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Single, Multiple, or Homegrown ESP? What Your Choice Says about Your Email Program

The number of email service providers a brand uses to send its emails reveals a lot about their email program—how sophisticated it is, the size of their email team, and much more. Whether they use a homegrown email platform is equally revealing.

Analytics most popular upgrade of Marketing Automation Software

With the latest release of my B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST), I dived into data in search for additional things to share about it. Comparing results over time offers still deeper insight into how vendors react to marketers’ requirements. Finding clever insights on demand is tough, but luckily rolling around in industry data […]

Tripolis pixylon, dynamic imaging in email

ESP Tripolis Solutions introduced their new product Tripolis Pixylon this week. Pixylon tailors email and its images to the reader’s preferences, location and time of reading.

Emerce top 100 2010

Every year the dutch magazine Emerce publishes a brandimage research called Emerce 100. The top 100 list is split into different categories, which all have a top five of high performers, together making ‘the best 100 companies in e-business’. Ranking high in the Emerce 100 is a nice addition to the merits these companies already […]
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