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Cloud Based Email Relay, On-Premise MTA, or Hybrid What Is Best?

As a high volume email marketer that sends more than a couple of millions of emails per month, you can be concerned about your campaigns or email copy. But there is something just as important – the infrastructure you select to set up your email marketing operations.

How to select a high volume Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

What is the best solution when choosing a high volume MTA? When selecting a Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), it is not just a technical question, it is important to see the differences and features to look for. So, how does a sender select a high volume MTA for their emails? This important question I’ll answer […]

Choosing between a cloud and on-premises MTA

Being an ESP and MTA vendor, we notice a growing demand for on-premises solutions in all industries. But that is not for everyone. You need to know the best type of MTA for your company. So, next to the features, should it be Cloud, On-premise or even Hybrid?

Will cloud based email Infrastructure replace on-premise MTAs?

Cloud-based interest in email infrastructure is trending up. Will on-premise be totally replaced in the future? The statistics are certainly in line with general industry trends, which place public cloud services on a trajectory to grow 17% in 2016. This growth represents a 22% increase in SaaS and a whopping 43% growth in infrastructure as […]

Nice to meet your email program: 10 things to tell your new ESP immediately

When joining a new ESP, building a relationship and understanding with your email vendor is one of the most important steps. You can quickly move forward in implementation of the email marketing software and towards email marketing success. Make sure you inform your ESP and tick all the boxes with our list of 10 things […]

Email Service Providers versus On-Premise email Solutions

Recently a great discussion arose in a noted LinkedIn group called Email Geeks about the potential benefits of an on-premise email solution, as opposed to a hosted solution or Email Service Provider. As advocates of both options, the C-Suite as well as sys admins and delivery experts at organizations should conduct a fair amount of […]

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Email Authentication; the key to deliverability

An average of 106 billion spam messages go out daily and a further 188 billion email messages are sent. Getting your email into the inbox, when ISPs like Hotmail and Gmail are trying to keep junk out is becoming increasingly difficult. We can no longer just send email, we need to focus on delivering email. And […] gets new datacenter, ditches Rackspace a provider of email relay and email delivery services has shifted its infrastructure strategy. Previously they contracted managed servers at multiple hosting providers such as Rackspace and SoftLayer, that is over. Now has opened its own, new datacenter.

The implication of Amazon SES, a new bulk email service

Amazon Web Services has announced a new email deliverability product, called Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES). It might be worth your time to consider if you who don’t want to maintain a in-house email server, but would like to use a scalable client to deliver your emails.