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itracMarketer is an Email Marketing, Marketing Automation and CRM solution built for business growth that manages compliance and respects data privacy while powering digital marketing requirements.

itracMarketer offers automated campaigns and lead capture, features to amplify customer acquisition and retention, and optimizes marketing performance. itracMarketer is a solution that adapts to business operations and interactions with customers while integrating with simple and complex business systems.

With personal touch service the itracMarketer resources aim to be an extension of your marketing team.

itracMarketer company history

itracMarketer was founded in 2003 and is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The platform was built on a Marketing CRM and then expanded capabilities and functionality to include web tracking, automation and many more features to provide an online marketing suite.

itracMarketer alternatives

Are you looking for an itracMarketer alternative for your email marketing? We listed some itracMarketer alternatives.

Products and services

itracMarketer is a digital marketing platform that provides simple and advanced email, marketing automation and CRM capabilities with built-in privacy/compliance management.

The company also offers services to prepare campaigns, design, list segmentation, testing as well as strategy and custom marketing automation solutions.

In addition to the user-friendly email marketing functionality the application has contact/lead generation capabilities, lead tracking/scoring, Coupon/QRcode management, landing pages, content management, sophisticated tagging/reporting, social tools, responsive templates and integration with many other systems and platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, etc.

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