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Brick Street Software is a boutique software developer specializing in on-premise and cloud marketing management solutions for enterprises and white-label partners.

Brick Street’s engineering makes it possible for its flagship solution, Brick Street CONNECT to access any PHP page to pass information through SMTP or JMS.The modular design enables marketers to respond to consumers’ adoption of new digital communication channels, while minimizing security threats for IT. The platform sends over 10 billion messages a year.

Brick Street Company History

Founded in 2008, Brick Street Software is led by Chris Maeda. Previously, he co-founded Rubric Software in Silicon Valley in 1997. Broadbase Software acquired rubric in 2000, and KANA acquired Broadbase in 2001.

Chris Rubric was EVP and CTO of KANA Software from 2001 to 2004. Chris and his team have been continuously working on Brick Street CONNECT since 1999. Chris has a PhD in computer science from Carnegie Mellon and a BS in computer science from MIT.

Brick Street Software alternatives

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Products and services

Brick Street Software’s multichannel marketing management solution CONNECT, enables enterprises to deliver real-time messages across 11 digital channels from a single platform including email, mobile push, PDF, phone, SMS and social media.

With Brick Street CONNECT, marketers are equipped to carry on conversations with consumers over multiple devices as multi-tasking shoppers move about their day. With its single platform architecture, organizations can have a unified view of each consumer —across all channels- to engage shoppers, drive sales, and develop loyal relationships.

CONNECT’s specialty is sending high volume outbound multichannel messaging for international banks, telecommunication and energy enterprises. Formerly known as KANA Connect (KANA divested to Brick Street Software in 2008), the solution has been in continuous production use since 1999.

Brick Street software's CONNECT Features:
• Single-platform multichannel messaging
• Real-time communication via automation
• Enterprise scalability and security
• Superior design and integration
• Full service support and consultation
• Surveys for listening to customers desires
• Mobile push notification (APNS, GCM, SDK)
• Email marketing, SMS and secure messaging
• DM with Twitter

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