Swipe Pages Review 2024 – Is it the Best Landing Page Builder?

Swipe Pages is a simple landing page builder for agencies, eCommerce and SaaS. Founded in 2020, already going strong with over 7.000+ customers. Swipe Pages is an emerging favorite, but is it right for you?

For this full Swipe Pages review, I tested everything about the tool. All the features, pros & cons, and pricing. Here is the quick summary: 

Swipe Pages software summary

  • I found Swipe pages a very powerful landing page building tool.
  • The drag and drop editor is easy to use. It has 80+ pre-built blocks.
  • The 40+ templates are modern looking and very fast. They almost just need some tweaking.
  • The mobile landing pages aka “swipe pages” give an amazing visitor experience.
  • You can get started for free, paid pricing is very competitive starting at $29/month.

Swipe Pages is a specialized landing page tool. If you don’t need complex features, but rather build easy and high converting fast pages – you should check it out.

Get started with Swipe Pages for free here

What sets Swipe Pages apart from the competition

There are many website builders and landing page builders available. Some specialize in creating landing pages. Others as a part of all-in-one marketing suites. 

How do Swipe Pages set itself apart from them?

1. Swipe Pages offers mobile landing pages

Swipe Pages landing page mobile view editor

You’ll find it easy to create mobile landing pages with Swipe Pages. Landing pages that work well on mobile are easy to build and edit. You have 18 template categories to choose from.

Swipe Pages puts extra importance on mobile landing pages. As they should. In 2021, 56% of web traffic was mobile. Creating your landing pages for multiple screen sizes isn’t an option anymore, it’s a must.

In the Swipe Pages template gallery, there’s a special landing page category called ‘Mobile Slide’. These are mobile-first landing page templates that your visitors swipe through. It is like using an app. All templates look modern and feel interactive.

2. Use funnel-oriented Swipe Pages templates

Every business wants to beat the competition. Get leads, registrations and sell your products. Swipe Pages has landing pages for all parts of the funnel. You can try the templates directly inside the app.

Let’s look at this example of an eCommerce company using Swipe Pages in all the ways it can.

landing page packs in Swipe Pages

Just using the templates, you have landing pages for:

  • Comparison
  • Lead generation
  • Clickthroughs. Visitors come through these pages from an ad to learn more. They can either click through to shop or leave the page.

If you’re starting out with a few products and need a few e-commerce sales pages. These landing page templates are a quick way to get going. You can set up a lightweight website and publish good-looking, high-conversion landing pages. No need for a big eCommerce platform.

3. Swipe Pages has excellent page speeds

Visitors aren’t going to wait around for your page to load. Mobile visitors are super sensitive to page loading speeds. According to Google, as load time goes from 1 to 10 seconds, the probability of a mobile site visitor bouncing increases by 123%.

Swipe Pages decreases loading times by:

  • Resizing and compressing your images
  • Lazy loading images
  • Minifying code size
  • Compressing text
PageSpeed Insights report on a swipe pages landing pages

Swipe Pages offers AMP pages. These are ‘Accelerated Mobile Pages’, and Google loves them. AMPs load almost instantly. Site speed is a big factor in deciding a page’s organic ranking. And because AMPs load blazingly fast, they’re bound to give you SEO juice.

Swipe Pages uses the same level of compression across all their landing pages. Making them one of the fastest landing page services out there.

Sign up to Swipe Pages for free here

Swipe Pages Landing Page Builder Review

Let’s dive into the thick of things and review Swipe Pages. We’ll go through the landing page editor and page-building elements. Also, I’ll review mobile optimization, and other important features you need in a sturdy landing page builder.

Drag & Drop Landing Page Editor

The first thing you’ll notice about the Swipe Pages landing page editor is the dark mode theme. With so many tech products moving in this direction, I welcome a switch to the dark side. 

There are a lot of features and settings, but it is easy to use. So once you start exploring them,  these controls become your best friend quickly. Just drag and drop elements from the left side onto the canvas, style them. You’ll see all the changes directly in the visual editor.

Swipe Pages SaaS landing page editor

Form Builder

Forms are essential for converting landing page visitors. You can embed a form directly on your landing page. The editing options are extensive.

