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DRH Internet serves high volume email senders including Email Service Providers. The GreenArrow Engine product provides an infrastructure for sending email for maximum delivery, throughput, and reporting. The GreenArrow Studio product provides a mailing list management interface. We also provide email delivery consulting and monitoring services.

GreenArrow Company History

In 1999 GreenArrow started running our their own email server and hosting email accounts. Which led to general consulting for open source email servers in 2003. With the focus on email hosting systems for ISPs and businesses, but every few months someone would call asking to help with an outgoing email server that was blocked or overloaded.
This led to the idea of building a really fast email server. The project grew and became the product now known as GreenArrow. GreenArrow eventually replaced all consulting work and now the focus is now entirely on outgoing email.

Green Arrow alternatives

Are you looking for an Green Arrow alternative for your email marketing? We listed some Green Arrow alternatives.

Products and services

Green Arrow Engine
If you have an existing software application that needs to send email messages with high speed or excellent deliverability, Green Arrow Engine promisses high Speed Email Delivery with
Bounce processing & click/open tracking, integration and reporting features. Both for transactional & marketing email.

Green Arrow Studio
Through a Web-based you will be able to manage subscriber lists and launch email campaigns, The Green Arrow studio is built on top of GreenArrow Engine as point-and-click application alternative to sending email through an Email Service Provider. The studio automatically handles sign-ups, unsubscribes, and bounces, has a YSIWYG editor for email campaigns, allows for segmentation and has reporting and the deliverability of GreenArrow Engine

Green Arrow Monitor
Email Delivery Monitoring by Green Arrow. If your business relies on the success of your marketing and transactional emails successfully getting to the inbox of your recipients then you need a deliverability Monitor like GreenArrow Monitor. Not only will you know if your emails arrive to the Inbox or Spam Folder but you’ll also know if they render correctly within various email clients like Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, and certain mobile devices like the iPhone.
Monitors email deliverability using a seed-list.
Offers multiple price points to meet the needs of all sized senders, from small businesses to large ESPs.
Covers a list of ISPs comparable to large enterprise email providers with more ISPs being added every day.

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