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Picking the right AI for email marketing personalisation

AI is getting a lot of attention in marketing. What the best AI category for email personalisation? Tools and techniques will largely depend on your own email marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll look closer at the three key AI techniques that can help you improve the results from your email marketing program.

17 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Recommendation Engine

If you’re reading this article, you’re either intrigued or already seriously looking to find the best Recommendation Engine for your email marketing program. To properly evaluate recommendation technology for your business, below you’ll find a list of the criteria you should keep in mind.

Recommendation Engines for Email Marketing

“Micro-targeting,” “hyper-personalization,” “individualized insights” and “one-to-one marketing” are some of the “buzziest” of the “big data” email marketing phrases, but with good merit. Personalized emails have 6x higher transaction rates on average. A way to achieve this at scale for hundreds of subscribers is through the use of a Recommendation Engine. But how does it […]
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