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ExpertSender is a multichannel platform that helps eCommerce stores to grow their revenue with marketing automation across email, SMS, mobile, web and chat channels. Providing advanced data-driven customer segmentation, dynamic message personalization and dedicated support for all their customers.

ExpertSender is responsible for sending over 20 billion marketing messages each year for over 1000 brands worldwide.

ExpertSender is an active member of several initiatives and organizations that define and promote best practices in email marketing automation. These include the Email Experience Council, the Email Sender & Provider Coalition and Signal Spam. ExpertSender is GDPR Compliant.

Expertsender Industries and Customers
ExpertSender customers come from a range of industries including; eCommerce retailers, travel, fashion, banking & financial services, gaming, media & entertainment. With offices in the USA, France, Spain, Poland, Russia, China and Brazil.

Brands who have already trusted ExpertSender’s expertise include: Michelin, Starbucks, AXA, Citroen, National Geographic Learning, Media Markt, Peugeout, Seat, Victoria’s Secret, Tui and Axel Springer

CSA Membership and certificate

ExpertSender S.A. is a member of the Certified Senders Alliance.
You can view the certificate here.

ExpertSender alternatives

Are you looking for an ExpertSender alternative for your email marketing? We listed some ExpertSender alternatives.

Products and services

Automate customer life cycles and create real-world business scenarios which will help lead your customers down their desired path.

Multichannel solutions
Use different modules across a number of channels such as email, SMS & Web push and boost eCommerce conversions and increase sales.

ExpertSender’s segmentation was voted the best among email providers globally. If you’ve got the data, you’ll be able to segment it any way you please. If you’re a business user or a SQL veteran, they’ll have you covered.

ExpertSender has experts in deliverability and can help with anything related to inbox placement with the most popular ISPs. They are able to advise you on problems with blacklisting, IP warming, IP volume balancing, throttle rates with specific ISPs and IP-routing.

The ExpertSender platform offers unlimited personalization capabilities with dynamic content. Just store your customer data within custom fields or more complex data within data tables and you can start sending real one-to-one campaigns right away.

ExpertSender has a number of integrations with eCommerce platforms, recommendation engines and analytics platforms. These include: Magento, Piwik Pro, FastTony, Omniconvert, VTEX, IgnitionOne and Bluerank. Need integration with another platform? Ask them or make use of their API.

Key features

The ExpertSender platform is built using Microsoft technology, including Microsoft’s Azure enterprise-grade cloud computing platform.
ExpertSender has a number of features and solutions that are designed to boost conversions and increase sales:

  • Multichannel Marketing
  • Product Recommendations
  • Price Drop Notifications
  • Shopping Cart Abandonment
  • Web Behavior Segmentation
  • Post-Sale Relationship Building
  • Customer Journey Automation
  • Retargeting of Anonymous Users

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