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Helping businesses get the most out of their marketing is what E-goi is all about. As an ESP with multichannel and marketing automation abilities, E-goi allows any marketer to grow leads and automate communications, driving costs down and increasing their ROI.

E-goi been the marketing tool of choice for companies like IKEA, The Phone House and Sephora.

Company History

E-goi was born in 2003, out of their own web agency’s need to provide clients with an advanced marketing solution that no other system could meet at the time.

It quickly took on a life of its own, growing to become a prominent multichannel ESP in Portugal and Brazil. All team members have been involved in digital marketing for the last 10 years.

e-goi alternatives

Are you looking for an e-goi alternative for your email marketing? We listed some e-goi alternatives.

Products and services

E-goi is a relationship marketing platform with highly competitive pricing for businesses of any size.

It has been designed from ground up to to nurture clients/subscribers by integrating e-mail, mobile and social media campaigns into a single online system. Fax and voice broadcasting is also supported.

Main features:
– Unlimited autoresponders
– Unlimited segmenting (slice and dice your database any way you want)
– Multichannel triggers (eg. send SMS to clients who didn’t open your email)
– Full message personalisation (use any field in your database for personalisation)
– Drag & drop message editor
– Forms and surveys
– Multichannel analytics
– Full-featured API

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General Info and Links

Information and links for e-goi

Website: www.e-goi.com
Twitter: @PlataformaEgoi
Employees: LinkedIn
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