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Maropost is an on-demand email marketing provider specializing in increasing one-to-one customer engagement and optimizing email marketing performance. With data-driven multichannel messaging campaigns, Maropost helps marketers grow their organizations online and execute refined digital messaging campaigns and programs.

Maropost works to drive revenue for more than 200 SMB to Fortune 500 companies.

Maropost software company history

Founded by Ross Andrew in 2011, Maropost has grown to become the only enterprise-grade email service provider without any VC or investor funding. With offices now in Toronto, London and Delhi.

Ross Andrew has led Maropost after reaching success as a top sales executive at Oracle ERP, Campaigner and Knowledge Marketing. After leaving the University of Ottawa to pursue his Email Marketing career, he brought his expertise and knowledge to the creation of Maropost, working to offer organizations the competitive edge with innovative marketing solutions.

Maropost alternatives

Are you looking for an Maropost alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Maropost alternatives.

Products and services

Maropost incorporates advanced features to enable companies to create and execute dynamic and elegant automated email campaigns. With the Maropost technology platform, users can create highly targeted and personalized emails.

Working under a single platform, Maropost connects organizations with customers instantaneously. Maropost uses triggered and transactional emails, dynamic content, drag and drop tools, advanced segmentation, multivariate split testing and more.Users can create automated email streams to deliver highly responsive campaigns .

Maropost Enterprise
Maropost’s flagship solution is Maropost Enterprise. This platform incorporates everything needed to launch an email campaign to achieve deep customer engagement. Maropost Enterprise optimizes and automates email campaign management producing measurable results to improve the bottom line.

User-friendly Interface
With attractive presentations displayed in a user-friendly interface, Maropost makes using the platform a simple and pleasant experience. Users can simply navigate the system according to the actions they want to perform: manage recipients, create new messages, edit existing messages or track sent emails.

Advanced Features
From basic solutions, to sophisticated email marketing features, Maropost provides users with multivariate split testing, segmentation, dynamic content, send-time optimization, priority send and real-time statistics enabling marketers to track subscribers based on profiles, activities and past behaviors.

Advanced Workflows
Users can trigger actions based on created sets of rules and send targeted messages to the right subscribers at the right time. Maropost advanced workflows enable marketers to engage with subscribers through relevant, targeted emails.

Send Time Optimization & Priority Send
Maropost enables marketers to calculate the optimal time to send an email to each recipient based on past mailing behavior. You can send your message at the ideal day and time to each individual subscriber no matter the time zone.

Priority Send works to enable users to improve inbox placement by sending messages to the most engaged subscribers first. With Priority Send, you can generate early campaign interactions for high engagement and drive increased open rates and conversions.

Product and Revenue Tracking
Users can assess and measure which products produce the most revenue to plan for future campaign execution.

Maropost integrates with various analytics, CRM and sales automation applications. Maropost enables marketers to create a single, unified and architecturally consistent integration that’s adaptable to any sales and marketing platform, including, Microsoft Dynamics, Net Suite and others.

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