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Using Your Email Software to Create a Data-driven Strategy

While marketers are great at collecting massive amounts of data, it is hard to turn this information into effective campaigns. Email marketers are not data analysts, but go tell that to the CMO. They need to crunch numbers in real time to stay competitive. When selecting an ESP, marketers should look for a provider that […]

Which ESP can best handle your loyalty program?

Points, Bucks, Miles, Fuel, Discounts… With the many loyalty currencies out there today, companies need to know how to build a successful loyalty program that not only keeps customers coming back but also showcases their unique value proposition. Highly measurable and relevant, email communication is without a doubt an integral part of that successful program.

Teaching Yourself to Fish With Usable Email Analytics Tools

When evaluating email service providers, marketers should also be evaluating the email reporting capabilities of the platform and how well it does—or doesn’t—meet their analytics needs. Analytics are necessary to measure the success of any email program that intends to grow ROI measured in dollars, impressions, reach, eyeballs and engagement. That is why evaluating the […]

Drill down on email campaign analytics before you choose a new ESP

If you’re an email marketer, you’re into analytics. You have to be. Email marketing offers up all kinds of data for analyzing, and it’s only by doing so that you can improve your marketing and your email marketing ROI. But with all the variables of email marketing—and email reporting—how do you know you’re using the […]

What email reporting do you need from your ESP?

When you’re deciding to switch ESPs or reviewing your strategy with your existing provider, there’s a huge amount to consider. It’s easy to get distracted by a swanky email editor or amazing account managers – but don’t overlook the importance of reporting.

Email marketing software innovation for 2013 and beyond

Marketers should always keep a keen eye out for the opportunities in the ever changing playing field of marketing. Changing customer behaviour requires new tactics to future-proof relationship with your audience. Part of that is making the best use of email marketing software innovation. What innovations can we expect to see from Email service providers in the upcoming […]
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