Teachery Review 2023 – Is it the Right Online Course Platform for You?

Teachery is gaining traction in the fast-growing online course industry. It was founded in 2013 and since then became an interesting option for course creators who don’t have a huge budget and want to set up courses quickly. But is it right for you?

For this Teachery Review, I tested everything! Here’s the full review with all the features, pros & cons, pricing, and more. Let’s start with a summary for you impatient ones:

Teachery review: Quick summary

In this Teachery review, we focus on what the platform is. What features it offers, and what makes it stand out. Here are Teachery’s highlights:

  • Create your own courses quickly
  • Teachery plans are simple. No extra cost once you sign-up to a plan
  • Create as many courses as you want for unlimited students
  • No drag and drop editing but still gets the job done
  • Market your courses with landing pages, emails and drip lessons

Let’s dive into this Teachery review.
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What is Teachery?

teachery homepage with value proposition and illustration

Teachery is an online course platform built by course creators. The platform focuses on simplicity. Teachery makes it easy to set up a course and integrate it with your website.

Teachery gives you all the tools and functions to smoothly launch your first course. You don’t need any technical skills and there is no hassle with WordPress plugins and coding. Start selling your courses on Teachery right away.

I found that the interface is easy to understand and editing is quick and simple.

Teachery is great for anyone who wants to share their skills and monetize them with online courses but doesn’t need all the frills. 

Teachery online course platform review

Your first course is a big deal. Let’s look at how Teachery supports you with its course editor.

Build your first online course

As soon as you sign up with Teachery, you get right into the thick of things. Teachery’s online course wizard asks you:

  • to give your course a title
  • choose first 3 main topics
  • add descriptions for each topic

Within 5 minutes, you’ll have the basic structure of your course ready. Then you get into the details.

screenshot of teachery course builder page

After giving your course its basic structure. You add more content to your course. Or you can skip this part for now and add payment options, landing pages, or student login pages.

All the options you need to launch a successful online course are available from the left panel.

Editing the course content is based on content blocks. You add your headlines, text, embed video or audio in these content blocks.

video preview snippet inside course page builder

My favorite feature is the little ‘Lesson Resources’ content block. 

lesson resources panel in course builder

You add:

  • Images directly hosted on Teachery. 
  • Video files hosted on external sites. These can be your videos or content that supports your lesson.
  • Tables to create worksheets or collect information useful for students
  • Lists to summarize lesson points

You change all the colors for text, titles, and buttons to be consistent all over your course. All these settings are in the “Style Your Course’ menu, set them once and you’re done.

Does Teachery offer Drag and Drop Editing?

It doesn’t. But it may not be a deal-breaker. Not having a drag and drop editor is a tradeoff. You give up some level of customization for ease of use. Here’s what Jason (one of the co-founders) had to say when I asked him about it:

“​​Hello Rukham 👋 We don’t have drag and drop functionality within our course editor. We’ve been developing our two-course templates and various course pages for years and have found that our simple editor removes all the extra thinking based on our testing 😊 .

I have to say I agree with Jason. Even if you’re used to drag and drop editing, give it a try. Once you use the builder and see how easy it is to create courses, you’ll see it makes sense.

Online course templates

Jason already mentioned course templates. So what are these course templates?

To help you create online courses faster, Teachery offers 2 core layouts:

  • The minimal look: modern, sleek, and simple
  • The sidebar Template: includes more options for adding content and has a more ‘blocky’ look.
teachery templates comparison side to side

Minimal template (left) vs Sidebar (right)) 

If you compare features, both templates are similar. It’s just the way you present your course content that changes.

Create drip lessons

Every instructor wants his students to complete all the lessons. And you do as well. But usually, there are problems along the way.

Sometimes students will skim lessons, skip a few or just give up halfway (Hey, I’ve been guilty of this too). Teachery’s drip lesson options solve this problem.

Using drip lessons, you can make sure they go through the whole class. Lock chapters for students to access the next lesson only after they’ve completed everything before. Or unlock after a certain time has passed. It’s your choice how you set it up.

3 options for setting up drip lessons

This feature comes with two useful additions:

  • Generate automated emails for your students each time a new lesson is unlocked
  • Create urgency to complete a course by adding a course expiry date

Use these tools to incentivize your students and keep them engaged with your Teachery course.

Add more people to your course with landing pages

Professional course creators will tell you the secret to selling a course is to make the sign-up process easy for students. Most professionals do this by creating landing pages that are convincing, and shareable.

