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Multichannel marketing automation for B2C brands

Netcore Cloud is an AI/ML-powered marketing automation and customer engagement platform was founded in 1997 by internet pioneer Rajesh Jain. Now 20+ years in business and serving 5000+ brands globally.

Netcore Cloud offers Customer Engagement & Experience, Personalization, Customer Data Platform, Product Experience, Email Marketing, Marketing Automation – all in one cloud.

The marketing automation and engagement platform is listed in Top 5 Email Marketing Platforms – Gartner Voice of The Customer Report. It is recognised as a leader in G2 reports and rated 4.5/5 in Capterra.

Netcore Cloud Pricing

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Netcore Cloud alternatives

Are you looking for an Netcore Cloud alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Netcore Cloud alternatives.

Products and services

Customer Engagement
Turn your users into loyal customers with Customer Engagement, which uses data analysis and Machine Learning to maintain, nurture, and engage customer relationships. Engage at scale across nine channels through journey orchestration, AI-led insights, app push notifications, and content personalization.

Personalization Platform
Generate personalized and relevant product recommendations for each of your visitors through digital touchpoints. Discover products they love – backed by Netcore’s AI engine that understands unique behavior, context, & conversion goals.

Inboxing is just a start. Keep your customers engaged with reliable email marketing tools. Netcore provides deliverability consulting (CRED), automated email campaigns with split journeys, and a 360-degree understanding of customers and targeted communication through customer journey mapping.

Product Experience
Netcore’s No-Code platform helps product teams improve funnel conversions and build amazing product experiences. Delivering the right nudges and walkthroughs to your users without relying on developers or waiting for app release cycles, enabling agility and speed-on-the-fly, resulting in a higher retention rate.

Customer Data Platform
>Netcore’s CDP is a one-stop solution for consolidating your customer data and providing a uniform experience across all marketing channels, integrating customer data from different touchpoints to produce a unified customer perspective of each unique customer, hence filling a gap in the existing solutions.

Raman AI Engine
Harness predictive intelligence & personalized engagement to uplift conversions, revenues, & retention. Netcore’s AI engine, Raman, equips you with actionable insights to increase retention and revenue.

Key features

  • A/B testing
  • User Journey Optimisation 
  • Segmentation Engine
  • Walkthrough & Nudges
  • Feature Flags
  • Journey Orchestration
  • Multi-Channel Marketing
  • Intelligent Reporting & Insights
  • App Churn Prediction
  • Smart Push Notifications
  • Content Personalisation
  • Product Recommendation
  • Channel Personalisation
  • Omnichannel Personalisation
  • Control Group Testing
  • Banner Personalisation
  • Send Time Optimisation
  • Subject Line Optimisation
  • Frequency Capping
  • Email Testing
  • Email Design
  • Real-time Segmentation
  • Email Personalisation
  • Email Insights
  • AI-Powered Email Delivery
  • Enterprise-grade Security
  • Inbound Parsing
  • Webhooks

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