  • You add/remove form fields, adjust colors for CTAs, headings, text, and containers. Change font size and type to match your business branding.
  • Select what to do when a visitor fills your landing page form. Show them a thank you message or redirect them to a URL of your choice.
  • Add margins, borders, shadows, and animations to make your forms pop.

As you imagine, you can create a form that is exactly like you want it.


To create a popup form, go to your page settings and select ‘pop up’ from the drop-down menu.

Swipe Pages pop up builder

Editing pop-ups work exactly like editing forms. But you can add redirects and animations.

Multi-step Forms

multi step forms in Swipe pages

Multi-step forms are an extension of the Forms widget. By breaking up your forms into multiple steps your visitor isn’t overwhelmed. But feels more inclined to fill in the fields.

This way you get all the important information you need. Check out how amazingly cool and swift the experience is.

multi step form gif

Video Landing Pages

Using videos on a landing page can improve conversions by 86%. With Swipe Pages, it’s easy to add videos. You can include them as in-line content, make them show as a pop-up or as a background.

Go to modules, select the ‘Video’ element and drag it on mobile to the page. Tweak around with options like aspect ratio, and custom thumbnails. Choose if you want the video to auto-play, or be on a loop.

You can include YouTube, Vimeo, and self-hosted videos on your Swipe Pages landing page.

Adding a video to a landing page in Swipe Pages

Color Swatches & Saved Fonts (how easy it makes editing?)

Swipe Pages has a nifty feature to select your page colors. I just changed the primary color and some fonts. It took about 5 minutes and look at the difference:

Landing page template from Swipe Pages with different colors and typography

Select your color choices for titles, text, and primary/secondary colors. After picking them out, whenever you add a new element, it’ll show up in the color you set in the swatch. Setup your typography kit in the user interface for consistency.

font options

Pick fonts for all your headings, buttons, body text, and captions to save time and design landing pages that fit your brand. These colors and font options make editing easy, consistent, and quick.

Get started with Swipe Pages for free here

Image & Icon Gallery

Adding images to your landing page is simple. You drag the image module onto the page, upload an image, make adjustments for padding and margins, and voila. Your image is ready. What I like are the action options that come with images.

image action options

Whenever someone clicks on your pictures, you can trigger many actions. Show them a popup, get them on a call, show a URL, or even redirect them to elsewhere on the same landing page. It’s brilliant.

The icons module is something that all designers will love. It makes your job easier by letting you choose from 1000+ icons.

icons gallery

The best part is, as soon as you add your icon, it shows up in one of your designated colors so you have to do minimal editing. Icons are useful in assisting text, making the content of your landing pages easier to digest.


Swipe Pages has put thought into their software and it shows from the ‘Animations’ feature.

Animate any module, column, or section of your landing page to increase your landing page’s engagement. There are 8 animation types and they all look smooth.

25+ Module Elements

Swipes Pages didn’t hold back on their building blocks. Some companies call them blocks, others call them widgets. Swipe Pages calls them modules. These are all the drag and drop elements to create beautiful landing pages. Here are some of our favorite:

Countdown Timer 

This is a useful feature if you want to add urgency to your landing page offers. If you want visitors to take quick action, add a countdown timer.

countdown timer

You’ll set up your countdown timer in one of two ways. Choose ‘fixed’ if you want a universal timer that stops for everybody at the same time. Great for seasonal promotions like Black Friday. Or use an “evergreen timer” that starts for each visitor when they visit your landing page for the first time. Great if you are doing an evergreen webinar for instance.

Galleries & Carousel

landing page builder gallery

Showcase a collection of photos, or upload complete galleries on your landing page with the Galleries module. This is useful when you’re running contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways.

If you’re tight for space or want your visitor to show intent. You can choose carousels for displaying related images of offers. They’re like galleries but visitors can interact and swipe across photos.

Pricing Tables

Who needs a CSS developer when you can build pricing tables yourself on your landing page? No, I’m kidding, but Swipe Pages has thought of it. Want a price table on your landing page? No worries, just drag and drop it. Add your prices, features, and benefits. And you’re good to go.

pricing table

Customize columns, buttons, fonts, headings, icons, and all the other good stuff. Create compelling and visually appealing pricing tables. Too easy!

