Service and support – Let’s face it. When something goes wrong, your clients are going to look to you for customer support. This is why you must consider service and support before signing on the dotted line for a white-label SaaS platform. The better the service, the less downtime your clients will have.
  • Fit – Don’t just settle for a platform because it does what you want. Consider their mission, vision, and goals as well. These will help determine if you’re a good fit for each other.

Great! You’re almost ready to add a new white-label SaaS platform to your current toolset. But before you run off to get one (or two), let’s quickly go through some FAQs on white-label products.

White Label Products – Your FAQs Answered

Here are a few questions to be answered before closing off this article. Let’s quickly tackle common FAQs surrounding white labeling. This will help you make your next move with confidence. 

Will my customers know that I sell white label SaaS services?

In most cases, your customers won’t know that you’re reselling white label marketing services. If you’re worried about it, you can ask your vendor for an NDA.

This will prevent your service details from being leaked. Some vendors require that you tell your customers what’s “under the hood” of your white-label SaaS platform. Clients usually don’t mind as long as they’re getting the results they paid for.

How do I make money from reselling white label SaaS products?

Depending on your agreement with your vendor, you can make money from white label products in 2 ways:
1. Get a commission. In this model, your vendor pays you a commission for every client you sign up for the service.
2. Add a markup. In this model, the vendor acts as a wholesaler. You put your markup on the price you bought the product from the vendor. With more clients / services sold, you can often get a substantial volume discount. 
No matter the model, one thing is always certain. You can customize the product with your own branding or your client’s branding.

White label vs. private label – What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between white label and private label products?
White labeling. A manufacturer produces a product and offers it to anyone to rebrand. 
Private labeling. This is when you task a manufacturer to produce a product that can only be sold by you.
The difference between white label and private label in Saas and marketing services is in the customization.

White label business opportunities – A sustainable reseller and agency model

Whether you’re looking to add another revenue stream or simply seeking to remain relevant in the ever-changing digital landscape, white labeling SaaS software and services is an interesting business opportunity.

To recap, it helps you:

  • Scale quickly
  • Access the latest innovations without the development costs
  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Add new revenue streams

White label marketing is the future of sustainable business. That’s especially true for agencies that want to grow and expand their business. 

About Saumil Shah

Saumil is the marketing lead at InboxArmy, a professional email marketing agency that specializes in providing email marketing services from production to deployment. As an agency marketer, he's an expert in white label software services. In 2014, the digital marketing bug bit him and he fell in love with helping clients succeed in the digital arena. Saumil has helped clients in various niches grow their businesses and revenue through: SEO, content marketing, PPC, email marketing, and lead generation.

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