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Email marketing on the run: Are fully mobile email tools the way of the future?

With the rise of mobile and increased use of mobile in the office, a time will come when a lot of an email marketer’s work will be done “on the run.” Email marketers are getting used to accessing their web applications via mobile and will come to expect the same from their email marketing tools. […]

Must haves for a mobile savvy email marketer

Mobile email is becoming to be more and more important. Opens on Mobiles increased by 34% last year in just five months, according to Return Path. The stats on mobile email have seen growth and growth and growth. So it’s time have a closer look at it and see what features you need and how […]

Email for (mobile) Applications: Build vs Buy

Developers who are creating a (mobile) application will face an important decision: Do you build your own email delivery solution or do you use an email service provider? Setting up and deploying an email delivery system for their applications is something Most developers are not experienced at.

6 things to ask your ESP about mobile email today

At this moment statistics show that Mobile Email is booming. Users are opening commercial emails on their iphone, blackberry, android, etc. Now is the time to step in and make sure you aren’t leaving conversions on the table. Plan a call with your (future) ESP and ask them the following questions about their mobile email […]
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