If you want to invite and convince students, you can build landing pages in Teachery.

The landing page editing options are the same as for online course pages. The only difference is the layout.

landing page builder screenshot

The main sections of the landing page are prepopulated for you. 

Teachery adds placeholders for headlines, subheadings, images, columns, advantages sections and CTAs. You add or remove them as it suits your needs. 

You can add custom CSS code to your landing pages if you want more styling options. 

This landing page feature also comes with a payment pages template to add payment options for students. Here, you can also add promo codes for your course.

Send emails and integrate with your email software

Teachery lets you create 3 types of emails:

  • Welcome email
  • Course completed email
  • Lesson unlocked email

All three email types are automated. So when someone signs up, completes a lesson or a course they get an email from you. After you set these emails up, you won’t have to lift a finger anymore. 

The emails are simple, text-based. The editing is done by changing text, background color, and link color. Usually, these three course emails will be enough.

course completion email screenshot

If you want to take your email marketing up a notch and create more advanced funnels and designs. You can always integrate your email service provider with Teachery.

Go to accounts > integrations and select your ESP of choice.

options for teachery intergration with mailchimp and convertkit

Right now native integrations are available for Mailchimp and ConvertKit. Other integrations include Stripe for payments and Zapier. 

What does Teachery cost?

When you sign up, Teachery automatically gives you a free 14-day trial. You can use all their features and test them for free. 

When you’re ready to pay for Teachery, just head to your Account page (or payments page). Pick a plan, and add your credit card.

Teachery offers a single paid plan with two options.

teachery pricing plans screenshot

The monthly plan will set you back $49 a month while the yearly plan is a once-a-year payment of $470. So with the yearly plan, you get a 20% Teachery discount. 

Both plans include:

  • Unlimited courses
  • Unlimited students
  • Landing pages
  • Custom domains
  • ESP integrations
  • Analytics
  • Payment pages
  • Affiliate program
  • Custom HTML support
  • Customer support

To see Teachery with just two plans is a refreshing sight in the SaaS domain. In an industry where pricing is getting more complex and confusing over time, Teachery kept it simple. 

Compared to Teachable or Hubspot, not only is Teachery cheaper but it lets you build unlimited courses and have unlimited students, making it very scalable. 

Try out Teachery today.

How’s the support for Teachery?

Both the co-founders are active in chat. When you reach out to them, you can expect to get an answer the same day. It’s quite nice to talk directly with the founders! 

Teachery has a repository of support articles. In these ‘Help Docs’ you’ll find info on setting up your course, customization, payment settings, advanced features, integrations, etc.  

If you still have questions, email them or reach out to them on their social channels. If you’re from the UK and US, there is also phone support.

Teachery vs. Teachable

To decide if Teachery is the right choice for you, you have to compare it with alternative online course platforms.

Teachable offers more features like course analytics, more integrations, and one-on-one live student sessions. Teachable has four payment options:

  • Free plan
  • Basic ($29/month)
  • Pro ($99/month)
  • Business ($249/month)

Teachable is a better option if you’re experienced with course building. While Teachery is a great option for beginners and people that don’t need all those advanced features.

Other alternatives worth considering are Thinkific and Learnworlds. Both offer a more powerful set of features but have restrictions on the number of students and courses. You pay more as you create courses. Learn more about pricing and features in our full Thinkific review.

Sign up for a 14-day free trial to test Teachery before you commit to a paid plan.

Teachery Review: Conclusion and recommendations

Teachery is a refreshing piece of technology for course building. It’s one of those rare brands that follows through with what it preaches at each touchpoint. 

They promise simplicity and ease of use. You experience this in every interaction with the Teachery online course builder.

In this Teachery review, we looked at all the core features, along with support and price. Teachery stands out for its comparatively low prices and unlimited courses features.

The next step for Teachery could be to include more interactive features for course creators like:

  • quizzes,
  • live chat,
  • sessions,
  • and video hosting/webinars.

These features will allow course creators to sell online courses easily while making it more fun for students.

The online learning sector has grown to over $240 billion in 2022. And Teachery is a great online course platform to get started and take your piece of the online learning cake. It’s perfect for beginning educators, price-aware online course builders, and people that like to keep it simple and straightforward.

If you want to learn more about selling online (courses or products), check out our guide on how to sell digital products and downloads online.

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