99+ Best Free Mailchimp Templates for 2024

Find your Mailchimp campaigns are looking a bit samey? It happens. Often because Mailchimp doesn’t have the best selection of email templates. You only get over 100 to choose from, even on paid plans. And they don’t all look the best anyway.

You might have thought about getting custom Mailchimp templates built. But that gets expensive if you have to pay someone to do it. Or you need HTML coding skills.

Is there a way to get high-quality professional templates for Mailchimp for free? Yes, Beefree is a service that specialises in creating beautiful responsive HTML templates. It offers more than 1200 email templates. All of them are Mailchimp compatible and designed to look great on desktop and mobile devices. 

And the best thing of all? You don’t have to pay for any of them. Pick a free email template, customize it, and export it to your Mailchimp account. You’ll have slick, fresh-looking campaigns going out in no time.

The only problem is finding the right template. So to help you out, I dived in to find the best Mailchimp templates Beefree has to offer.

Free eCommerce MailChimp Templates

ecommerce email templates free Beefree builder

Email is a personal and timely channel. Ecommerce email marketing is for promoting and recommending products, sales, sending receipts and order confirmations, and recovering abandoned carts. 

If Mailchimp email templates for ecommerce are your thing, Beefree has you covered. It offers 195 free email templates designed for ecommerce. There’s a free email template for all use cases.

Browse 190+ free eCommerce email templates (@Beefree)

Free MailChimp Templates for Product Recommendations

free Mailchimp template for product recommendations in BEE

This is a great Mailchimp template for recommending a product. The layout is clean and straightforward. There’s a space for your company logo, a heading for naming the product, and a line for a description. A nice big image block for showing what you’re offering. And a CTA button. This free email template is set up for downloading a digital product (ebook). But it’s easy to change the CTA button to ‘Order Now’ or ‘Buy Now’.

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For me, the layout of this template is its greatest strength. With a product recommendation, grabbing attention is the key. This is what the emphasis on images does. Then the three-column blocks are great for highlighting features or benefits. They let you provide just enough information. And the details are clear and easy to scan.

Download it here for free

ecommerce Mailchimp template for product recommendations in BEE

With this email template, again, I like the simplicity. The design is all about the image. Add a quality picture of your product, and all eyes get drawn to it in the centre. The dark background just makes the image stand out even more.

Good imagery can be all you need to grab attention. Unlike some Mailchimp email templates, there’s not a huge amount of space for text. But that adds to the visual impact. And if the reader needs more convincing, there’s a discount code at the bottom. Offering an incentive will increase your conversions.

Download it here for free

Free MailChimp Templates for Product Promotions

Mailchimp email template for black friday

Is there a better way to promote products than through a sales event? And sales events don’t come bigger than Black Friday.

What I like about this email template is the sense of fun it has. It doesn’t take itself too seriously. But it’s effective. That main Black Friday banner is striking. It grabs attention and tells you what the email is about right away. Then the line under ‘Visit Shop’ and the two arrows are animated, directing the reader’s attention to the offer.

Look what the arrows are drawing your gaze to. Products of photos and big clear discount percentages. And count those CTA buttons. Five of them. You could also add links to the product photos. That’s nine different click-through options in a single email template. This is a Mailchimp template designed to convert subscribers into customers.

Download it here for free

free Mailchimp email template for product promotions

I like this as an email template for product promotions because it’s all about the products. People want to know what an email is about straight away. The best way to do that is with images.

It’s got all the essential elements you want from a Mailchimp email template. A placeholder for your company logo. A headline and tagline. A CTA (with a promotion code). I like that the CTA is placed right at the top.

Tastefully laid out, with the odd text prompt to include prices, deals etc.  Let the products do the work!

Download it here for free

Free MailChimp Templates for Abandoned Cart Emails

Mailchimp email template for abandoned cart reminders

Abandoned cart emails are about not giving up on a sale opportunity. If a customer adds items to your online shopping cart but doesn’t buy, all is not lost. A simple email reminder can rescue the sale.

I like the headline on this free email template. It’s not too pushy, but not trying to go around the houses, either. It makes its point simply but politely. You looked at this product. Maybe even add it to your cart. It’s still available!