Get started with Swipe Pages for free here

Mobile landing pages in Swipe Pages

Creating mobile landing pages is easy. Swipe Pages offers unique mobile landing pages called ‘Mobile swipe’, and mobile versions of regular landing pages.

With mobile swipe pages, you’ll add slides, much like a presentation to your landing page. Your visitor will then swipe through slides to interact with content. 

mobile swipe page example from Swipe Pages

When working with regular landing pages, toggle between desktop and mobile versions. To make sure they look great on mobile devices.

mobile landing page editing

Perfect your landing page layout on mobile by making changes to any and all elements. Ensure your landing pages are responsive and don’t break across desktops, laptops, tablets & mobiles.

Build AMP mobile landing pages for higher quality scores, better visibility, and loading speed. You can build them without any coding in Swipe Pages.

Create mobile Swipe Pages for free here

AB testing in Swipe Pages

A/B testing is quite comprehensive. You have the option to create as many landing page variants as you wish. Assign weights to variants to select how much traffic each page gets.

variant testing options

Swipe Pages will give you a neat little analytics summary of your variants once they’re live and running.

landing page stats

You’ll see total visits, unique visits, number of conversions and the conversion rate. Based on these stats decide which variant is the best and increase your conversions.

We recommend split testing landing pages to maximize conversions. Almost, all landing page builders have AB testing. Still, only 17% of marketers use AB testing to optimize landing pages.

Swipe Pages Hosting

You can publish landing pages with your website URL to keep branding consistent. Swipe Pages also offers free SSL. Your pages are secure and encrypted which acts as a trust signal for any visitors on your landing pages.

Swipe Pages goes the extra mile to ensure great loading speed. They have a content delivery network (CDN) with 40 data centers to ensure your content loads fast anywhere around the globe. Combine it with 30+ optimization actions when a page is published and you’re bound to get lightning-fast load times.

Reporting and Analytics

Swipe Pages offers a bunch of useful reporting and analytics features. Apply date range filters and examine landing page performance for time period. Add more filters by goal type, variant or traffic source for detailed analysis.

analytics filters

Add Google Analytics code and Facebook pixel to your landing page. Swipe Pages includes scripts based on whether you’re building a standard page or AMP landing page.

Use Swipe Pages’ script manager to add tracking scripts anywhere on your landing page.

Sign up to Swipe Pages for free here


You can directly integrate and connect with email marketing platforms like Mailchimp or popular CRMs like Hubspot. Other direct integrations include:

And many more, if there isn’t a direct integration you can always connect using Zapier or Integromat.

Other notable features

1. Global Blocks
Build columns or complete sections and save them for later use across all your landing pages. I like that if I make a change once, the edits will reflect wherever the global block is used.

2. eCommerce
You can add your eCommerce products to your Swipe Pages account. Setup a payment gateway and add store information. Also, you can connect Shopify, Woocommerce, and 195 eCommerce platforms with Swipe Pages via Zapier.

3. Subaccounts
Working with a team? No problem. You can add subaccounts to give access to some, or all parts of your Swipe Pages account.

4. SEO and social sharing
Optimize your landing page for search engines. Add SEO titles, meta descriptions, keywords, and other tags. Create twitter cards and add social media titles, and images to make your social media ad stand out.

Swipe Pages Customer Support

Swipe Pages offers live chat support 5 days a week. Agency customers get priority support. If you want to get in touch the old-fashioned way, email support is available six days a week.

Swipe pages have an in-depth knowledge center that covers important topics. You’ll find articles on page builder, opt-in pages, domain and publishing, mobile pages, eCommerce support, analytics, integrations, and more.

Swipe Pages pricing and plans

Swipe Pages has three price plans. Sign up for a trial today and upgrade to paid when you feel ready.

swipe pages pricing

You have the Startup plan for $29 a month. This includes smart pages, AMP pages, drag and drop editor, and 1 custom domain. You get key elements like multi-step forms and hosting with SSL & CDN.

