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Sending Attachments with Transactional Emails (Ultimate guide)

Learn everything about sending attachments in email marketing and transactional email. This guide will help answer all the questions you might have about sending attachments in commercial and transactional emails. Attachments in emails have technical limitations, but using them can increase the value and the usefulness of your emails.

6 special transactional email functions you can’t afford to miss

Transactional emails are often the most valuable emails you can ever send. Deliverability is highly important, because you don’t just want them to arrive: you need them all to arrive. But there is more to transactional email beyond deliverability, what else is there to improve our transactional emails?

The ten email archiving requirements for legal proof and customer experience

Some messages are so important you should be able to prove they were sent. Does this apply to ‘important’ emails sent to your customers? It does for transactional emails. Companies make and archive email copies for legal purposes, and to improve customer experience. But how to do this correctly?

Don’t look like a phisher – find the best ESP to help you

Cost cutting is top of mind for many companies and one way to easily cut costs in an organization is to stop sending paper. This means getting customers to opt-in to going paperless and interact with you electronically. However, the mission to protect customers from phishing attacks, while going paperless seems to be at odds.

Maximizing email marketing opportunities with transactional email

With more and more emails being sent, companies are now looking for ways to remain relevant to their customers, while increasing ROI through clever cross-sell and up-sell campaigns. There is one email type that will satisfy these needs, it is powerful in driving results, but is so often forgotten – the transactional email message.
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