Design-wise, everything is clear and easy to scan. And I like the placeholders for other product recommendations. The customer might have moved on from buying the main item. But if you’re going to email them about an abandoned cart, why not try to secure another sale?

Download it here for free

free Mailchimp email template abandoned cart

This is a great-looking email template. Again, its impact is all visual. The colour scheme. The clever headline, broken up over two lines to make it stand out even more. The main product image seems to be leaping out of the box towards you. It seems to be saying – here’s what you left behind. Do you want to take it?

But while the design is clever and eye-catching, it’s still uncluttered and clear. It sticks to the core elements that all good email templates have. Logo, heading, description, main image, CTA button. It makes the purpose of the email very clear.

Download it here for free

Free Newsletter MailChimp Templates

Beefree has 165 different Mailchimp newsletter templates to choose from. All of them are free, so you will never run out of inspiration for a new newsletter design.

Here are a couple of my favourites.

free Mailchimp template for newsletters

Companies often make the same mistake with newsletters. They fill their email with all the stories they want to tell. That makes an email newsletter very text-heavy. And not very appealing in an inbox. It’s an invitation just to skip by.

It’s much better to summarise the stories and invite the reader to click through to read more. Which is exactly what this template does. The point is to make the email attractive and easy to scan. And then give the reader the choice of going further.

This template is designed to promote a blog. But it can be changed for any purpose. For a company newsletter, you could change that top CTA to ‘view our latest deals’. Or ‘sign up for special offers’. The key is that it grabs attention with a big striking image. And then the stories come next.

Download it here for free

newsletter email template

Sometimes you want a newsletter to be focused on a single theme. More about information or advice than news. This email template is a good example of how to do that. Simple headers summing up what it’s all about. Short, concise information that’s easy to scan. Then links through to find out more. 

Download it here for free

Free Real Estate MailChimp Templates

real estate email template

This kind of classic email template is perfect for real estate email marketing. You haven’t got the space in an email to go into lots of detail. Not if you want to grab the reader’s attention, anyway. 

What I like about this email template is it lets the properties do the talking. It’s very much image-led. And how a property looks is the first thing that will draw a buyer in. There’s enough room for top-line details like price and location. But the focus is encouraging readers to click through for more information.

The layout is very straightforward and clear. But I like that there’s just a touch of flair in having the image boxes different sizes. This creates some visual interest to draw the eye down the page.

Download it here for free

Free MailChimp Templates for Publishers

Push HTML email template to your Mailchimp account

I wanted to share this series of email templates from the same designer with you. For me, they cover everything you could want as a publisher.

These Mailchimp templates show how much you can customize the same design. But having 4 versions ready to go makes life even easier. The design scheme across all four templates is simple but effective. The layouts are clean and easy to scan. The colour is striking. 

I like how the templates prioritise different details and CTAs for you. So for the author Q&A, it’s the event date and registration link. For downloading a free copy, an image of the book cover and a download link. You could customize a single template to do this yourself. But having effective alternatives like this saves you lots of time.

Download Q&A template Download eBook template

Mailchimp templates for publishers

These last two templates are clever bits of email marketing. They’re both ways to cross-promote other products. With the Author’s Spotlight, you can include links to that writer’s back catalogue. And the Did You Enjoy template is a great purchase follow-up. Give a customer a few weeks to read their new book, and then send this email to promote your wider catalogue.

Download Author Spotlight template Download eBook library template

Free MailChimp Template for Thank You Email

thank you for your order Mailchimp template

Order confirmations act as purchase receipts for online sales. But as with this free email template, they are also a way to say a friendly ‘thank you’.

What I like about this custom template is that it serves three purposes. It’s an order confirmation and a thank you. But it’s also a sales plug for other products. Why not take the opportunity to encourage an existing customer to buy more?

Aside from that, the design is visually very appealing. There’s no key message or product image you want to stand out. So you can afford to be bold with the design. Go all out to grab attention and make your brand memorable.

Download it here for free

Free Notification MailChimp Templates

free email template for confirmations

Notification emails come in all sorts of different types. A classic is the confirmation email. It could be to confirm an appointment. Or it could be an email to confirm an order, a delivery, or payment.

This is a great all-purpose notification email template. It’s a simple, generic design. So it can be easily customized for all uses.

