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The ten email archiving requirements for legal proof and customer experience

Some messages are so important you should be able to prove they were sent. Does this apply to ‘important’ emails sent to your customers? It does for transactional emails. Companies make and archive email copies for legal purposes, and to improve customer experience. But how to do this correctly?

Will cloud based email Infrastructure replace on-premise MTAs?

Cloud-based interest in email infrastructure is trending up. Will on-premise be totally replaced in the future? The statistics are certainly in line with general industry trends, which place public cloud services on a trajectory to grow 17% in 2016. This growth represents a 22% increase in SaaS and a whopping 43% growth in infrastructure as […]

A Low Cost SMTP vs. a Full Featured ESP: Which Should I Choose?

The email marketing world is full of open-ended questions. How should I phrase a subject line? What’s the best time of day to send out an email? What kind of deals are best-received? Serious emailers ask themselves these questions and test to find the answers. But there is another type of question, one that can’t […]

Will it be email marketing or do you just want to get the email out?

What all Email Service Providers (ESPs) have in common is that they deliver email. Wonderful, I can choose any ESP and get the same result. Wrong! Email marketing has been the online marketing workhorse for a while, but with the ever expanding digital channels you need to make sure your ESP is staying ahead of […]
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