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How many Email Software Companies (ESPs) should be on your short list?

How many Email Service Providers (ESPs) should we put on our shortlist? If a marketer is selecting a new email marketing company sooner or later this question ...

When you need an RFP to find your email service provider…and when you don’t

For some organizations, RFPs are the only reliable way to search for a new email service provider. For others, RFPs can be complicated, costly and of ...

How to evaluate an ESP based on their UX skills

If you have a full service ESP that is designing your emails, ensure they are serving up a fantastic User Experience. They need to provide the guidelines and ...

Take Control of Your Email Marketing Software Selection – Part 3

In three parts we explain a methodology that can help you and your team to make the best choice of email marketing software for your company. If you missed ...

Mark Brownlow’s tips for email tool selection

I had the honor to talk to Mark Brownlow last week. He is one of the few independent journalists in the emailspace and a very respected one at that.  Via his ...

4 professional tactics to evaluate an Email Service Provider

So you are in the final stages of selecting an email service provider (ESP). You might prefer one email vendor over the other, based on their proposal. But it ...

Evaluating your email vendor

We all evaluate our email vendor on a day to day basis. While working with them we determine if we are happy with the service and email tooling. But we are not ...

Emerce top 100 2010

Every year the dutch magazine Emerce publishes a brandimage research called Emerce 100. The top 100 list is split into different categories, which all have a ...

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