The Marketer plan is $59 a month. This plan is great if you want to deeply integrate Swipe Pages to your marketing stack. It includes all features of the Startup plan, 5 custom domains, and direct integrations for marketing tools.

The agency plan is $119 a month. Including features of the other plans, it also offers priority support, 1:1 onboarding, and unlimited domains.

Check full pricing here

Swipe Pages discount

Looking for a sweet deal on Swipe Pages? We’ve got you covered. Sign up for free today and apply the coupon code “EVS20” at checkout to get 20% off on all plans. Sign up today for Swipe Pages.

Swipe Pages Pros and Cons

featured image: swipe pages review landing page builder creator cro testing interactive pages

What we like

  • 40+ modern landing page templates for different business and use cases
  • 25+ elements give you the flexibility to create any page
  • Free trial has all the features
  • App-like swipe pages for mobile
  • Direct integrations with email marketing software, CRMs, and more

What can be better

  • In the beginning difficult to sift through all elements to find what you’re looking for
  • Support can be a bit slow
  • No super fancy AI content generation or such.

Get started with Swipe Pages for free here

Swipe Pages as a Leadpages alternative

Leadpages offers a broader suite of features including websites, lead collection for email marketing, and landing pages. They offer just two plans. Standard at $37 a month and Pro at $74 a month.

As Swipe Pages is more specialized in landing pages, their product is stronger. But if you consider other tools, Leadpages is also an option. Swipe Pages is one of the better Leadpage alternatives if you’re looking for specialized landing page software.

Swipe Pages as an Unbounce alternative

Unbounce offers landing page tools and a copywriting AI tool. Their landing page plans are Build ($99/month), Experiment ($149/month) and Optimize ($249/month).

Compared to Swipe Pages, Unbounce doesn’t offer unlimited domains on its highest price plan. Where they take points is through their smart builder feature. This is an AI assistant feature that lets you build quick and easy landing pages.

Swipe Pages verdict: Is it the right landing page builder for you?

Well done on making it to the end of the review. Hopefully, now you have a solid grasp over Swipe Pages, its capabilities, and its shortcomings. We think it’s a brilliant specialized landing page tool. Here’s how we rank it:

Ease of Use: 4/5
Page Templates: 4.5/5
Responsivity: 5/5
AB testing: 5/5
Personalization: 4/5
Integrations: 3.5/5
Page Types: 4.5/5
Pop-ups & forms: 4/5
Reports & analytics: 4.5/5

Overall: 4.4/5

We gave it 4.4 because of its fast loading speeds, AMP pages, editing tools available, and overall responsive landing page design.

Get started using Swipe Pages for free here

Swipe Pages for SaaS Landing Pages

Swipe Pages has a whole section of SaaS landing page templates for inspiration. The templates are modern. And the way they are set up makes designing SaaS landing pages easy. You can get started by choosing from 1 of 7 SaaS landing page templates.

template options

Marketers can take advantage and build quick, optimized SaaS landing pages. Here are a few of them to give you an idea.

1. CRM SaaS landing page template

crm saas landing page

The CRM SaaS landing page is designed to showcase and convince a visitor of your CRM’s prowess. Honestly, half the page is already done. You just have to plug in your media and information to personalize it to your taste.

Headlines, CTAs, and images are optimized throughout the page. There’s a social proof section with trust scores and ratings from customers. There are sections with blocks for each of your important features, followed by a dedicated CTA section. Drag and drop other elements as you need them.

You aren’t limited to a template by your type of Saas business. These templates work across most business types. With a little bit of editing, you can turn a CRM page into a project management landing page.

Get started with this template

2. Social media SaaS landing page template

social media saas landing page

This SaaS landing page template is perfect for social media related apps. You have a Corporate Memphis art style hero image: perfect and very popular in Saas. You can add badges, for instance, G2 and Trustpilot ratings below your CTA to increase trust.

Below the fold, you have the main features section with friendly and inviting icons. Followed by customer testimonials for social proof. The page includes a pricing table to let your customers know what features they’ll get with each plan. It’s a well-thought-out layout, ready for your content.

