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Is your email marketing vendor reliable?

In today’s networked economy, a suppliers’ hiccup can very well leave you with the broken pieces of missed conversions or – even worse – disappointed clients. But it is hard to get a feel for the reliability of an email marketing service provider when you haven’t worked with them before. Why is the reliability of […]

17 things to know about sending email with secure documents

I don’t need to preach the advantages of email, but it seems many of its clear advantages are not being utilised when it comes to communicating with customers on confidential matters – such as sending them a statement or insurance contract document. The confidential nature of these documents has prevented them from being emailed over […]

How Agencies miss the mark in an email marketing pitch

Last time guest writer Daniel Flamberg took a critical look at how a lot of RFPs are actually run. Showing us how agencies and ESPs might operate during a pitch. This time we look how it all goes wrong. How Agencies often miss the mark and blow their chances in an RFP Let’s take a look. […]

Maximizing email marketing opportunities with transactional email

With more and more emails being sent, companies are now looking for ways to remain relevant to their customers, while increasing ROI through clever cross-sell and up-sell campaigns. There is one email type that will satisfy these needs, it is powerful in driving results, but is so often forgotten – the transactional email message.

4 professional tactics to evaluate an Email Service Provider

So you are in the final stages of selecting an email service provider (ESP). You might prefer one email vendor over the other, based on their proposal. But it is very hard to see from the outside if those promises are even close to the actual performance. If you are really serious about firsthand evaluation, […]

Service level agreement (SLA)

A service level agreement (SLA) is a part of a contract where the level of service is formally defined. The SLA records mutually agreed-upon conditions regarding services, priorities, responsibilities, guarantees and warranties. Each area should have the “level of service” defined.
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