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How the right ESP can skyrocket your email ROI

How do you get more ROI from your email marketing campaigns? Is it all about what you write and send? Not really. Your email ROI is influenced by the very first step you take – choosing your ESP. Let’s see how you can make a choice, that will boost your ROI from the very beginning.

Business case

A business case explains the reasons for undertaking a project or task. It’s usually tied in to the bottom line – how the project will help an organization achieve its underlying goals. A business case justifies the expenditure of resources and capital, showing how the project meets specific business needs. A business case can be […]

Finding the ROI in Marketing Technology Promises

As the saying goes, “follow the money” and no one can deny the trend of marketing technology investments in both the public and private markets. Investors made huge bets in social media like Facebook and Twitter, marketing automation plays such as Marketo’s acquisition by Adobe and all the other tech acquisitions lately.

The death of Email Marketing CPM and why that is great for you

Back in the days when I ran the regional office of a major ESP, pitching new business was a lot easier once I started listening to my head of sales. It was almost all about price, but is it still?  And what does the death of the CPM pricing mean to you?

How to put together a crack team for ESP selection

A good ESP can make the difference between email marketing success or failure. So the right ESP selection team is one of the most effective investments a company can make. Engaging the wrong one (and ending up with the wrong supplier) is likely to be one of the most costly.

Ecommerce holiday sales increased

Ecommerce sales increased 12% in November compared with the same month a year ago, MasterCard reported today in its SpendingPulse report. Online apparel sales did especially well last month, increasing 22.2%. Apparel posted the twelfth consecutive month of double-digit growth online, according to MasterCard Advisers, a consulting arm of the payment card network. Total apparel […]

Return on investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) is the ratio of profits gained in relation to the investment. ROI is usually expressed as a percentage. Although some benefits or costs are considered “intangible” or “unquantifiable,” these must be quantified or clearly excluded to do a proper ROI calculation. ROI can be calculated across all company activities down […]
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