Get started to browse more templates

3. Help desk SaaS landing page template

If you run a help desk app, this SaaS landing page is perfect for you.

helpdesk saas landing page

You’ll find the right fonts and styling for a help desk service. The branding looks professional and composed. You have sections to talk about inboxing features, automations, and knowledge management. 

This product landing page includes a section on integrations, trust scores, and customer testimonials for social proof. Wrap up the landing page with a dedicated CTA section at the bottom just below your footer. 

Get started with this template

4. Project management SaaS landing page template

project management landing page

Swipe Pages’ project management SaaS landing page template offers everything. This software landing page includes a hero features section, app mockups, and customer showcase.

Edit customer testimonials, show your pricing and add compelling CTAs to your software landing page. If you have any other landing page ideas, you can choose from 25+ modules and add them as you see fit.

Get started and browse more templates

5. Marketing automation SaaS landing page template

Swipe Pages has a marketing automation landing page template.

marketing automation saas landing page

This SaaS landing page template comes with a modern gradient background. Below the CTA, you can woo your customers by showing your big-name customer logos.

Below the fold, you’ll find a section for each of your main features. Each section includes a graphic placeholder, a headline, and room for descriptions. Increase conversions with a section for customer testimonials followed by a CTA.

Get started with this template

6. Lead magnet SaaS landing page template

Swipe Pages’ lead magnet Saas page template is perfect to get more leads with your gated content. 

lead magnet landing page

The hero image placeholder is perfect for a pdf, ebook, cheatsheet, checklist, etc. Below your headline, add a compelling description to get visitors to share email addresses and click on the CTA.

Below the fold, you can edit:

  • customer reviews, 
  • a section with a table of contents for your lead magnet, 
  • and a section to add more photos.

Get started and browse more templates

7. CRM comparison SaaS landing page template

Choosing between CRMs is an important decision for any customer. You want to make sure that your SaaS business is part of their consideration. You can do this by building a highly effective comparison SaaS landing page.

crm comparison landing page

True to the theme of the page, the template has a sign-up form front and center. It’s important that customers get in touch with you so you can address their pain points when looking for a CRM.

Below the fold, this software landing page includes software review company scores. You’ll find a well-designed comparison table. Here you can add your competitors and highlight how you outpace them in certain areas. 

Similarly, there’s a price comparison table. Finally, add customer testimonials to instill confidence in your visitors. A SaaS CRM will find this template super-handy.

Get started with this template

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a landing page used for?

A landing page has many business use cases. You can use them for marketing efforts, lead generation, getting website traffic, and selling products.A modern landing page builder offers drag and drop editing functionality. You can customize many elements or create content from scratch. Create your first landing page with Swipe Pages.

How much does a landing page cost?

Landing pages can cost between $10-200 a month. In fact, you can even build some for free. If you want to build high-converting landing pages at a low price, sign up to Swipe Pages. Such services only charge you a monthly subscription fee. You can save on all the other costs of development, hosting, and optimization.

Can you have a landing page without a website?

Yes, you can have a landing page without a website. You can host landing pages independently with landing page SaaS companies. You can create a landing page and they’ll host it on their own domains

What is a company landing page?

A company landing page is a stand-alone web page designed to accomplish a single task. This can be to get a lead to sign-up, make a booking, or sell products. 

What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

A landing page is a stand-alone page that serves a single purpose. While a website has many links and allows visitors to complete lots of actions, landing pages serve to direct attention towards a single task. This can be for marketing, lead generation, or sales.

Is there a free alternative to Leadpages?

Yes, there are many free alternatives to Leadpages. Some free landing page alternatives are Wix and GetResponse. You can try Swipe Pages for free. This trial will include all features you need to get started and explore Swipe Pages.

About Rukham Khan

Rukham is a data-driven marketing enthusiast, and technology researcher with over 5 years of experience. With a background working at Saas provider, he is know for insightful articles about marketing and researched and reviewed marketing and business software. He has a love for email marketing tools, marketing automation platforms, SMTP providers, CRMs, SMS marketing platforms, landing page builders, SEO platforms, email validation software, online course tools, and eBook creators. Trust should be the basis for all marketing communication.

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