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Holistic Email Marketing is a digital marketing consultancy with an expertise in and a focus on holistic email marketing. They help businesses to use email effectively by enhancing the consumer’s experience and keep them coming back for more in order to achieve business objectives.

Unlike other freelance email marketing consultants, Holistic Email is a small consultancy offering a broad range of experience and expertise. Their holistic approach doesn’t look at email marketing just as a channel, but rather as an integral part of the customer’s journey and lifecycle. This means ensuring that what happens BEFORE the customer receives the email and what happens AFTER they click on the email is just as important as the email itself.

Spearheaded by Kath Pay, a recognised industry thought leader, Holistic Email Marketing, has combined decades of experience under their belt. They are found to be passionate, conversion-focused email marketers, who believe the best results can be gained by applying tried and proven strategies and then testing and optimising the results.

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Holistic Email Marketing believes in developing data-driven strategies that are supported and enabled by technology. Bring data, technology, strategy, creativity and psychology together through an innovative approach to create effective email marketing strategies that deliver the results that businesses desire.

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Website: holisticemailmarketing.com
Twitter: @HolisticEmail
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