I like the box in the middle. This makes it easy to list the details of whatever you are confirming. Details matter in a confirmation email. They act as a reference or receipt for your customer. It’s also why a plain design is most suitable. On this occasion, what matters is the information, not how eye-catching the email is.

Download it here for free

resubscribe email template

Sometimes you need to send an email to get a specific response. This free Mailchimp template is a good example of that. Getting someone to reconfirm a subscription is important to comply with privacy laws. 

The design of this email template is a great balance of eye-catching and clear. Which is exactly what you want. You need to grab attention. Even more than a promotional email, you don’t want people missing out. So I like the stylized design in the top section and the clear CTA.

But then you must provide all the information the subscriber or customer needs. They should know why the action is important. And have all the information they need to make a decision. So in this case, text to explain is more important than visuals. This email template strikes a good balance.

Download it here for free

Free Seasonal MailChimp Templates

free seasonal email templates Beefree builder

A lot of email marketing is based around special events and seasons. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and national holidays. Whatever the occasion, seasonal events are a great reason to promote your brand. Or launch special offers.

Beefree has 270 seasonal email templates for Mailchimp. Whatever the time of year, you’ll find beautiful responsive HTML email templates.

Here are some of my favourite seasonal email marketing templates.

Browse 270 seasonal email templates (@Beefree)

Free MailChimp Templates for Christmas

Christmas email template

This Christmas email template ticks all the right boxes. It’s bright, it’s colourful, it’s warm. The cartoony-style graphics have that sense of fun you want at Christmas. Get into that seasonal spirit of good cheer!

But at the same time, it’s very clear what this email is all about. You can’t miss the ‘Merry Christmas’. But you can’t miss the ‘Big Sale’, either. I like the way this email template is split into two clear parts. The top half is the fun stuff, eye-catching, nailing the Christmas message. But then below, it’s all business. Colours stripped out with product images and buttons. 

Download it here for free

12 days of Christmas email template

There’s a touch of class about this free email template. We often think about Christmas as being big, bold, and colourful. But it can all get a little too much. The colour scheme of this template is understated and sophisticated. That alone makes it stand out. 

Plus, there’s the stylish graphics. And the Christmas tree/advent calendar concept is clever. It’s a great way to make CTA buttons part of the theme.

Download it here for free

Free MailChimp Templates for Halloween

halloween email template

This email template is an easy win for jumping on the Halloween bandwagon. The ‘No Tricks, Only Treats’ headline is playful and fun. A great way to push a seasonal promotion.

Design-wise, it ticks all the right boxes, too. It’s got that dark Halloween vibe but is still clear and easy to read. There’s space for your logo and information about your company. And, of course, the products you’re promoting with a CTA. 

Download it here for free

Free MailChimp Templates for Other Holidays

Earth day email template

Awareness days are another great opportunity to run email marketing campaigns. This email template is for Earth Day. The message about making everyday Earth Day is powerful. The main image has an immediate impact and explains what the email is about right away. 

There’s space for your company logo. Then as you scroll down, there’s plenty of room to explain your green initiatives. Or share useful information. 

I’ve shared the bottom half of this template, too. It’s a great layout for informing and explaining. It’s neat, it’s clear, and it’s uncluttered. There’s a good balance between images and text.

Download it here for free

How to Import a Template to Mailchimp

So you’ve picked your perfect free email template in Beefree. You’ve customized it in the Beefree email editor. You’re ready to use it for your next email marketing campaign. But how do you get your custom template from Beefree and into your Mailchimp account?

Here are 2 easy options.

Quick and easy push to Mailchimp

Export to email marketing tool Beefree io builder

Select your template in Beefree and click Export. You will see a box with four export options.

The easiest way to get your template to your Mailchimp account is with a direct push. Beefree connects to several email marketing platforms. This means it will send your email template straight to your ESP.

Beefree push to Mailchimp email marketing tool sending software

To send your email template, select Mailchimp and log in to your account. This will authorize the connection between Beefree and your Mailchimp account. The template will then be available in your Mailchimp dashboard.

Export HTML from Beefree and import to Mailchimp

get email HTML Beefree email template editor

The other option is to download HTML files and images from Beefree. The HTML files are the code for your email template. Beefree downloads templates as a ZIP file. This file contains an HTML file and the images in your email.

