MailerQ a free MTA launched

This week a new MTA platform called MailerQ was launched. MailerQ is available to download and send up to 10,000 emails per minute for free.

This free or freemium model, to my knowledge, hasn’t been seen before and is almost sure to introduce a new dynamic into the world of delivery and MTA software.

Commercial MTAs – Mail transfer agents

A Mail Transfer Agent or MTA (see glossary) is the software that mail servers use to send emails. With an emphasis on sending large volumes of emails at high speeds, professional MTAs are able to not only process the emails, but offer granular throttle (send speed) control and other advanced features.

Last years’ email vendor guide shows that 82% of the Email Service Provider software reviewed uses a commercial Mail transfer agent like Message Systems or Port 25 Power MTA and 18% a proprietary one.

Inside the MailerQ MTA

On the technical side, mailerQ picks up messages from the outbox queue, tries to send them out (sometimes multiple attempts are necessary) and then publishes the results back to result queues. Other programs or scripts can read out these result queues and further process the failures and successful deliveries.

Send speed and delivery attempts

Users, for instance, have the opportunity to change the send rate per receiving domain or IP, or to tweak the number of delivery attempts. In the meanwhile, they are able to edit these settings and to intervene when necessary.

Developed by the Copernica Team

The MTA platform behind MailerQ was developed by the team behind Copernica Marketing Software. Using RabbitMQ (for the mail queue) and Couchbase NoSQL technology for storing the messages.
But the software is now also available for free to third parties.

Michael Linthorst, Managing Partner at Copernica in their press release: “MailerQ has a forum that lets our users share their experiences. Valuable information that we can use to improve the product. That’s why MailerQ is available for free to everyone, even for our competitors.”

Beyond Beta

MailerQ is currently in a test phase, allowing users to send with a maximum of 10.000 emails per minute. The question is if the software will remain free and when the team will remove the current send speed limit. The mechanisms behind the MTA have been used internally at Copernica for their own email delivery. See the MailerQ profile here.

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