To import your template to your Mailchimp account, go to Campaigns > Email Templates > Create Template. Then look for the Code Your Own option and select Import ZIP. Choose the file from your computer, name it, and click Upload. You’ll then see your new Mailchimp template ready to use.

Get started with Beefree for free here

Capping off Free Mailchimp Email Templates

Templates make email marketing much quicker and easier. A customizable template gives you a head start compared to building an email from scratch. A lot of the design work is already done. You just have to edit and add your touches.

But if you want to have the right impact with your subscribers, it’s important to choose the right templates. Mailchimp is a great email marketing service. But it doesn’t have the biggest choice of templates. And they aren’t all the best quality.

That’s why I’d recommend all Mailchimp users to check out a third-party template builder. Look for one that offers Mailchimp-compatible templates. And ideally, free Mailchimp templates. This makes it much easier to create beautiful HTML emails. That’s why I like Beefree. There are 1200+ premium templates to choose from. All suitable for Mailchimp. All for free.

And what makes a great Mailchimp template? First, look for designs that suit your purpose. You can find templates to match your type of business. Or for a seasonal event. Or to send notifications to customers. Then look for the visual impact. You want HTML emails that grab attention in the inbox, with quality images and graphics. But you also want the message to be clear, with easy-to-scan layouts and obvious CTAs. The success of your campaign is getting people to act on your emails. You don’t want the message lost in a design that tries to do too much.

Free Mailchimp Email Templates FAQ

Does Mailchimp have free templates?

Yes, Mailchimp has free templates. But there is only a very basic selection. 

There are lots of free drag-and-drop email editors with thousands of templates. We recommend Beefree. They have 1200+ professionally designed templates and a Mailchimp integration to sync templates easily.

Try Beefree for free here

How do I get a Mailchimp template?

Email templates come with every Mailchimp account. But compared to some email marketing services, there’s not much choice. And the templates aren’t the best quality. 

For 1200+ professional email templates, use a standalone email editor like Beefree. It has multiple ways to add your templates to Mailchimp.

Get started with Beefree for free

Does Mailchimp offer templates?

Yes, all Mailchimp accounts have templates. But there are only just over 100 templates available. And even fewer and more basic on the free plan.

To get better-looking templates, we recommend using a specialised email editor, like Beefree. They have 1200+ professionally designed email templates and a Mailchimp integration to sync templates easily.

Get started with Beefree for free

Can I use a PDF as a template in Mailchimp?

No, you can’t use a PDF as a template in Mailchimp. You can upload PDF files to Mailchimp and send emails with links to PDF files. But you can’t use them as email templates. We recommend using HTML email templates. A good HTML email is responsive. It will look and read well on different screen sizes. 

Mailchimp has HTML email templates but only around 100. And the free plan only has basic email templates. We recommend using a standalone email editor. Beefree has 1200+ responsive email templates that are professionally designed.

Try Beefree for free here

Can I use a Canva template in Mailchimp?

Yes, you can build graphics and images in Canva and import them into Mailchimp. You can then use these images to build or customize email templates. But we don’t recommend sending image-only emails. They aren’t responsive. So an image-only email might look great on desktops, but on mobile, it’s unreadable.

Canva is a great design tool, but for emails, a good drag-and-drop email editor is a better choice. We recommend Beefree because it’s easy to use and has 1200+ professionally designed, free email templates.

Get started with Beefree for free

How do I create an email template in Mailchimp?

To create an email template in Mailchimp go to Campaigns > Email Templates > Create Template. You can use the email editor to build a template from scratch. Or customize one of the pre-designed templates. Or import a template from an email editor like Beefree.

Can we use Mailchimp templates for free?

Yes, you can use the basic Mailchimp templates available on the Free plan. But these aren’t the best Mailchimp templates. 

The best Mailchimp alternatives have a better selection of templates. Or you try a standalone email editor like Beefree with 1200+ free Mailchimp email templates.

How many email templates does Mailchimp have?

Mailchimp has 100+ email templates. The free plan only has basic email templates. Standard and Premium plans have a template marketplace to purchase premium templates. This adds to the monthly subscription fee. You’re better off with a free, standalone email editor, like Beefree, with 1200+ great-looking, free email templates for Mailchimp

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